Graco Nautilus 80 vs Argos 80

Choosing a good car seat comes with a set of challenges, as there are many different models and brands to consider. Well, the good thing here is that these two car seats, Graco Nautilus 80 vs Argos 80, are stellar choices. These strollers are very similar, but there are also many notable differences. So which one to choose?

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Graco Nautilus 80 vs Argos 80: how to choose …?

Size and appearance

Graco Nautilus 80 vs. Argos 80

Graco Nautilus 80

Looking at the two of these car seats, it would appear that they are almost identical. The variety of colors they both offer are sleek and classy. Graco Argos 80 is available in at least two colors: Pink and Go Green. The Nautilus comes in six that I’ve come across (maybe more depending on different retailers): Azalea (pink / black), Splash (black / blue), Chilli Red, Go Green, Quinley (black / gray) and Chase (black / light gray).

It is important to note that colors may vary depending on the retailer. Both seats are a 3-in-1 combo with infant cushions, toddler cushions, and a booster seat for older children. Neither seat has rearward facing capability, so the seats are long and straight and stand upright. They are very similar in appearance and both represent a cozy and comfortable seat with baby inserts and two cup holders attached to the base.

Height and width

Graco Argos and Nautilus seats are both light and easy to maneuver. They are designed to hold the child longer so that the seat lasts until the child is old enough to sit without additional height or assistance. This is what makes these seats a 3 in 1 combination. The Argos series has a minimum weight limit of 20 pounds and a maximum of 100 pounds while Nautilus holds 22 pounds (minimum) and 100 pounds (maximum). Each seat is compatible for infants to young preschoolers, typically 1 to 7 years old.

Comfort and maintenance

It’s always a good incentive to have seat covers that can be removed and easily cleaned to maintain the longevity and beauty of any product. Both car seats are equipped with removable machine washable covers and cup holders. Nautilus contains a comfortable seat cushion and body support, harness and buckle covers and a 2-position adjustable padded armrest. Both seats also have a 3-position recline and harness system. Argo offers a steel reinforced frame for added protection and durability. Argos expires in 10 years and Nautilus expires in 8 years and there do not appear to have been any complaints from customers of parts breaking or malfunctioning with either seat. If a part needs to be replaced, Graco offers replacement parts that can be ordered through its website.

Accessories / Features

Each seat contains its own storage basket and a cup holder attached to the base. Argos has a SimpliSafe adjustment harness system that allows one-handed adjustment without re-threading and adjusts automatically. This is a great feature for many parents, given that most competing brands, including the Nautilus, need to unlock and rethread as the child grows and / or when converting the seat to a seat. another support for weight and height. Three recline positions are available for more comfort on both models and a two (2) position armrest. A five (5) point harness is available in both seats, although the Argos harness is constructed to increase the value of safety and security. So how does each seat as an individual compare since they are essentially three separate seats?

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5 point harness

The 5 point harness with the Argos model is great, as many consumers have said. To adjust, just pull on the strap and it automatically snaps into the next position. This makes the clamping of the car seat to the vehicle seat easier to install. The Nautilus model does not have an automated tensioner and must be done manually by pulling on the straps at the back and front. Many customers have complained about the difficulty level of this and often noticed that the seat squirms and is not as secure as it should be. The Argos adjustable headrest just needs to be moved up or down without having to remove the entire harness, unlike some other competitors. Nautilus requires removal of the harness to reposition itself and needs to be braided into the slots and adjusted again. It takes time and is frustrating for many.

high back booster

The high-back booster is the next phase of the car seat once the child is too tall for the harness (typically at around 65 pounds). The high back of Argos would be rather large and children have a hard time attaching themselves to it. The high-back booster on the Nautilus model is a bit smaller, so that doesn’t seem like a problem.

Bare back

The backless option is when the child weighs between 40 and 100 pounds on average. This does not apply to all children and parents should conform to how the child fits into the seat rather than a typical weight requirement. Again, in the Argos model, some customers complained that it was too high and that children could not buckle up or sit comfortably. If the child is smaller, he or she may not be able to switch to this booster immediately.


These car seats are pretty even when it comes to safety. They both provide shock absorbing EPS foam, which helps to mitigate the depth of impact. The headrest is adjustable to ensure that the child is secured in the safest and most comfortable way. Crash tests and side impact tests passed and met US safety standards with both brands. Argos as an approved supplemental safety device for restraining occupants using only the integrated 5-point harness system. This is a security feature that Nautilus does not have.

Advantages and disadvantages

The two products are quite similar in their offering. They are both a product of Graco, so it looks like they are. Seats are sold at a variety of retailers, including direct from the manufacturer. Buying direct from the source often means a higher price, but there are also more options available that way. Both seats are rated top sellers in their class. Reviews of these products are excellent and highly rated by customers, but it seems people have been more impressed and / or willing to buy the Nautilus seat. This may be due to the price difference between the two.

Unless a substantial discount is offered on the Argos at the time of purchase, the Argos is significantly more expensive at list price. If you’re willing to pay more, Elite models from these two brands are also available. The Elite models have a few extra features like an extra cup holder, extra pad, etc., but beyond that it’s pretty much the same product. Some customers didn’t really think these extras were worth the extra cost. The safety and security of your child is one of the most important decisions when transporting, so ultimately you are the judge of which seat is best for your family.

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Summary and recommendation

If I had to choose between these two car seats, Graco Nautilus 80 vs Argos 80, I would most likely go with the Argos. Personally, I think the added convenience and security features are worth the price. I particularly like the SimpliSafe feature which allows the harness to be adjusted with one hand without rethreading. It also adjusts automatically.

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