Jiffy Steamer 0601 vs 0611

In this comparison, we take a look at the Jiffy Steamer 0601 vs 0611 compact vapors. Before you buy, you will have the opportunity to learn which of these units is best suited for your needs. Keep reading below to find out which of these machines is right for you.

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Jiffy Steamer 0601 vs 0611 Steam Clothing Comparison

Size and appearance

Jiffy Steamer 0601 vs 0611

Jiffy Steamer 0601

The Jiffy Steamer 0601 and the Jiffy Steamer 0611 are both part of the ESTEAM range of travel vapors from Jiffy Steamer. They are both roughly the same in weight, weighing in at just 3 pounds when full and ready to use. These steamers are available in two colors; pink and black.

The shape of these steamers is also extremely practical. They are slender in design and small enough to fit in your luggage without taking up too much space. However, many customers recommend that you keep them in your suitcase rather than in hand luggage. The slim cylindrical shape keeps size to a minimum, but an easy-to-grip handle doesn’t sacrifice ease of use, either.


Both of these Jiffy Steamer products are made in the USA. As such, the voltage of the Jiffy Steamer 0601 and Jimmy Steamer 0611 is designed for use in North America, but Jiffy Steamer sells adapters with these products for an additional charge if you need them to travel overseas. . A 600 watt heating element powers each of these models. The Jiffy Steamer 0601 and the Jiffy Steamer 0611 can heat up in less than two minutes.


When traveling for business, a wedding, or whatever, the last thing you want is to walk around in wrinkled and wrinkled clothes. As such, you need the Jiffy Steamer 0601 and the Jiffy Steamer 0611 for them to work efficiently. When it comes to steaming, these ESTEAM models work well. However, they take a little longer than advertised to heat up. According to several customers, it took about 3 minutes or more to heat up rather than the 1 to 2 minutes advertised by Jiffy Steamer. This is a marginal performance error, however, and would only really cause a problem if you’re pressed for time.


While cleaning a steamer isn’t an idea that often comes to my mind, Jiffy Steamer has very specific instructions on how to clean your steamer. The first thing Jiffy Steamer asks customers to do is pour 4 ounces of water into your device and bring it to full steam. Then you will let the steamer cool for 2 minutes after unplugging it, then you will drain the water. After that, pour in 5 ounces of Jiffy Steamer Liquid Cleaner and leave it for 2 hours, but don’t spray it – just let it sit. Then empty the cleaner and rinse the appliance with clean water at least 3 times before steaming again.


The Jiffy Steamer 0601 and the Jiffy Steamer 0611 both have an 8 ounce capacity. This can be filled with tap water but does not need the added salt like some steamers do. When you fill one of these steamers to full capacity, you should get about 15 minutes of use before you need to fill it.

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Just like you need a good performance, you also need a product that will outlast your travels and use. In general, customers have found that these steamboats will last you a while as long as you take care of them. If you don’t clean them with the steps mentioned above, calcium scale buildup can shorten the lifespan of these travel steamers. As for the potential for cracking or breaking, the plastic casing of these vapors is impressive.


For an additional fee, these steamers can be purchased in a package that also includes voltage adapters. These are a must if you are planning international travel. As mentioned earlier, the voltage of these steamboats is designed for North America, but these adapters solve this problem for international users.

Convenient Features

Jiffy Steamer 0611

There are a few features that set the Jiffy Steamer 0601 and Jiffy Steamer 0611 models apart from other travel steamers. It can be easily filled thanks to a wide opening and an impressive-sized water tank. These models are also simple in design. Without any interior water lines to clog up, your steamer will require a lot less maintenance.

Models are also wired and must be plugged in during use. To help you store this device more easily, there is a molded storage clip to keep the cord in place. In addition to the warranty of this product, a 24 hour repair service is also available if you have any problems with your model.


Jiffy Steamer covers both their model Jiffy Steamer 0601 and their Jiffy Steamer 0611 with a 3 year limited warranty. If your steamer breaks down or performs poorly within the first three years of use, then Jiffy Steamer will help you replace or repair your device.

Advantages and disadvantages

These models work well and are designed to fit into a suitcase with little to no hassle. They are extremely easy to fill and use, with a simple design and an easy to grip handle. The Jiffy Steamer 0601 and Jiffy Steamer 0611 models also heat up quickly, so they work even if you’re in a rush and need to vaporize something quickly. With a water level window, it’s also easy to tell whether you need to refill your steamer or not, so there’s no guesswork for you.

However, these products have certain drawbacks, in addition to those already mentioned. One of the most unfortunate downsides is that some customers have found that the double-insulated exterior case that was supposed to keep the exterior cool, has failed. This makes it difficult to refill during use without slightly burning yourself, so it is suggested to turn off the device to avoid injury.


The Jimmy Steamer 0601 and the Jimmy Steamer 0611 are identical in every way from look to function to price (although a sale can change that). Companies market a product under different model numbers and names for a variety of reasons. For example, different retailers might get the same product with a different name. Whether you choose the Jiffy Steamer 0601 or the Jiffy Steamer 0611, you won’t be disappointed. Note that you should go for the cheapest model at the time of purchase.

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