Hitachi c7sb2 vs c7st

The Hitachi c7sb2 vs Hitachi c7st is a comparison between two high quality economical circular saws from the popular brand. These machines are so similar that it’s no wonder you have a hard time deciding between the two.

Circular saws are probably the most versatile saw you can have in your toolbox. They can make quick cuts on wood, metal and plastic. For example, you probably wouldn’t need another saw to build a treehouse.

Read on below as we help you choose between these powerful and versatile saws.

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Hitachi c7st – Click here to view the price

Hitachi c7sb2 vs Hitachi c7st: which circular saw to choose …?

Size and appearance

Hitachi c7sb2 vs c7st

Hitachi c7sb2

Immediately you will notice that these circular saws are very similar in appearance. They are both green and remarkably light. The weight of the saw is important because you will be using these saws for multiple projects. A comfortable and easy-to-use tool will be used much more often than its uncomfortable counterpart. You don’t want a heavy, bulky saw that will hurt your hand.

While many customers comment on how light each saw is, the Hitachi c7sb2 is a bit larger and weighs about half a pound more. It really shouldn’t affect your decision, but it’s still a difference worth knowing. Both saws come standard with a 24 tooth 7 and ΒΌ inch carbide tipped blade to get you started right away.


Power is everything when it comes to circular saws. You want to get the job done right the first time. Not only that, but you also need to have enough horsepower to get the job done. A considerable number of customers have commented on the power of each saw. They are very similar. Each saw has the ability to cut 2 X 4 like a hot knife through butter. While both saws use 15 amps, the Hitachi c7st has a higher RPM – 6000 compared to 5800. This difference will be barely enough for you to notice a difference. Higher RPMs translate into precision and speed at which you can get the job done.


Cutting depth is important for carpenters, carpenters, DIY enthusiasts and contractors. At 90 degrees, the Hitachi c7st has a slightly deeper maximum depth of cut. This difference is tiny and is only 1/16 of an inch. Maybe this little detail will be enough to point you in that direction.


Hitachi c7st

Hitachi c7st

When it comes to power tools, you don’t want to buy something that you have to replace quickly. A power tool is an investment that should last for years. Several customers said they had used their saw for so long that they passed it on to family members. The Hitachi c7sb2 and c7st have one-piece chainstays, which gives them good durability. Too many moving parts can be a problem as they are easily lost or broken. The Hitachi c7sb2 has an aluminum base, while the Hitachi c7st has a steel base. Many customers seemed to appreciate the sturdiness of the steel base. But the trade-off is that aluminum is lighter but not as strong.

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Accessories are important, but not a deciding factor. Each saw comes with a wrench and a hard plastic carrying case. A hard plastic carrying case is preferred over its softer counterparts.

Convenient Features

The Hitachi c7sb2 features a cutting depth lever, which allows for one-handed adjustments. Its blade guard helps protect hands and fingers, while the spindle lock allows for quick and easy blade changes. It has an elastomer non-slip handle which allows good handling.

The Hitachi c7st is different in that it has a dust chute that effectively expels debris. A dust chute will help keep your blade clean which will increase the life of your blades and save you money. It comes with a blade guard. You also get a soft grip handle which will make holding this machine very comfortable. A comfortable grip is especially important when using tools, as you have to repeat the movements over and over again.


While the Hitachi c7st has a five-year warranty, the Hitachi c7sb2 has only one year of warranty.

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Summary and recommendation

As for the Hitachi c7sb2 vs Hitachi c7st, I can understand why you had to look for a comparison. These machines are so similar. But after reading this page, I hope you realized that these machines actually have some important differences which should make your decision a lot easier.

If I had to choose between the two machines, I would go with the Hitachi c7st. It’s much more rugged, more powerful, and the price difference shouldn’t be too big when you’re ready to buy. Sometimes it is okay to go for the improved choice. This is one of those times.

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