Generac 6596 vs 6922 Power Washer Comparison

On this page we compare the Generac 6596 vs 6922 pressure washers. Pressure washers are an essential tool in keeping the exterior of your home beautiful and clean. It’s truly amazing what a quick wash can do to make your home look like new. Below, we walk you through the differences between these products to help you determine which one you should be getting.

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Comparison of Generac 6596 vs 6922 pressure washers

Size and appearance

Générac 6596 vs 6922

Generac 6922 pressure washer

The Generac 6596 and the Generac 6922 are both large pressure washers. Each of them is black and orange with the main body being black and orange being an accent color. Both of these models are also designed with ergonomic handles, so you won’t have any problems even on large, time-consuming projects. The Generac 6596 is the heavier of the two. This model is not only heavier, but also taller. In comparison, this model is also slightly more inclined and has a more square shape than the Generac 6922.

The Generac 6922, on the other hand, is lighter and more compact, weighing less than a few pounds than the Generac 6596. The frame of this model is also more modest than the Generac 6596. It uses much thinner handles and frame while retaining the same resistance in the structure. This design also gives the Generac 6923 more rounded edges compared to the square shape of the Generac 6596.


These pressure washers are available in several different PSI levels. Each of them can be ordered with a 2500; 2,800; or 3,100 PSI. These PSI levels also come with their own gallons per second (GPS) measurement.

For the Generac 6596, the 2,500 PSI is 2.3 GPM while the Generac 6922 uses 2.4 GPM at this PSI level. At the 2800 PSI level, the Generac 6596 generates 2.5 GPM and the Generac 6922 generates 2.4 GPM. Finally, at 3,100 PSI, the Generac 6922 uses 2.4 GPM and the Generac 6596 generates 2.7 GPM.


Many customers have praised the Generac 6596 and Generac 6922. Not only did they appreciate the washing provided by these pressure washers, but they were also easy to maneuver. Thanks to the ergonomic design of the handle and the wheels of each unit, it is incredibly easy to move around during a project.

The only notable complaint about customer performance was that when cleaning a two-story house, they weren’t enough thanks to the short hoses. Moreover, these do not make silent machines. Even customers accustomed to the sound of a pressure washer said Generac pressure washers were some of the loudest.


The only type of cleaning really necessary for these pressure washers is to rinse the tanks for the cleaning solutions. This precaution is purely to ensure that these tanks are not clogged with residue and other than that these pressure washers won’t need a lot of deep cleaning.


For the Generac 6596, cleaning detergent is stored in two built-in gallon tanks for easy onboard storage. The Generac 6922, on the other hand, uses a 1/2 gallon tank to hold cleaners and detergents.

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Much like the performance of the Generac 6596 and Generac 6922, the durability of these models is no laughing matter either. Generac knows how much an investment in a pressure washer can be and as such has made each of its models last – the Generac 6596 and Generac 6922 included.


The Generac 6922 comes with 4 nozzle tips to choose from so you can get the perfect spray for any job. These include 0 degree tip, 25 degree tip, 40 degree tip, and soap tip. However, the Generac 6596 goes one step further and includes a 15 degree tip as well as the other 4 tips.

Convenient Features

The first thing to deal with with a machine of this nature and size is mobility. For each of these units, Generac used a pair of large 10-inch “never-flat” wheels to easily move these carts. They also each come with a high pressure hose, so you don’t need to order one separately. For the Generac 6922 this hose is 25 feet long and for the Generac 6596 a slightly longer length at 30 feet long.

There are also features that make it easier to set up your projects. Easy-to-access pipe fittings allow for easy installation with little to no time kneeling on the floor to connect the pipes together. Once you get started, these units use an easy-pull trigger, so you won’t tire yourself out just operating the machine.


The Generac 6596 and Generac 6922 are both covered by a two-year limited warranty. If any of these items fail within two years of the date of purchase, Generac will endeavor to either repair your device or replace it with a working device.

Advantages and disadvantages

The Generac 6596 and Generac 6922 are durable and powerful pressure washers. Additionally, many customers have found them easy to set up and use. The quick-change nozzle tips included with each one also ensure a personalized cleaning that also removes all the grime you need. Between these two units, the Generac 6596 is just a little more economical.

Unfortunately, it’s not all good things to say about either of these machines. One complaint that affects both Generac models is the length of the hose. While many said that just cleaning the patios was not a problem, if you plan to pressure wash a house with more than one story, they said you would be better suited for one of the models. Generac sales representatives. These business models are, unfortunately, less economical. The Generac 6596 may have a longer hose length, but it also has additional weight to move while you are using it. Some customers also said the two pressure washers were unusually loud.

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The Generac 6596 and the Generac 6922 are both extremely competent pressure washers with similar advantages and disadvantages. However, while this is a good product – and although you can still find it for sale – the 6596 has been discontinued by the manufacturer. I would go for the product that is still in production, namely 6922.

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