Graco Extend2Fit VS Chicco Nextfit Zip

The Graco Extend2Fit and the Chicco Nextfit Zip are both excellent car seats that have received great reviews and ratings from customers. There are minimal differences between the two which make them quite equal in comparison apart from a few details. There are still details, differences, which can tip you in one direction rather than the other. Read on below to determine which of these strollers is right for you.

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Graco Extend2Fit vs Chicco NextFit Zip: find out which car seat you should buy …

Size and appearance

Graco Extend2Fit vs Chicco NextFit Zip

Graco Extend2Fit

The Graco Extend2Fit car seat weighs (without children) approximately 20 pounds. Some customers have described this product as “lightweight” and have applauded the ease and comfort of the seat that fits into any vehicle.

The Chicco Nextfit Zip weighs (childless) approximately 25 pounds. Some customers have complained that this seat is “heavy” and more difficult to maneuver from car to car, but still fits comfortably in any vehicle.

The Graco is lighter and easier to move around in various vehicles while the Chicco is slightly heavier and can be more difficult to transport. Graco is a few inches longer and wider and about an inch shorter. This is due to the Chicco Nextfit adjustable headrest. Each product appears to fit comfortably in any vehicle and many customers have reported having enough space inside the vehicle for the child and passengers to sit comfortably while enjoying lots of fun. legroom. These are convertible bucket seats, which can sit rear-facing and forward-facing to accommodate a growing child. Both products are available in multiple colors and look very stylish with premium fabric that is easy to remove and clean. Chicco offers 3 manufacturer colors: Palisade, Equinox and Ibis. Graco offers 9 colors: Solar, Campaign, Davis, Mack, Valor, Gotham, Rosie, Kenzie and Spire. Color availability may vary from retailer to retailer.

Weight / height limits back and forward facing (with child)

The Chicco Nextfit seat can hold one pound less (ideal for premature babies) than Graco Extend2fit for minimum rear-facing weight requirements (4 pounds vs. 5 pounds) and can hold 10 pounds more for its weight capacity maximum (50 pounds versus 40 pounds). Forward facing weight requirements are equal (minimum 22 pounds; maximum 65 pounds). The minimum and maximum heights are also equal in both seats (49 inches).

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Comfort and maintenance

Each seat offers removable cushions and padding to accommodate your growing baby. Chicco’s seat has a zipper for easy removal of the cover while Graco has suitable covers for easy removal. Both are machine washable and easy to remove and reassemble, as reported by many current customers. Metal parts should be cleaned with hot soapy water for both seats.

Accessories / Features

Chicco NextFit Zip

Chicco NextFit Zip

These two products are equipped with non-removable bases. This means that the seat cannot be intertwined with a stroller or other product. The Chicco Nextfit has only one removable cup holder while the Graco Extend2Fit has two removable cup holders. However, Chicco’s cup holder comes with a clip to remove the entire cup holder while Graco’s plastic cup holders slide out of their current position for cleaning. The mobility of the Chicco makes it easier for parents if they do not want the child to drink while the vehicle is in motion and can also be clipped onto other products such as a diaper bag, stroller, etc.

Chicco Nextfit also comes with removable shoulder pads on the shoulder straps for added comfort. Each seat also comes with padded infant inserts for added comfort. It has a lot more features available for added convenience. The seat can recline in 9 positions, the chest clip has 2 positions and a 6 position headrest. It also has a visual aid at the bottom of the base to show you what position the seat is currently in in the range 1-9.

This lets parents know which number is best for their child when moving the car seat. It’s a bit like a sleep number, more like a car seat position number! A few customers have said that this recline position is difficult to do with the child in the seat. The child should be removed before adjusting to a position which could be frustrating if the vehicle is in motion and / or if the child becomes uncomfortable on long trips. Graco offers 6 recline positions, 5 inches of “extra” legroom with a 4-position extension panel and 10-position headrest.

Safety and installation

Each car seat has easy-to-install instructions for forward-facing and rear-facing positions. Chicco has a Two Ride Right visual bubble that details the adjustable position your child should be seated in based on their weight. It also announces a Super Cinch Tightener which allows you to tighten the seat straps with one hand. There is a compartment located at the base of the seat to easily store excess slack. Graco has a similar feature but they are buckle pockets.


The warranty varies depending on the location and the store where the seat (s) are purchased. They are available online and at several retailers, such as Target, Wal-Mart, Babies R Us, and also directly through the manufacturer.

The manual provides further information on how to obtain a manufacturer’s warranty or a limited time can be requested online through the Chicco and Graco website. Chicco expires in 8 years and Graco expires in 10 years.

Advantages and disadvantages

These car seats rank closely for safety as they are both crash tested and meet US safety standards. The Chicco was rated number 1 while Graco was rated number 3. The price of the Graco Extend2Fit car seat is generally cheaper than the Chicco NextFit at list price.

The Chicco seems to have more features and a higher safety rating which explains the price difference. Based on customer reviews, it also seems to be a bit more popular with customers in general. However, customers were very happy with both products and there were few complaints about each product. A few customers have stated that the labels on Graco Extend 2 Fit are not made of fabric but painted on the actual seat. When the vehicle got too hot, it was hot to the touch, burning the child. Not a serious burn but still. It is advisable to check the seat before installing a child. It should be fine with any car seat, especially being careful with the hot metal buckles.

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Summary and recommendation

When it comes to the Graco vs Chicco, I can tell you that these two car seats are great choices, but which one is the better choice for you? If I chose, I would go with the Chicco NextFit. It has more features and a higher security rating. However, you might consider that these additional features and security ratings may come at a higher price. But in my opinion, it is totally worth it.

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