Hamilton Beach 35021 Deep Fryer with Cool Touch, Black Review

If you are looking for a fryer that combines some amazing qualities, the Hamilton deep fryer offers you that, it is safe and easy to use.

This fryer offers you a cool touch, so you don’t have to worry about ever forgetting that you are handling hot equipment. In this case, you well-protected at all times. This fryer has an amazing capacity, it as an 8 cup oil capacity and you can cook up to 6 cups of French fries in it.

The inside of this fryer is coated with a removable enamel coating that facilitates easy cleaning.

What is more amazing is that it lets you lift basket to drain the food while the lid is closed. It is also accompanied by a user manual upon purchase; the instructions are quite simple and straight forward, and you will get cooking as soon as you purchase it.


Thus Hamilton Beach 35021 has built of steel for the interior for good heat transfer. The interior is coated with removable enamel. The removable enamel makes it very easy to clean.

The exterior finish is made of plastic; the plastic gives you a cool touch it insulates the fryer guarding you against direct contact with the steel part hence preventing potential burns. It has a glossy black finish which makes it beautiful to the look.

Adjustable Temperature

This fryer comes with the capability to adjust the temperature. We all know how important it is to get just the right temperature range for a particular recipe.

Too much temperature will mean a greasy meal while just the right temperature will give you that crispy meal that you desire. It uses some power on and ready lights to know when it has attained the right temperature.


The Hamilton has 8 cup oil capacity this means that you can fry up to 6 cups of French fries with this fryer. It is also quite versatile, and you can also fry a whole chicken in this fryer.

So if you are bored with making some light meals, and you are craving for a fried chicken, you will not be limited with this fryer.

Immersed Heating Element

The immersed heating element offers you fast heating up times. This means that the time within power on and ready is substantially cut down.

This also translates to fast frying so you will agree with me that if you are working on a tight schedule, this is just the fryer for you, it enables you to spare some time.


This type of fryer has a durable basket that gives you long-term service without a fail. This basket can also be lifted without removing the lid to drain the food.

The lid helps you fry without much splatter of the oil. A splatter of the oil makes your fryer be all greasy and disgusting to handle. With this fryer, you don’t have to worry about that.

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  • Splatter-free
  • Easy to clean
  • Cool touch
  • Affordable
  • Durable


  • Needs a little experience to get the temperature settings right

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the capacity?

A: This fryer has 8 cup oil bowl.

Q: What type of heating does it use?

A: Hamilton Beach uses a deep immersion fast heating element.

Q: What is this dryer made of and what makes it an exception?

A: It has a stainless steel construction, with a plastic exterior that offers a cold touch and a glossy black finish.

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Final Verdict

This product has received nothing but positive feedback from all the customers, except those that received a mistakably faulty fryer in which case you are fully covered, and you do not need to worry.

This is just the product that you need to fry foods at the comfort of your room and your convenience. This fryer offers amazing qualities such as adjustable temperatures so that you are fully in control of your cooking process.

It is pretty easy to clean this fryer so keeping in mind that when it comes to cooking, we are all cleanliness freaks this is the fryer for you.

Also, you do not worry if you have kids around when cooking possibilities of injury are minimized by the cool touch exterior.

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