Ecobee3 vs Smart Si Thermostat Comparison

It makes sense that you would want to see a comparison of the Ecobee3’s two smart thermostats versus the Smart Si before you buy. I can tell you that these two models will help you save money. Ultimately, they’ll charge for an upgrade to your current basic thermostat.

Smart thermostats are coveted for their ability to save you money on your energy bills and they offer a convenient way to manage your heating and cooling. With one you can control the temperature of your home from your smartphone, tablet and even on your desktop computer.

Below you will learn about the differences between these two thermostats which will help you make an informed decision.

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Ecobee3 vs Smart Si: a battle between two Ecobee smart thermostats …

Appearance and size

Ecobee3 smarter thermostat

There is a stark contrast between these two devices. The most obvious difference is the color. The Ecobee 3 is black and the Smart Si is white. But the superficial differences don’t end there. The Ecobee 3 looks much more modern. It’s sleeker, thinner, and the design is much more subtle, which makes its look a bit ambiguous. Without seeing a large temperature display on it, you would now have an idea of ​​the type of machine we are dealing with here.

With other thermostats, older models, you will see arrow buttons, like on the Ecobee 3. On the Smart Si, there are physical arrow buttons, a menu button and a back button. The Ecobee 3 (2sd generation) is digital. I think its design is neutral enough to match any design or decor in your home. It will probably look better on your wall than the Smart Si.

These smart little machines are roughly the same size. Although the dimensions are different. This difference can give you the illusion that the Ecobee3 is larger than the Smart Si. The Ecobee3 measures 4 x 4 x 0.9 inches and the Smart Si measures 5.5 x 3.2 x 1 inches.

LCD display

The Smart Si has a color display. The Ecobee3 does not. It is displayed in white on a black background. Remotely, you will be able to see the current temperature on either machine. If you switch between the screens, you will be able to access the forecast, humidity and even the outside temperature (available with wi-fi).

Here’s what makes these thermostats smart …

These two machines are smart. Every home is different, so your home will have a unique energy profile. The Smart Si and the Ecobee3 use a number of data points to determine the best way to operate. They know when to turn on your heating or air conditioning equipment to keep your home comfortable at all times. At the same time, you won’t have to worry about wasting energy cooling or heating your home unnecessarily when no one is around. But the Ecobee3 is smarter, and you’ll find it just below.

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Individual room sensors make the Ecobee3 smarter …

In addition to its magnificent look, the Ecobee3 is designed to make your living conditions even more comfortable thanks to its ambient sensors. It is a technology unique to the Ecobee2. The Smart Si does not have this unique feature.

With ordinary thermostats, the temperature is taken from the ambient air surrounding the thermostat. But this temperature will not reflect the actual temperature in the different rooms of your house.

This is where the room sensors come in. These sensors can detect both temperature and occupancy. When occupancy in a given room is detected, the room is prioritized to ensure you get the temperature you desire. When no occupancy is detected, the room priority is removed. It saves money and makes you more comfortable. The unit will come with a room sensor – and more are available for purchase. You can get up to 32. The more you get, the more accurate the thermostat will become.

Can Smart Thermostats Really Save You Money?

Ecobee Smart Si NON Touch Thermostat

Yes indeed! By monitoring your habits and adjusting your temperature, you can save an average of 23% on your heating and cooling bills (as Ecobee3 claims). But these thermostats offer more than just programming capability.

You see, every house is different. Some are drafty and some are hot. These thermostats “learn” your unique home and make adjustments. So if you get home at 6pm and want the temperature to be 72 degrees, these thermostats will know what time it takes to start heating up or cooling down.

Compatibility with Echo

The Smart Si is unfortunately not compatible with Amazon Echo. The Ecobee3, on the other hand, is. In case you didn’t know, Echo lets you control your compatible devices with your voice.


The two smart thermostats are guaranteed for 3 years.


If I chose one of these machines, I would go with the Ecobee3. It’s just a better, much more sophisticated machine. It’s a smarter, smart thermostat. With remote sensors, it has the ability to detect and adjust the temperature in a given room based on occupancy. This will give you a more accurate temperature reading. I think this is a really cool feature that will help make your home more comfortable and save you money. And while certainly not as important, it’s a nice product.

There is still a catch. These sensors will cost you more, making your initial investment much higher than you probably originally thought. But I think the long-term comfort and the savings might be worth it.

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