Hoover Max Extract 60 vs 77

It can be difficult to choose between the Hoover Max Extract 60 and the 77. As the product description pages you come across probably don’t show the differences in an easy to read way. On this page, however, that’s exactly what we’ve done for you. Keep reading below to find out which of these carpet cleaning machines is right for you.

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Hoover Max Extract 60 vs 77: Which Deep Carpet Cleaner is Right for You …?

Appearance and design

Hoover Max Preview 60 vs 77

Hoover Max Extract 60

The Max Extract 77 Multi-Surface Pro and the Max Extract 60 Pressure Pro are carpet cleaners manufactured by Hoover. These two machines are almost identical in appearance. Having the same dimensions, they are approximately as big as a standard vacuum cleaner. The Hoover 77 weighs 22.5 pounds, which is slightly heavier than the Hoover 60, which weighs 21.85 pounds. However, customer reviews largely have no complaints about the weight of the machine. Indeed, the wheels mounted at the rear facilitate maneuvering.

The cleaning path of both Hoover cleaners is the same at approximately 13 inches.

They both come with a 20-foot-long power cord, which isn’t the longest you’ll find on carpet cleaners in similar price ranges on the market. This can make it harder to shut down the machine and plug it into different outlets when cleaning a larger room. But for the most part, that shouldn’t be a problem.

SpinScrub cleaning

A hallmark feature of Hoover carpet cleaners, both Hoover Max 60 and 77 extracts are integrated with SpinScrub technology. This means that they are equipped with a special spin cleaning device which ensures multidirectional cleaning. The device has counter-rotating brush bars that surround the fibers of the carpet. This allows the machine to remove all possible dirt and debris from the carpet. The Hoover 60 has 60 brushes, whereas as the name suggests, the Hoover 77 comes with 77 brushes, which makes it more efficient.

Additionally, the Hoover 77 has a unique option of choosing between three different alternatives depending on your needs: (1) Pickup mode which means only suction is provided for spills (2); Soft mode designed for hard floors and using gentle brush rotations; and (3) Power mode which uses heavy-duty scrubbing for rugs and rugs. The Hoover 60, in comparison, operates in one mode and one speed. This feature of the Hard Floor and Carpet Cleaner makes Hoover 77 a winner among the various cleaners available today.

Edge to edge cleaning

Both Hoover cleaners come with an edge-to-edge pressure cleaning system. This system uses pressure and water to easily remove even the most stubborn stains.

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SmartTanks System

Both machines are designed to have two separate tanks for clean water and dirty water. This is a feature highly appreciated by customers. In addition, the tanks are designed in such a way that you can empty the dirty tank without getting your hands dirty. The capacity of the clean water tank in both cleaners is just under 150 ounces to 147 ounces. This means less trips to the faucet to fill the tank during cleaning.

Other Fto eat

Common to both Hoover cleaners, DualV Nozzle technology ensures that the water extraction from the carpets is as complete as possible. This allows the carpet to dry faster. Add to that the hot cleaning. Having an extra steam dryer fitted in the carpet cleaner is a blessing. The heated forced air makes drying even faster and reduces your waiting time.

Compared to the Hoover 60, the Hoover 77 has an additional “automatic rinse” function. When enabled, this feature allows you to clean the carpet with detergent and then automatically rinse it with clean water to make sure no detergent residue is left behind. The Hoover 60 does not have this feature and the carpets must be rinsed manually. The 60 has the flush function, but you have to switch to a separate setting to do so.

The 77 also features Hoover’s CleanSurge technology. With a simple switch at your fingertips, you can apply extra detergent to darker areas. Again, this feature is missing in Hoover 60.


The Hoover Max extract 60 and 77 carpet cleaners come with a 9 foot long blow molded stretch hose. This hose can be combined with one of the many tools to ensure a thorough cleaning.

Additionally, the Hoover Max extract 60 Pressure Pro carpet cleaner comes with an upholstery tool and a 16 oz. sample of the cleaning solution recommended by the manufacturer for use with the carpet cleaner. The upholstery tool is like a mini carpet cleaning tool that can help you clean and dry the fabric.

The Hoover 77, in addition to the padding tool, comes with a squeegee tool, a SpinScrub hand tool, a 16 oz. bottle of multi-floor cleaning solution and a 32 oz. of Pro-plus cleaner. The Squeegee Tool is essential for cleaning hard floors with Hoover 77 cleaner.

Overall performance and functionality

Hoover Max Preview 77

Hoover Max Preview 77

The biggest advantage of the functionality of the Hoover 77 is the multi-surface cleaning capability. It is a carpet cleaner that can also clean hard floor and that makes it a perfect tool. However, there were a few issues with the squeegee tool that must be attached to the nozzle to clean hard floors. It does not attach properly sometimes and, as a result, comes off during cleaning.

Highly effective at removing stains, great suction and hot cleaning are the most promising features of these carpet cleaners. In addition, both machines were found to be easy to disassemble and clean.

Other features that have received positive reviews include easy handling and the size of the machine. Adding a separate tank for clean and dirty water makes cleaning easier for most customers. However, a few have reported leaking clean water from the back of the machines which can be a downside. And some users claim that these machines are a bit louder than other machines on the market, but hey, no carpet cleaner is perfect.

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Customers say the two Hoover carpet cleaners are extremely easy to assemble. All you need is a screwdriver and your cleaner is ready to go. The machines come with a detailed manual specifying assembly and maintenance information, ensuring a longer life.


The Hoover Max Extract 77 Multi-Surface Pro and Max Extract 60 Pressure Pro are backed by a 2-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.


As for the two vacuums in the Hoover Max Extract 60 vs 77 comparison, I would choose the 77 every time. The price difference between the two is negligible when I checked out, although you should be aware that a sale can change that at any time.

With the 77 you get a more efficient brush head, more accessories and even an automatic rinsing function. With this, you are definitely wiser to go with the 77.

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