FlashForge Creator Pro vs Ultimaker 2

Buying a 3D printer is a decision that should not be taken lightly, as the right choice will make you smile while the wrong choice will leave you complaining and dissatisfied with the outcome. On this page, we compare two top notch 3D printers: FlashForge Creator Pro vs Ultimaker 2. To help you choose which of these printers is the most suitable for your needs and desires, their features, advantages and disadvantages are clearly outlined in the following sections.

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FlashForge Creator Pro vs Ultimaker 2 – 3D Printer Comparison

Construction and construction platform design

FlashForge Creator Pro vs. Ultimaker 2

FlashForge Creator Pro

The FlashForge Creator Pro is designed with a sturdy steel frame that provides durability and stability during use. Its build platform is all-metal and can withstand high temperatures without distorting or distorting print quality or the result. According to a large percentage of users, the aluminum platform of the Creator Pro is known to be very stable, reliable and capable of delivering the desired result.

The Ultimaker 2 isn’t lazy in the build quality department either. It is designed with a more attractive and aesthetic feel than FlashForge Creator Pro, but that does not detract from its durability and reliability when in use.

Construction area and weight

Although they are roughly the same weight, the Ultimaker 2 has a slightly larger print area than the FlashForge Creator Pro. For fairly mid-sized printers, their print areas are large and spacious enough to accommodate almost any print job.

Dual extruder design

With its dual extruder function, the FlashForge Creator Pro has an undeniable advantage over the Ultimaker 2 which has a single extruder. Dual extruders serve as a support during operation and give users the ability to experiment and use multiple materials at the same time in the same print. With dual extruders, Creator Pro users can also print in 2 colors. The lack of this dual extrusion feature in the Ultimaker 2 limits its versatility compared to the FlashForge Creator Pro.

Many users praised FlashForge Creator Pro’s extruder design, claiming that it was of standard quality and capable of delivering the desired result.

Print speed and quality

In terms of speed, the Ultimaker 2 trumps FlashForge Creator Pro, as users can print almost twice as fast on the Ultimaker 2 as on the Creator Pro. However, it should be noted that despite its slower speed, the Creator Pro produces impressive print quality at all times. On the other hand, the Ultimaker 2 offers a compromise for its increased speed. At lower speeds it gives high quality prints. Increasing the speed would result in lower quality printing.

Supported printing materials

Ultimaker 2

Both 3D printers are designed to work primarily with PLA and ABS materials, and the FlashForge Creator Pro comes with a spool of material of each type to help users get started. A large percentage of users report that under normal conditions and if a quality filament is used, both printers give impressive print quality.

For the Ultimaker 2, several claims that besides speed, print quality also varied depending on the type of filament used. Poor quality filaments usually lead to problems and poor print quality, and vice versa.

Printing software

Ultimaker 2 uses Ultimaker’s patented slicing software: Cura. The open source nature of this software and its ease of use make it a top choice among users. FlashForge Creator Pro is compatible with software such as FlashPrint and ReplicatorG.

Ease of use and scalable design

Both printers are designed for ease of use and to encourage experimentation during operation for optimal results. Settings can be changed and constantly updated to meet user needs.

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Setup and maintenance

The Ultimaker 2 requires little or no assembly when purchased. It comes pre-assembled and users are only responsible for inserting the build plate, plugging in the machine, and turning on the device. A large number of users claim that it is easy to repair or change anything in the rare event that the machine breaks down or develops a fault.

For the FlashForge Creator Pro, a bit more effort needs to be done as it ships partially assembled. Several customers have complained that they did not receive assembly instructions during the purchase and those who received them said the instructions were not very helpful.

SD card and USB connectivity

Both printers are designed to print from SD cards. The Ultimaker 2 can also be connected via USB cable to a computer for firmware updates only. For the Creator Pro, users can also print via a USB connection, but it is advised not to do this for large print runs as it may cause errors and possible problems with the printer.

Advantages and disadvantages of FlashForge Creator Pro


  • Great build quality
  • Prints Consistently
  • Durable and reliable
  • Standard configuration of a double extruder
  • Produces quality prints
  • More versatile
  • Prints from an SD card and via a USB connection to a computer

The inconvenients

  • Operates at a slower speed than the Ultimaker 2
  • Inadequate assembly instructions

Advantages and disadvantages of the Ultimaker 2


  • Great build quality
  • Better aesthetic appeal
  • Good print quality
  • Prints twice as fast as FlashForge Creator 2
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Durable and reliable

The inconvenients

  • Lacks dual extruder design function
  • Print quality varies with speed and filament quality


The Ultimaker 2 is a great 3D printer, but compared to the FlashForge Creator Pro it is sorely lacking. At regular price, the Ultimaker costs a lot more than the Creator Pro, and honestly the extra dollars aren’t worth the few extra features the Ultimaker 2 has (although you never know how a sale could change that). For the price, the FlashForge Creator Pro offers greater versatility and consistent print quality. If most of your designs require working with multiple materials or colors at the same time, your decision is made: FlashForge Creator Pro is the printer for you.

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