Hamilton Beach 35033 Deep Fryer Review 2020 – Silver

For easy and enjoyable frying of your food in your home, it is vital to have Hamilton Beach 35033 deep fryer. It is designed in such a way that it is big in size and more flexible when it comes to their service.

The deep fryer is big enough, and it can fit a full chicken. It can be used to prepare tender foods and also snacks in an easy way without any mess you may think of.

When frying your food, it is possible to keep it into the hot oil and lift it out while the lid is closed enabling even frying.

Hamilton deep fryer allows heat adjustments and it also consists of relevant timers for timing the required period of frying.

On top of that, it is easy to wash them since most of the models consist of a dishwasher-safe nonstick pot. The breakaway cord on them always facilitates easy storage.

Crispy Food Perfect for a Group

The deep fryer is more suitable for the preparation of crispy or baked foods in a more convenient way.

With its size, it can accommodate large amounts of the snack you are preparing, thus serving a large number of people, thus saving a lot of time when it comes to baking large numbers of snacks for events like in parties.

Digital Timer with Audible Tone

Most fryers available in the market do not have a digital timer with an audible tone. This feature is more important when frying your food while being covered.

It helps in timing the specific period the food requires for it to be ready and it notifies you when the period elapses by setting the tone on.

Therefore, your food can’t get burnt since you will be notified when using Hamilton Beach 35033 12-cup oil capacity deep fryer.

Adjustable Temperature with Ready Light

Hamilton Beach 35033 12-cup oil capacity deep fryer has another vital feature, whereby you can be able to control the various temperatures that you require when frying a particular food this will ensure that your food is not overcooked or precooked.

It has a ready light which helps you in monitoring the particular temperature that you require for your cooking, thus making you accurate in selecting the temperature.

Immersed Heating Element

In case you need faster frying of the food you need to get Hamilton Beach 35033 12-cup oil capacity deep fryer since it is composed of an immersed heating element that is used to facilitate faster cooking.

This allows you to save on time especially when in a hurry or when you are too hungry to wait for a longer period for your food to get ready.

Breakaway Cord

Hamilton Beach 35033 12-cup oil capacity deep fryer is also featured with a breakaway cord which allows easy storage after you are done using it.

This allows you to separate the fryer from the cord as well as the power source and to store it where you are comfortable. This enhances safety to both the fryer because it may blow in case of a power fault when left on the power socket.

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  • It is big in size, thus enabling you to fry a large amount of food
  • It is easy to disassemble and clean
  • It is faster in frying due to the immersed heater
  • Can be easily stored wherever you want
  • Has a digital timer, thus enabling you to monitor your food


  • It requires a lot of oil due to its big size thus wasting it

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does is, have an on and off switch?

A: It normally doesn’t have a switch because when it is just connected a green light indicator, it is ready to be used

Q: Does the fryer come with a warranty?

A: Yes, the product is warranted from any defects in both material and workmanship.

Q:  Can you be able to split the inner pot?

A: No, because there is only a single frying basket.

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Final Verdict

The problem of taking a lot of time during frying as well as your food being precooked or overcooked has got only one solution to overcome it, and it is by getting the Hamilton Beach 35033 12-cup oil capacity deep fryer. It is available in the market because it has got the suitable features over those problems.

This will allow you to cook in time and enjoy your food since it will be fried according to your expectations. With no hesitation, I strongly recommend that you purchase this fryer, and you will have joyous moments in your cooking.

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