DeWalt dwe575sb vs Makita 5007mga

Which circular saw, Dewalt dwe575sb vs Makita 5007mga, should you choose? Well, first take a deep breath. In fact, you’ve got it right already. These two products will give you amazing performance. Still, you want to know which of these machines is right for you. Read on to find out the best choice for your situation. Conversely, you can use the table of contents just below to jump directly to the sections you think are most important. Good luck!

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DeWalt dwe575sb vs Makita 5007mga: choose the right circular saw

Size and appearance

DeWalt dwe575sb vs. Makita 5007mga

DeWalt dwe575sb

Between these two circular saws, the Dewalt dwe575sb is nearly 2 pounds lighter. However, it doesn’t sacrifice any size, so you don’t have to worry about sacrificing surface area for weight. The saw cover is gray, while the handle and motor are the classic DeWalt black and yellow to match the logo. If you order the saw with an extra blade, the extra blade will also be black and yellow.

The is the heavier of the two but is the same size as the DeWalt dwe575sb. The saw blade cover is gray except for a white Makita logo surrounded by teal blue. Rather than black and yellow, the handle and motor of this saw combines black and teal. The saw that comes with the unit as well as any additional blades you can order with it are black with a teal stripe just inside the teeth. Also exceptional are the installed blade and the additional blades that come with these saws. Both of these models also have handles on the handles to help you hold it more comfortably. Each of them also comes with a bag with the corresponding colors, although customers of the Makita 5007mga have said that this model fits a bit.


The Makita 5007mga has a 15 amp motor that delivers 5800 rotations per minute. This engine will help you easily perform any job you may have. The DeWalt dwe575sb also has a 15 amp motor but with 5,200 rotations per minute. It’s still an impressive number of rotations per minute, but the Makita 5007mga has an additional 600 rotations per minute.


Both of these models are popular, but to decide, customers need to know more than just a good or bad label. Many customers of each saw were happy to use these products not only for household projects, but also in the professional field. They have also both been praised for their safety in use. This is largely thanks to their electric brakes. This allows the user to stop the blade quickly and efficiently, which is especially useful in an emergency.

Each of them also has a built-in dust blower, so your path is not obstructed while you are working. The Makita 5007mga also has two LED lights to guide you if you are working in a dark place. Each of them has adjustable angles, DeWalt with an adjustable Allen screw and the Makita with a lever. Some customers have noted that there is no security on the DeWalt switch, but also reported that in some situations it makes it easier to turn on. Customers on both sides have been impressed with the performance and durability of these saws.

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The Makita 5007mga and the DeWalt dwe575sb are both praised by many customers for their durability. In fact, several of their customers have stated that they would repurchase these saws because of their performance but probably never need them because of their durability. Even professional carpenters and carpenters who used these saws on a daily basis said they had no issues with them.


Makita 5007 mg

Both of these saws come with cases and, if ordered as such, additional blades. The DeWalt dwe575sb comes with a yellow and a black which are praised for being incredibly durable. It has 3 pockets on the outside as well as a canvas covered metal rim that helps keep the bag open while you load and unload it. The bag also comes with plastic cases for all tools and extra saw blades. Some customers have complained that the hard base at the bottom was thin, but overall the bag was praised.

The Makita 5007mga, on the other hand, comes with a plastic tool case rather than canvas. While this provides good protection for your saw, it is not without its blame. The main concern of customers was everything that was right. Everything fits into the case, but it needs to be arranged properly. Some customers have noted that you have to be very good at winding the cord really tight if you want it to fit in the holster. Plus, each of these saws comes with a wrench for quick repairs and blade changes.

Convenient Features

Most of the most useful features are shared across these two models. Some of them include built-in dust blowers to rid your workspace of saw dust and ruler marks to help you measure quickly and easily. Each is also designed so that you have an easy and comfortable grip when in use. For safety, they both also include an electric brake so you can stop blade rotation quickly and easily.


The Makita 5007mga comes with a one year warranty and a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. This means the saw can be returned within the first 30 days if the customer is not satisfied and the company will cover any defects for the first year. The DeWalt model also has a one-year limited warranty for parts as well as a 3-year limited warranty for labor.

Advantages and disadvantages

Both of these saws are popular for many reasons. They are strong and work well professionally without any difficulty. With electric brakes for safety and strong blades, customers won’t have any problems. The bags and cases that come with them help you transport your saw to and from your job site as well as to store them.

There are some drawbacks, however. The case of the Makita 5007mga, for example, can be difficult to set everything up. However, some of them also relate to performance issues. For the Makita 5007mga, customers have complained about the plastic cover. For the DeWalt dwe575sb, the complaint is the lack of security on the power switch, although some liked that.

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Summary and recommendation

Between these two products, Dewalt dwe757sb vs Makita 5007mga, the Dewalt seems to be the better choice considering price, customer reviews and performance. Although it is a little less powerful (5200 vs 5800 rpm) it is made by a trusted brand and lasts a long time. Either, however, will work wonders for home or business use.

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