DeWalt DW745 vs Bosch GTS1031

Table saws are a must have tool for your home store or job site. On this page we compare DeWalt DW745 vs Bosch GTS1031 table saws. There is no doubt that these two machines are excellent choices. However, the differences and similarities that we explore below will help you sway one way or the other. Continue reading below to help you choose between the two.

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DeWalt DW745 vs Bosch GTS1031: Which one should you buy …?

The basics

DeWalt DW745 vs. Bosch GTS1031

Table saw DeWalt DW745

The DeWalt DW745 is a 48 lb lightweight table saw. The Bosch GTS1031 is a slightly heavier lightweight table saw that weighs 52 lbs. DeWalt and Bosch sell these saws as their portable table saws. The table on the Bosch is slightly larger at 22.5 “x 20”. The DeWalt measures only 22 “x 19”, but given that they are both designed for portable use, this size difference probably won’t be the main factor for most users. Both saws sell for the same price.

There is storage space under the GTS1031 for the rip fence – and all other included accessories. This makes the Bosch more portable as you only have the saw to carry and all the pieces you need to transport are in one place. The DW745 can store its pusher, anti-kickback and blade guard, but there is no room to store the rip fence.

Users have found that carrying the two table saws is not too difficult as they have plenty of places to hold them. The Bosch is, however, easier to store, as it can be seated upright or on its side for transport and storage. The DeWalt doesn’t offer as much storage flexibility due to its rails and socket location. You will need to transport it and store it flat.

They both have steel safety cages to protect them from general wear and tear around your workshop or job site. These steel bars also give them nice handles for picking up and moving saws. The Dewalt has integrated molded handles for transporting the saw.

Chopped off

The depth of cut for both saws is 3 ⅛ ”at 90 ° and 2.2” at 45 °. This is reasonably standard for most other table saws on the market. They both take a 10 “blade. The blade speed on the DW745 is 3800 RPM at no load. The GTS1031 is at 5000 RPM.

The GTS1031 has a bevel adjustment of 2 ° to 47 ° and can use a ½ “dado blade. The bevel adjustment on the DW745 is 0 ° to 45 °. There is no way to use a bevel blade. Grooved stack with the DW745 – at least not safe Being able to use a dado stack with the GTS1031 is a real plus if it’s something you use regularly

Many users are impressed with the DW745’s blade guard, an improvement over the previous model. Some users have reported that the Bosch blade guard can be a bit wobbly and even fall off during transport.

Users recommended that people replace the included blade on both saws as they are not of great quality and you will get better cuts using more specialized blades.


The fence of the GTS1031 is their own “Squarelock Rip Fence,” which they say is built for precision. Some users have found it difficult and frustrating to use, and found that they would accidentally hit the front setting and misalign it. This rip fence is the most common complaint about the Bosch table saw.

The DW745 is a rack and pinion parallel guide with rails. Once it’s square, it should stay square. Users report that the rack and pinion fence system was easy to adjust and quick to adjust. Users have found that both saws are precisely aligned right out of the box, so no adjustments should be made.

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The DeWalt can cut materials up to 16 “wide. The GTS1031 can cut 18”. It’s rare that you need to cut something wider than 16 “on a table saw like this, although the added flexibility is nice.

Users have reported that unlocking the rip fence on the GTS1031 can take a bit of muscle since it is adjusted fairly tight. This means it stays square during use, but some users may find it difficult to unlock and lock the fence. Another downside is that it can mean that some users are tempted to adjust it to a looser setting which could lead to unwanted shaking. In contrast, users reported that the DW745’s rip fence was easy to unlock and moved smoothly.


DeWalt DW745 vs. Bosch GTS1031

Bosch table saw GTS1031

The Bosch and Dewalt both feature anti-rebound pawls and riving knives to make sure you can only feed the wood forward, not back, and to ensure they stay out. flat against the table. These are both common safety features on most modern table saws, so it’s no surprise to see them both on these saws. Both Bosch and Dewalt saws have release mechanisms for these safety devices so you can use the saw without them. As mentioned above, there is storage space on both units to store anti-kickback pawls, riving knives and blade guards when not in use.

Some users have found that the Dewalt’s anti-kickback pawls can get in the way of some cuts, which means they end up pulling them out instead of being able to use the saw with all of its safety features. However, this seems to be a problem when cutting wood on the thicker end, and may not be a problem if you are cutting relatively thin cuts.

The power cord of the DeWalt is 8 ‘, which can give you more flexibility on the spot. The Bosch has a 6 ‘cord which works well in your own workshop, but when using it on a site it can be restrictive. DeWalt and Bosch users would have preferred longer power cords. Some users have found the cord wrap on the GTS1031 difficult to use.


The DW745 comes with a three-year limited warranty and one-year service contract from their service agents. This is a generous warranty compared to the one-year limited warranty offered by Bosch. Overall, users who have had to make warranty claims for the GTS1031 found the warranty process to be smooth and Bosch authorized repair agents helpful and reasonable.

The DW745 has received excellent reviews from the vast majority of users. A very small number of users have had problems with their out-of-the-box saws and have had persistent problems getting the saw replaced under warranty.

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Summary and recommendation

After reviewing the reviews, features, and pricing of these two machines, I should go for the Dewalt DW745. While it lacks some of the features of the Bosch machine, like the ability to use a dado blade, it’s still the best all-around table saw when you take everything into consideration.

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