Janome Sewist 500 vs Magnolia 7318

The Janome Sewist 500 vs Magnolia 7318 is a comparison of two very good sewing machines from the same brand. They are similar and yet different enough to warrant further examination to determine whether the features of the upgraded Sewist 500 are worth the price increase (depending on sales, there may or may not be a significant price difference). Whichever you choose, you get a high quality machine that will stand the test of time. Both come with an amazing warranty that proves this company stands behind their products.

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Janome Sewist 500 vs. Magnolia 7318

Size and appearance

Janome Sewist 500 vs. Magnolia 7318

Janome Sewer 500

The Janome Magnolia 7318 is lighter than the 6 pound Janome Sewist 500. In dimensions, it is also the smaller of the two sewing machines, which makes it slightly easier to store. The machine body is completely white except for the black labeling including a measurement below where you run the fabric as well as blue and purple labels on one side reading the stitch types. In the lower right corner of the machine is the Magnolia logo.

The Janome Sewist 500 is a popular sewing machine that is slightly larger and heavier than the Janome Magnolia 7318. This machine is white with blue accents on the dials. Just like the Magnolia 7318, this machine also has a ruler underneath where you load the fabric. The same light blue indicates the stitch choices on the top of the front of the machine.


Horsepower isn’t something you usually worry about when buying a sewing machine, but there is something important to note about the Janome Magnolia 7318. Janome is sure to note that the Magnolia 7318 is a 110 volt machine. This means it is only compatible in the United States, which uses a 110-volt system.


Both of these sewing machines are highly regarded for their performance. One thing that many customers liked was the many options these machines offer, including sewing to avoid fraying around the edges of your projects. The machines are also long lasting and work with many different types of fabrics, both light and heavy fabrics. Some customers have even reported that they can use these machines almost every day and do not see any unwanted effects.

Very few customers have reported performance issues with either of these machines. They are also very versatile and durable, so you don’t have to worry about the performance drop when using them.

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When it comes to durability, both machines are highly rated. Just look at the length of the warranty and customers know these machines are built to last. However, most people have somehow learned the hard way that you can’t always trust what a company says to sell their products. This time, however, almost all customers agreed that these sewing machines last for years.

It is also not affected by how often you use them. Some customers have said that they use their sewing machines almost every day and that this has not damaged the machines at all or hastened their decline. So, even for those who use this machine in the course of their work, it will still be good enough for this purpose.


According to many customers, most of the accessories that come with these machines are extremely useful. Both of these machines have a foot pedal for added control, which customers specifically highlighted as one of their favorite features. There are other features that help you create your projects, such as an instruction booklet, needle set, bobbins, and a buttonhole and zipper foot. They both come with felt for use at your own discretion.

Other accessories help with storage and repair. When it comes to storage, both models come with a cover to use when storing your machine as well as needle cases and spool holders. Both machines also come with screwdrivers in case you need them for minor repairs.

Convenient Features

As with accessories, there are many features of these sewing machines that set them apart from the competition. Some of these features are shared on both machines, such as a manual thread tension dial and sewing chart, to make your project easier. You can also specifically choose your stitch pattern with a stitch selection and stitch length dial.

To help you finish your project, both machines also feature a reverse lever to help you tie your thread when you’re done. They also both feature a top loading rotary hook bobbin as well as manual thread tension dials. The Janome Sewist 500, however, has the added functionality of a built-in needle threader.


On the Sewist 500 and Magnolia 7318, Janome offers a 25 year limited warranty. This warranty will protect you from any manufacturing errors as well as any unexpected damage to the machine. The important part of this is the phrase “regular use”. This means that if you drop your sewing machine or use it other than intended, the warranty is void.

Advantages and disadvantages

Both of these machines are renowned for their reasonable size and smooth operation. Beyond that, they are durable and the warranty will protect you if something goes wrong. Many customers have also praised the features and accessories that come with these sewing machines as it shortens the time it takes to complete projects, especially for power users who know how to use all of these features. Thanks to the hard cover and size of these two machines – even the heaviest Janome Sewist 500 – many customers have praised their portability and light weight.

Some customers were slightly disappointed that these machines were not computerized, but concluded that they were still good machines for all skill levels. The Janome Sewist 500 had a few more complaints with it, unfortunately. The most common is that some customers received this machine and heard a loud noise when they used it. However, they later reported that Janome was quick and cooperative in keeping their warranty promises and giving these customers a new machine. A handful of customers have lamented that this same machine only exists in one style – pastel – but it comes down to a matter of opinion.

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Between these two products, customers chose to use the Janome Magnolia 7318 rather than the Janome Sewist 500. This is mainly because, not only did the Magnolia model have fewer serious complaints, but it was more economical. In the end, customers didn’t find the extra features of the Janome Sewist 500 worth the extra price and instead competed for the Magnolia 7318. I recommend you go with the Janome 7318, it’s the choice. valuable.

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