Honda eu2000i vs Yamaha ef2000is

A new generator is a pretty big purchase and choosing the right one for your family is no joke. So it’s good that you narrowed your choices down to Honda eu2000i vs Yamaha ef2000is generators. Good job, these two generators are great choices, but which one is right for you? A good generator can be used as a backup when you inevitably encounter a power failure or inadvertent power failure. Read below and we’ll help you make the best decision for you and your family.

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Honda EU2000I vs Yamaha EF2000IS: which generator is right for you?

Size and appearance

Honda eu2000i vs. Yamaha ef2000is

Honda EU2000i

The Honda eu2000i is a red generator which is also portable. The importance that it’s portable is that it’s not that big that you have to choose where it will stay once you buy it and keep it there. Instead, you can take this generator with you if you need to, whether it means taking it to a relative’s house during a storm, or just need to remodel your home.

The Yamaha ef2000is is a portable generator available in solid blue or camouflage. However, it weighs around 20 pounds less and its dimensions are much smaller than the Honda eu2000is, which makes it easier to transport and much smaller. It also has a handle which, together with the size difference, makes the Yamaha ef2000 easier to carry than the Honda eu2000i.


Wattage is an especially important consideration when looking at portable generators. The Honda eu2000i has a recoil starter system and can power an AC output of 2000 watts and 120 volts, although it is recommended to use only 1600 watts. It will also run almost 3.5 hours on a single tank. This includes an inverter system that is stable enough to help run a computer without encountering problems when it is dependent on that generator.

The Yamaha ef2000is also operates at a maximum of 2000 watts of output but, again, recommends limiting your consumption to 1600 watts so as not to overload the system. The Yamaha ef2000is also has additional features in its operation, including an inverter system that includes pulse width modulation control to help control electrical surges and is CARB compliant, so it will minimize harmful effects on the environment when you use it.


These two portable generators are loved by many customers who have used them. Customers of the Honda eu2000i were impressed with the generator’s performance, with some claiming it worked even after more than a week of use. They also indicated that they appreciated the portability of the Honda generator. The Yamaha ef2000is is even more praised for its size, as it is so much smaller than the Honda model without sacrificing horsepower.

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Many customers preferred the performance of the Honda eu2000i to that of the Yamaha ef2000is if they used the generator for a long time. This is because the Honda eu2000i, unlike the Yamaha ef2000is, will not start to pass through the oil quickly after prolonged use.


Both of these generators need gasoline to run, so it’s important to know how much gasoline you will need to fill their tanks. The capacity of these two models, despite their size difference, is both a 1.1 gallon tank. However, many Honda eu2000i customers will only run 7-8 hours on a single tank while the Yamaha ef2000is will run up to 10.5 hours on a single tank. Both are impressive considering the small capacity with which they both operate, just over a gallon of gasoline.


Generac eu2000i vs. Yamaha ef2000is

Yamaha ef2000is

Many customers have found the durability of the Honda eu2000i to be better than that of the Yamaha ef2000is for a reason we have already looked at. This is because the Yamaha ef2000is will start to burn oil very quickly after being used for a while, which makes it problematic as a long term or extended use generator. As a short term or less frequently used generator, the Yamaha ef2000is has fantastic performance, but it would not be suggested for frequent and long term use.

Side by side, customers seem to appreciate the durability and durability of the Honda eu2000i over the Yamaha model. The Honda model was noted for not having the problem of oil consumption after it has been running for a while, making it the best choice for long term use. This is partly due to the fact that the extra weight of the Honda eu2000i is due to a larger engine.


Honda and Yamaha back their generators with a 3 year limited warranty. This will help to cover the customer in the event of a product defect or if there is a defect or breakage due to a manufacturing error. When used as directed, a regular working generator of either brand will easily last over three years if used as intended.

Convenient Features

One of the most important features that many people talk about on the Yamaha is that it is EPA and CARB approved. This means that when you use the Yamaha ef2000is generator, it is certified as being more environmentally friendly which is a big plus for some customers.

The Yamaha ef2000is and the Honda eu2000i are also very quiet. Although some customers have complained that they are not silent, this is not what the product promises. Honda and Yamaha claim that their generators run quieter than most other manufacturers, and on that score, they deliver.

Advantages and disadvantages

Both of these generators work great and don’t need a lot of gas to run for a while. The Honda, in particular, has a long history of running on a single tank of gasoline, with many customers bragging about a generator that can last up to 10½ hours. The Yamaha also boasts of being EPA and CARB certified.

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Yamaha ef2000is – Click here to see the reviews and ratings

However, the Yamaha ef2000is mostly has one major drawback. As mentioned earlier, thanks to the oil consumption as it ages, this generator is not well designed for long term use and is more suitable for a generator with infrequent or short term use.


Both of these generators have their pros and cons, but at the end of the day the Honda eu2000i is rated slightly more due to its higher durability. This does not mean that the Yamaha ef2000is is a bad generator, it is just more suitable for infrequent use. However, aside from the purposes of use, both are efficient, portable generators that are popular for good reason.

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