DropCam Pro vs Nest Cam

The DropCam Pro vs Nest Cam is a great comparison that potential customers look for right before they buy a home security system from one of the popular brands. Right below take a look at this comparison and find out which unit is right for you. We’ve done all the heavy lifting for you and by the time you leave this page you should know which template you should be using.

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DropCam vs Nest Cam: which indoor camera should you buy …?

Size and design

DropCam pro vs Nest Cam

Nest Cam

The DropCam Pro was made by DropCam before the organization was acquired by Nest. The theme then was more features, less frills and that explains the somewhat simple and solid design of the DropCam Pro. Yes, it does exactly what its manufacturer says, but it doesn’t look pretty to do it. With a large rectangular frame connecting the camera head to its detachable base, the DropCam Pro is simply what it is; a functional camera.

On the other hand, the Nest Cam is an embodiment of style and functionality. Produced by the current owners of the DropCam franchise, this camera is an improved and more modern version of the DropCam Pro. An all-glass lens is connected to a magnetic swivel base via a much thinner frame than the DropCam Pro, and the overall effect is quite appealing.

They both have a black finish and when placed side by side are roughly the same height and width. However, the DropCam Pro is a bit lighter than the Nest Cam.

Mounting options

Both cameras have a removable base or stand, which allows them to be placed on tables, window sills, shelves and dressers. The Nest Cam, however, has more mounting options due to its magnetic mount. This means you can place it on any metal surface, like the refrigerator, without worrying about it falling.

If you fancy mounting yours on the wall, the cameras come with screws and mounting plates. Simply remove the removable media and follow the assembly instructions.

Power and Wi-Fi connection

For live streaming, both cameras need to be powered continuously. They come with a 10ft USB cable and USB power adapter similar to most smartphone chargers. Just like your smartphones, they use direct current (DC) with a very low voltage of 5v.

In order to function, both cameras must be connected to a 2.4 GHz or 5.0 GHz Wi-Fi network.

Installation, configuration and operation

The installation and configuration of these cameras is quite simple and quick. To configure the DropCam Pro, connect the camera to your PC via the USB cable. The camera software would automatically load on your PC. Follow the instructions and enter your Wi-Fi password if necessary. Once you are done, you can safely disconnect the camera. Mount it in your preferred location and connect it to a power supply. You can also set it up with your smartphone by pairing the camera with your phone via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Then connect to your home Wi-Fi with your phone.

For Nest Cam, just download the Nest app to your smartphone. Follow the prompts and instructions. Once that’s done, mount your camera, plug it into a power supply, and you’re good to go.

Both cameras can be operated and their settings changed remotely using their mobile apps or via Bluetooth. Nest Cam users use the Nest app, while DropCam Pro users can use the DropCam app or the Nest app. However, current DropCam users are advised to migrate to the more modern Nest app.

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Video and image quality

DropCam Pro

DropCam Pro

The video quality of these cameras is one of their main selling points. Images are crisp and clear during the day. Night time is no exception, as the cameras are equipped with a powerful infrared lens for night vision.

Both cameras have a field of view of 130O, which just means that their range of coverage is quite wide. If properly placed, they can give a sufficiently adequate view of a room. Both cameras can be enlarged to magnify the image 8 times its original size. However, some users have complained about having a blurry view when they tried to enlarge the image.

While the DropCam Pro has a resolution of 720p HD, the Nest Cam boasts of a higher resolution of 1080p. However, the higher resolution of the Nest Cam comes at a cost, as most customers have complained that it increases their data usage. On the plus side, you have the option to decrease the resolution of your Nest Cam video through the Nest app.

Audio quality and talk-back function

The audio quality of both cameras has been praised by several customers as being loud and clear without any static interference. They also feature a two-way communication system, commonly referred to as a talk function, where owners can talk to their children or pets at home from any location using the built-in camera and microphone. However, the answer function does not work when the night vision mode is on.

Live streaming and cloud service

The cameras stream secure live footage to your computers and smartphones for your viewing pleasure. However, although you can view these videos, you cannot save them to your computer or to a memory card for later viewing. Both cameras offer a cloud service subscription where you pay a monthly fee to have your videos stored in the cloud and viewed later. This is arguably the biggest bone of contention between users and potential buyers. The majority are of the opinion that it is a greedy business tactic to charge consumers even after purchasing the camera, while a few seem to agree with the monthly allowance for secure storage.

When you buy Nest Cam, you get a 30-day free trial of Nest Aware (Nest’s cloud subscription service). Nest Cam also offers the added benefit of a 10-day subscription for the same price as DropCam’s 7-day subscription, and a small discount on the subscription price for each additional camera purchased. With Nest Aware, you also have the option to watch videos from the last 3 hours for free. A Nest Aware subscriber can take advantage of the added benefits of time-lapse videos to summarize the day’s events as well as activity zones to reduce the occurrence of false alerts.

Alerts and notifications

The cameras are designed in such a way that instant alerts are sent to your phone or mail once motion or sound is detected. Several users have complained that they receive these “alerts” long after detection and not immediately as the manufacturers claim.

Outdoor use

Both cameras are strictly intended for indoor use. However, there are some outdoor housings specifically designed for these cameras available for those who wish to use them as outdoor cameras. While the DropCam Pro has no outdoor equivalent, the Nest Cam has a model for specific outdoor use.

Durability and performance

The common theme of negative feedback from these products is the alleged unsustainability of the cameras. Several users claim that both cameras work fine for the first two years, then Internet connection issues start to affect them, followed by video buffering and streaming delay.

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Pros and Cons of DropCam Pro


  • Good video and picture quality
  • Excellent audio quality
  • Response function
  • Removable support

The inconvenients

  • Limited pivot options
  • Talkback function and night vision are not compatible.
  • Not as stylish as the Nest Cam
  • Limited mounting options
  • Payment for video storage
  • Deferred notifications

Pros and Cons of Nest Cam


  • Increased swivel options
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Detachable magnetic holder, resulting in increased mounting options
  • Excellent video and audio quality
  • Better image quality than DropCam
  • Free subscription trial for the first month and other benefits of using Nest Aware.

The inconvenients

  • Payment for video storage
  • Deferred notifications
  • Talkback function and night vision are not compatible.

Summary and recommendation

If I had to choose between the DropCam Pro and the Nest Cam, I would most definitely go with the NestCam. In my opinion, the NestCam offers the superior features of the sleek exterior, magnetic mount, and varied swivel options. It also comes with premium picture quality and a free one-month subscription to NestAware (video cloud service). That’s not to say the Drop Cam is without its own perks, maybe a selling price will make the DropCam more appealing to you when you’re ready to make your purchase.

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