Joovy Caboose vs Ultralight

Joovy Caboose Graphite vs Caboose Ultralight Graphite is a comparison of two very practical and durable strollers. These are the perfect products for parents with children who are nearing age. Although the strollers are very similar, which makes the choice all the more difficult, we are here to provide you with information on these two products so that you can make a decision with confidence.

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Joovy Caboose VS Ultralight: which lightweight stroller should you buy …?

Size and appearance

Joovy Caboose vs Ultralight

Joovy caboose

There are two most obvious differences that you notice when you meet the two strollers. One of them being, as the name probably suggests, the Ultralight version is 21% lighter than the Caboose Graphite version. While some people preferred to buy the Caboose Graphite, mainly because the Caboose Graphite Ultralight is more expensive (a sale could change that though). They also like that the weight adds a bit of strength to the whole stroller, although the Caboose Ultralight is easier to maneuver.

The other obvious difference is that the ultralight version of the stroller has a square shaped canopy which gives more headroom and a greater measurement from the back of the seat to the canopy. While the Caboose Graphite version has a slightly smaller measurement from the seat back to the canopy, with a rounded canopy.

Caboose Graphite is available in a range of different attractive colors including; Red, Black, Amber, Turquoise and Apple Green. While Caboose Ultralight is available in red, black, amber and apple green. (During my research on many different products, I have come across many cases of products offered in different colors depending on the retailer)

The biggest advantage of double strollers has always been the strollers size and compactness, but many customers have been very happy with the compact design of the Caboose Ultralight and Caboose Graphite strollers.

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Convenient Features

While the rest of the strollers are identical. The universal car seat adapter is a nice and practical feature. Tied front tables for children with bottle holders, the adjustable footrest in the front and the platform in the back are very practical and comfortable for children.

The unpadded seat belts and the sliding and sliding seat with the harness on the back of the stroller, the linked brakes for the wheels are also excellent features, one difference is that while the Ultralight version has a storage compartment slightly larger under the seats, you may have to use the back of the stroller to slide anything into the compartment while the Caboose Graphite version has the basket which can be more easily used from the side as it has side walls stretchable. The folding and unfolding mechanism of the two strollers is also very easy to achieve.


According to customers, the performance of both strollers was very good with high durability. While some preferred having the Caboose Graphite because of its weight, as it adds terrain to the product, others were happy with the Ultralight version due to its less weight, which makes maneuvering easier. Customers were very happy with the durability and workability of the products and very often praised the idea of ​​these products.

Advantages and disadvantages

Joovy Caboose Ultralight

Joovy Caboose Ultralight

Assembling and disassembling the stroller is a task of seconds, according to many customers, as the supplied instruction manual gives all instructions clearly. They were also impressed with the three types of positions of the seating options provided due to the practical design of the stroller as they are ideal for children from birth up to 2 years old.

There were, however, complaints about the squealing noise produced by the tire on the Ultralight version but which can be treated with an aerosol lubricant.

Another issue that people seemed to find is that due to the stroller light weight, the Ultralight version is best for city use as it is easy to steer on well graveled and cemented plains. On the other hand, Caboose Graphite is more durable.

The weight provides additional soil and strength and is easier to maneuver on harder rocky plains. It does not “fly” as someone mentioned, and thus provides a slight sense of security for children and parents. Also, the Caboose Graphite version’s handlebars are about half an inch taller than the Ultralight version, but that’s not that much of a difference.

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Although there are many accessories that can be purchased to fit strollers. Another difference is that with the Caboose Graphite version you will have to buy the parent organizer with the canopy extension for the sitting and standing part of the stroller while this accessory is already present in the Ultralight version. Although the extension awning is just large enough to cover the middle part of the back seat. Rain covers can also be purchased, which are easy to install by yourself. Other extension canopies, organizers, cup holders and bottle holders can also be purchased separately for the two strollers.


According to customers, apart from the noisy tires of the Caboose Ultralight, there were no other noticeable issues. While you are bound to run into one-time or random issues with any product, these two strollers are no exception. Some women mentioned that breaks were a bit difficult to deal with with sandals for the first few times as well (you have to get used to leading with sandals), but otherwise both of these are very durable and have been very convenient for customers.


Joovy products are warranted for 2 years from the date of original purchase, against defects in materials and workmanship at the time of manufacture.

Summary and recommendation

Most of the customers have been very impressed with these two products, especially parents who have children in their early years. As they can benefit from these two Joovy products. There really isn’t a “best” here, it all depends on your preferences. But I offer the following based on my research:

While most mothers like the Ultralight version because it is easier for them to move around for longer, most dads prefer to have the Caboose Graphite due to its strong exterior presence and weight. These strollers and their accessories can be purchased online and at Target, Amazon, Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby, and Joovy’s own store.

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