Dyson AM05 vs AM09 – What You Should Know

Dyson is a reputed emblem that manufactures the excellent great home appliances. Apart from their everyday fanatics Dyson additionally makes enthusiasts that may carry out the twin function of heating or cooling depending on the climate. Duel function fans are very famous as they may be utilized in any climate. Dyson AM05 and Dyson AM09 is the most popular version of their product. Most of the time shoppers become stressed to choose between two popular fashions. Here we examine each of fashions aspect by way of aspect and supply our comment on them.

Dyson AM05 vs AM09

  • The AM09 is more expensive than the AM05.
  • The AM09 is slightly bigger than the AM05.
  • The AM09 is a tower type while the AM05 is a table fan.
  • The AM09 has two mode options, Jet Focus mode and Diffused mode, while the AM05 does not have any mode.
  • The AM05 does not have a Sleep Timer while the AM09 has access to the Sleep Timer feature.

What’s the Difference Between Them?

Dyson has really mastered the engineering feat of bladeless lovers and each the AM05 and AM09 fans are proof of this. Neither of them have visible blades and that they each have very similar designs. It may be difficult to determine between them in case you’re searching into purchasing a Dyson fan.

In reality, you may now not see any actual difference between them other than the charge and height. Because that is a complete evaluation of each merchandise, we’ll compare them facet via side and monitor simply what differs among each fashion. They are both designed to provide both warm and funky air, but there are a few variations that can appear essential as soon as approximately them.

For instance, in case you’re looking for something a chunk more compact however nonetheless powerful, then the Dyson AM05 is a better alternative. It’s simplest two inches smaller, however in case you are trying to shop each bit of area, then it’s possibly you’ll pick out the AM05.

That’s now not the simplest distinction among them, even though. Below is an immediate comparison between the 2 fans in a few common buying criteria.

Of route, your very own non-public needs may vary barely and it could be which you want to do some extra research, but after studying via this short assessment chart, you must have sufficient of an idea approximately what you want to realize which Dyson fan is fine for you.

Physical Design

We already touched on length up above, however because it can be an critical component of your purchase, we’ll point out it again right here. As stated above, the Dyson AM05 is the smaller length. It stands 22.Eight inches tall and weighs about 5 pounds.

On the other hand, the Dyson AM09 hot+cool fan heater stands 24.Nine inches tall and weighs over eight.5 kilos. This is due to the fact the AM09 is designed to be more of a room heater or fan while the AM05 is built to be a desk fan or something similar.

Both of these lovers are bladeless which makes them secure for families with pets or youngsters. A fan without blades may also seem abnormal before everything, however it could be a lifesaver if you have children who like to the touch matters they shouldn’t. These fanatics also are easy to easy and upkeep because you don’t ought to worry approximately the blades getting inside the way.

The modern-day design of the enthusiasts is magnificent. It’s smooth and looks technologically superior past its years. If you’re a person who likes the appearance and experience of modern era, that is absolutely a fan so that it will healthy in your house.

Verdict: Because the Dyson AM05 is greater lightweight and smaller, we’ll have to say it wins this one. It’s easy to transport round and still affords the identical appears and experience of the AM09 without taking over the more space.


Both the Dyson AM05 and AM09 are advanced. While they’re referred to as fans, they could definitely characteristic as both enthusiasts or heaters. You gained’t have to pass it into garage so you can pull out your heater when the less warm weather comes.

The Dyson fans have the functionality to blow each warm and cold air so you can use them at any time of the 12 months. The biggest difference among the AM05 and AM09 appears whilst you observe available modes. The AM05 handiest has one circulate mode whilst the AM09 has : Jet Focus Control and Diffused Mode.

On the Jet Focus mode, you may purpose the glide of air in a direct, specific area. This mode is first-rate for days whilst you need a flow of air to blow on you steadily. For those hot days while a strong stream of cold air sounds ideal or while you’re freezing in your private home office and just want to be hit with some hot air.

The Diffused mode is for extra extensive, wide airflow for whilst you are hoping to chill or warmness a whole room. Both of these fanatics have the choice to set the desired temperature and preserve it. The AM09 also has a timer feature while the AM05 does not.

Verdict: The AM09 wins this one. The potential to alternate the airflow from direct centered to dispersed is great on extremely warm or bloodless days. The timer is likewise a notable characteristic in case you need to run it for only an hour a day but are susceptible to forgetting such things as turning off your fan.

Child Safety Features

There’s no question that keeping kids and pets safe round lovers can be a struggle. They continually seem to position their hands, paws, or noses in which they shouldn’t move. However, Dyson eliminated the blades in their enthusiasts and made them a lot safer routinely.

In addition to no fan blades, both the AM05 and AM09 have an automated close off characteristic. If the enthusiasts get knocked over or tipped, they’ll shut off without delay.

These fans also come with far flung controls so if you recognize your kids or pets are gambling close by, you may flip it off even from out of the room. Make sure to hold the far flung out of reach from curious children, though, as the buttons can be tempting.

Verdict: It’s a tie. Both the Dyson AM05 and AM09 have the same safety features to assist guard your children and pets. The agency went above and past by doing away with fan blades altogether, but they still introduced the automatic close off within the event your fan receives tipped over.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How warm can the gadgets get?

Both the AM05 and AM09 can efficiently heat a small room however not to the factor that you may get your self burned from touching the floor.

Q. How many watts do they have?

A. The AM05 has 1500.0 watts whilst the AM09 has a 2000.00 watts.
Q. How properly do the fanatics of the AM05 and AM09 paintings?

A. The cooling system of each the AM05 and AM09 works thoroughly, but, remember that they’re no longer air conditioners and that they work similar to a fan but it blows like an air cooler.
Q. Are the AM05 and AM09 power efficient?

A. Both the AM05 and AM09 are strength efficient and it depends on how much you operate the device.
Q. Do the AM05 and AM09 get an Auto mode?

A. No, both the AM05 and AM09 do no longer have an Auto mode characteristic. The fan must be turned on and rancid manually.
Q. Do the AM05 and AM09 get a retractable strength twine?

A. No, the AM05 and AM09 have a wire this is strongly connected to the unit.
Q. How tall are the AM05 and AM09?

A. The AM05 is 22.Eight inches tall even as the AM09 is 24.9 inches tall.
Q. Are the remote controls infrared?

A. Yes, the remote controls of each the AM05 and AM09 are infrared and the battery lasts lengthy too. The faraway controls also have a magnet so that you can magnetically connect it to the units.


Both Dyson AM05 and AM09 fanatics feature awesome air-multiplier generation and effective air distribution. When it comes right down to it, either fan may be used for any scenario, it simply depends in your personal finances and wishes. Aside from the choice of two airflow modes and a timer, the AM09 isn’t all that unique from the AM05.

If you’re trying to warmth or cool a smaller area, the AM05 is the manner to move. If you’ve got an expansive living area you need the fan for, then the AM09 can be an amazing choice as well. That’s all from our side on Dyson AM05 vs AM09 assessment guide.


The Dyson AM05 and AM09 are very current-looking fan warmers. They are very elegant and they are smooth and secure to use. They each have that bladeless design and they do no longer have awkward grills too. Both lovers have clean oscillation and distribute warmness efficaciously. They additionally characteristic 10 airspeed settings.

The fans are mind-blowing and meet your expectations, but, they’re very high priced fans. I get that they may be 2-in-1 gadgets that’s why their rate is a touch up there however I consider that there are other alternatives inside the marketplace that are less expensive and extra cheap than these Dyson devices.

There’s no longer a whole lot distinction between their expenses, considering the added mode alternatives and the upgraded inner power. So in case you are going to get either of them, pick the Dyson AM09 because the fee distinction among the 2 isn’t big and I propose it due to the fact in case you are spending lots of cash for an expensive fan, why now not go for the greater pricey one with greater electricity.

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