Graco Aire3 vs Britax B-Agile

So you’ve narrowed down your stroller search to two very good, high-quality choices. Enter the battle between the Graco Aire3 vs Britax B-Agile comparison. These strollers are made by two different brands, so there will be a lot of differences between them. The most obvious is the outward appearance. Continue reading below to determine which one you should choose.

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Graco Aire3 vs Britax B-Agile: which stroller is right for you …?

Size and appearance

Graco Aire3 vs. Britax B-Agile

Graco Aire3

The Britax B-Agile and the Graco Aire3 are both very stylish and made with comfortable fabrics with removable canopies and car seat covers for easy cleaning. Each stroller is available in a single manufacturer color. Britax comes in black while Graco comes to Gotham. They are both compatible with detachable infant car seats. Britax weighs a little less (16.5 pounds) than Graco (21 pounds). They are both light and have 3 wheels; 2 at the rear and a rotating wheel at the front to facilitate maneuvering.

Weight / height limits

Britax B-Agile is smaller in width and height but larger in length than the Graco Aire3 when folded. Britax can support up to 5 pounds more than Graco (55 pounds versus 50) and has a backrest height of 20 inches and a shoulder length of 15 inches. Graco’s maximum height is approximately 35 inches.


Both seats are compatible with infant car seats, which means the car seat can be inserted into the stroller so the baby doesn’t have to be unbuckled. Britax offers a padded support seat with a 5-point harness system with adjustable head cushion / support. Graco offers an easily adjustable 3-5 point sling system to accommodate your growing baby. Each stroller has a recycling system that makes it easy to adjust if your baby wants to lie down or sit up straight. The wireless adjustable option on the Britax harness makes it easier to accommodate your growing child and reduces headaches associated with tightening, pulling and re-threading.


Strollers can be cleaned with warm soap and water and have removable covers for machine washing. The lids are fairly easy to remove and replace with little frustration and / or difficulty. There isn’t much to cleaning products but it is always good to know that things are easily removable for cleaning and / or repairing.

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Accessories / Features

These models have locking devices that are compatible with infant car seats. Britax strollers are compatible with any Britax car seat. Graco offers a SnugRide Click Connect 35 infant car seat with the Combo Kit and recommends using that specific seat. Other Graco car seats may be compatible but this is at the discretion of the consumer. The extra large awning with a mesh ventilation window in the Britax model is ideal for parents who need a greater range of vision on their child. Graco’s awning is standard but offers a zippered extension to make it extra-large. Britax comes with under-seat storage and a zippered pocket on the back of the seat, but the child tray must be purchased separately. The Graco Aire3 is complete with a child and parent tray with storage and a basket underneath for additional storage. The armrest bar contains a removable cup holder and also has two parent cup holder slots. It’s great when parents have older kids who aren’t in the stroller. The additional cup holder and space make going out more convenient. These strollers can also be used in doubles or singles. One of the best features of the Aire3 is that it stands upright while folded. The Britax model requires you to bend down to fold the stroller, then pick it up for storage. Customers who had difficulty bending or suffered from back pain were more happy to buy Aire3 than Britax based on this standing function.

Safety and installation

Graco has adopted and approved US safety standards. Britax B-Agile was recalled in 2016 and is now considered a “retired” product. Parts for each product can be purchased from the manufacturer’s website. The main reason for the recall was a safety issue, and parents were complaining about the durability of the stroller. It tilts often and does not lock properly. Many customers have commented on how “bulky” and “heavy” the stroller is, which likely correlates with safety concerns. There are other improved models, however, including the Britax B-Safe, which is just the revised model of the B-Agile.

Advantages and disadvantages

Britax B-Agile

Britax B-Agile

Overall the two products appear to be similar with what they offer. While prices may vary depending on your purchase, more often than not you will find that the Graco is more expensive (although you never know, a sale could change that) than the Britax, but it also comes with a package. This could make it a better value proposition. B-Agile parts are sold separately; baby seat, child tray, etc. The Britax also offers a package that includes the same elements as the Graco but the difference in process could make it more expensive. Again, a sale could do the opposite.

Some customers seemed to have a problem with the position of the Graco back support once the child was old enough to sit upright. Complaints about its fold and its lack of strength and durability were among the concerns. A small percentage of people also had this complaint with the B-agile but it doesn’t seem to be as often as with the Aire3. Customers seemed to really appreciate the light weight and one-click locking of the strollers and were generally happy with the maneuvering on both strollers. A few customers have expressed concerns that the Graco is “wobbly” due to the three-wheel design and advised taking extra care with infants. Although Britax has been recalled, customers were happy with the product before the announcement. Customers appreciated the revised version of this stroller and it generally receives high marks. And it’s the same with the Graco.

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Summary and recommendation

Graco seems like the obvious choice, given that the other stroller has been recalled, but through my research I have found a more attractive crowd for the Britax brand. A lot of people seem to be impressed and happy with their product as a whole. It is often more expensive but still affordable for the features it offers. Ultimately, the safety and comfort of your child when getting into a stroller is your choice, but if I chose, I would lean more for the Britax B-Safe as an alternative to the recalled B-Agile.

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