Honda eu2000i vs Generac iq2000

On this page you will find all the information you need to compare Honda eu2000i vs Generac iq2000 Generators. Both of these models are great choices, but which one you choose will be based on your individual preferences.

A back-up generator is essential for many households. You never know when a power outage will occur. Depending on the length of the power outage, you will likely lose food, but you could also end up with home security vulnerabilities. And if it’s during an extremely hot or cold time of year, you could find yourself spending hundreds of dollars for a hotel stay.

But generators aren’t just for emergency situations. You may also want one if you plan on camping or tailgating.

Just below you will find all the information you need to make the wisest choice in this comparison.

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Honda EU2000I VS Generac IQ2000: Which one to choose?

Size and appearance

Generic iq2000

IQ2000 generator

The Generac iq2000 is the smaller of the two generators in length and height, but the Honda eu2000i is almost exactly the same weight as the Generac iq2000. This makes these two generators the perfect size for a portable generator. The body of the Generac iq2000 is bright orange while the body of the Honda eu2000i is red. As well as being lightweight, they both have a handle on the top of the generator for easy transport.

The Generac iq2000 and the Honda eu2000i also have small legs underneath to lift them off the ground. The Generac iq2000’s legs, however, are slightly higher, keeping it slightly above the ground.


The Honda eu2000i has a 120V AC output with a maximum of 2000 watts, although the average power output should be around 1600 watts for the system to perform at its best. The run time on a single tank is advertised to be almost 3.5 hours per tank, but many customers have found it to run almost 8.5 hours on a full tank.

The Generac iq2000, on the other hand, has a range of almost 8 hours with only 25% gasoline charge. This gives the user an output power of 1600 watts on average. This generator also comes with three power settings with economy, standard and turbo modes to meet all customer needs. This generator also offers the option of running with a second Generac generator – model 6875 or 6877 sold separately – to generate even more power.

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Many customers praise the Honda eu2000i and the Generac iq2000. The Honda eu2000i is valued for its long-term potential and fuel-efficient design. While not quiet, it is much quieter than most portable generators, making it suitable for camping or tailgating. The biggest complaint with this generator is that if you don’t plan on using it often, some customers have found it difficult to start it after long periods of inactivity.

The Generac iq2000 specifically advertises itself as being quieter and smarter than the Honda eu2000. Many customers agree that it is quiet and powerful, and easy to use with simple buttons and a digital display. However, there is also a downfall of this product with the fact that several customers have had issues with the gas tank leaking as the generator ages.


As mentioned above, the Honda eu2000i and the Generac iq2000 can both take up to eight hours of use on a single tank of gasoline, but how much gas is there? Both generators have very similar sized fuel tanks, with the Honda eu2000i being slightly larger at 1.1 gallons per tank and the Generac iq2000 at 1.06 gallons per tank.


Honda eu2000i vs. Generac iq2000

Honda EU2000i

The Honda eu2000i is a popular choice for those looking for a portable generator for long term use. It maintains the same oil consumption as on the day of its purchase and it does not weaken even with regular use. Some customers have even claimed that they got hundreds of hours of use from their generator before it started showing its age.

Generac iq2000 customers complain the most about the durability of the generator. While not a widespread problem, some customers have found that after some time of use, the generator gas tank started to leak. This is important to note because while it is only a problem for some of these generators, it is a problem that could ruin the generators.

Convenient Features

When it comes to additional features, the Generac iq2000 is ahead of the Honda eu2000i. First of all, it has a power button which not only allows the user to start, run and stop functions, but also display the wattage consumption. It also features standard, economy and turbo settings so that it can be adjusted to the needs of different customers. Finally, it has a feature that allows it to be connected to another Generac generator to double the output power.

The Honda eu2000i is not without its own practical features, however. It has an inverter which helps to keep the generator power stable. However, beyond that, the Honda eu2000i doesn’t have a lot of extra features to boast of.


The Honda eu2000i has a three year warranty to cover any manufacturing errors or premature generator breakage. However, the Generac iq2000 has a shorter warranty. It only offers a one-year limited warranty, covering the same defects as the Honda eu2000i warranty.

Advantages and disadvantages

These two generators are considered to be among the best on the market. They both have exceptional wattage for portable generators and the Generac iq2000 even offers different wattage settings for different uses. The Honda eu2000i is one of the best generators for long term use because they don’t start to wear out easily.

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The Generac iq2000, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to be as good for long-term use, as some users have reported a tendency for gasoline tanks to leak after frequent use. However, if this problem occurs within the first year of use, the warranty will cover the defect. The Honda eu2000i also has its own drawbacks. A major complaint is that, with reference to the Generac iq2000 and other similar generators, the Honda model is not very economical. Neither generator has an automatic shutdown either, which many customers find unfortunate.

Summary and recommendation

The Generac iq2000 model and the Honda eu2000i are both fantastic generators. However, if you are looking for a durable generator set, customers prefer Honda eu2000i generator set. Although the Generac model has many practical and high-tech features, it does not match the durability and long-term performance of Honda’s eu2000i model. If you are looking for an economical portable generator for an occasional camping trip, the Generac model may be the perfect fit for you.

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