Graco Magnum X7 vs ProX7

In this comparison, we take a face-to-face look at the Graco Magnum X7 vs Pro X7 airless sprayer. Airless sprayers refer to the fact that these types of sprayers do not necessarily have to be used with an air compressor. These machines are very similar, but the differences are large enough to make it easier to choose between the two. Keep reading below as we help you navigate the two.

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Graco Magnum X7 vs ProX7: which paint sprayer is right for you …?


Graco Magnum X7 vs. ProX7

Graco Magnum X7

The Magnum X7 and ProX7 belong to the line of airless paint sprayers manufactured by the Graco company. Aimed at everyone from DIY enthusiasts to maintenance professionals, these sprayers are designed for maximum utility and convenience with minimum effort. Both consist of a handy, lightweight cart that makes it easy to move around the device without straining your back.

Both sprayers also have a built-in Paint Saver bucket hook. This hook can help move a 5 gallon can of paint effortlessly with the cart without having to haul it back and forth. According to the manufacturer’s official website, the Graco Magnum X7 weighs 23.3 pounds and is much lighter than its Pro X7 counterpart, which weighs 33 pounds. Both machines can also be folded, reducing the height and allowing storage in more confined spaces.

Both are made in a similar blue / silver combination with no other colors available. Both paint sprayers feature a chrome handle, which is not only easy to clean but also durable. The handle also has quick-release clamps, allowing the machine to be stored in compact places. Both machines come with a power plug, which is basically a glowing power cord that can sense a DC power source.

Piston pump

The Magnum X7 is equipped with a stainless steel piston pump. This ensures that high pressure power is supplied to the paint, making it easier to spray thicker paints. In comparison, the ProX7 is equipped with the new, exclusive ProX piston pump, which offers even greater reliability and increases the life of the pump.


Compared to the 0.31 gallons per minute of the X7, the ProX7 can quickly spray up to 0.34 gallons per minute. This makes it better suited for large projects. Additionally, the manufacturer recommends up to 300 gallons per year use with the Magnum ProX7, which is significantly higher than the 125 gallons per year recommended for the Magnum X7.

Both sprayers have the ability to adjust pressure, with a maximum pressure of 3000 psi (pounds per square inch). Almost all customers have appreciated this function of adjustable pressure control, which adds to the versatility of the machines making it possible to do all kinds of spraying jobs with ease.


The Magnum X7 has a 5/8 horsepower motor that is powerful enough for moderate to large painting projects without any problems. However, the Magnum ProX7 has a ¾ horsepower DC motor that can run on a 1500 watt 15 amp household current generator and is suitable for larger projects.

Spray nozzle

Both feature a spray tip size that can reach a maximum of 0.17 inch. In addition, these machines are equipped with Reverse-A-Clean spray nozzles. These tips allow you to easily clean the tips of clogged material.

Additional features

The Automatic priming which is common to these two sprayers is a much appreciated feature. It ensures rapid priming before any painting job. Found missing in many other machines on the market, this feature helps make your paint job more efficient.

Graco Magnum X7 and ProX7 have an identical flexible suction tube. This tube helps in both small and larger projects by allowing the operator to spray from 1 or 5 gallon containers of paint.

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The flush adapter allows you to connect a garden hose to the machine, making it quick and easy to clean. The maximum pipe length that can be attached to the X7 is 100 ‘. The Magnum ProX can accommodate an even longer 150ft pipe. The ProX7 also has a InstaClean Filtered. This filtration system keeps debris and dirt away, reducing tip clogging and providing a professional finish to the paint job.


Graco Magnum ProX7

These two airless paint sprayers come with the same number and type of accessories, with slight changes in functionality.

Common accessories include a 515 RAC IV spray tip, 8 ounce pump shield storage fluid, a quick start guide, and a demo DVD with step-by-step instructions on using and maintaining sprayers. The Magnum X7 sprayer comes with a Metal SG2 spray gun, while with the Magnum ProX7 sprayer you get a Metal SG3 spray gun. More advanced than the SG2 gun, the ProX7’s SG3 Spray Gun with Hose Swivel can tackle the longer lengths of ProX7 hose. The Grace Duraflex hose that you get with the X7 is 25 feet long compared to the 50 foot long hose that comes with the ProX7. This extra long hose adds to the ease of use of the machine.

Overall performance

The X7 and ProX7 airless paint sprayers are rated as highly efficient and easy to use by customers. In addition, these two machines require very little maintenance and are easy to clean. Customers love the adjustable pressure control feature, which allows them to change paint jobs in seconds.

However, a few customers have reported the downside of overspraying more likely with X7, making it imperative to cover nearby furniture and / or plants and shrubs with a rag to protect them. Additionally, a few customers have found that the jam occurs when thick paint materials are used.

The Graco Magnum ProX7 airless paint sprayer is an advanced version of the Magnum X7 sprayer, making it more suitable for large projects and more suitable for commercial use. It provides more output than the Magnum X7 and the longer hose allows it to be used for more demanding projects. All in all, it can be said that the Graco Magnum ProX7, although it is a better machine than the Graco Magnum X7, has a higher price tag (unless there is a sale that changes that) and is recommended for those who really need it. The Graco Magnum X7 is also a well-equipped and well-designed machine that is suitable for relatively smaller or occasional tasks.


Both airless paint sprayers are covered by a one-year warranty from Graco, the manufacturer.


Choosing a new paint sprayer between the Graco Magnum X7 and the Pro X7 is not about choosing between good and bad machines. Both are high quality units and therefore recommended by most of the customers who use them. The ProX7 is simply the most feature-rich option and its price will likely reflect that, unless there’s a sale that changes that.

If you plan to use your new paint sprayer on a regular basis for commercial applications or for larger projects, you may want to go with the ProX7. However, the need for a longer hose and longer service life may not be a necessity for you. Maybe the X7 is all you need. It is certainly a good choice as well.

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