Dewalt D55146 vs Makita MAC2400

The comparison Dewalt D55146 vs Makita MAC2400 is a choice between two very good powerful air compressors. The choice is difficult because each of these machines offers its own unique attributes. Choosing one means that you have to give up a key advantage of the other.

An air compressor is a very valuable tool to have around the house as it can power so many different machines, from nail guns to drills. And you, my friend, have narrowed your choice down to two very good models of air compressors. Read below to find out which of these machines you should choose.

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Dewalt D55146 vs Makita Mac2400: which air compressor should you buy?

Size and appearance

DeWalt dd55146 vs. Makita Mac2400

Dewalt D55146

Going straight into the physical attributes between these two air compressors, the first thing you’ll notice is that the Dewalt D55146 has a more aesthetically pleasing design than the Makita MAC2400. The Dewalt has a very classic color combination, black and yellow. While the Makita MAC2400 is teal in color. The Dewalt weighs a little more than its counterpart, but barely a few pounds. In terms of size, the Dewalt is shorter and wider, while the Makita air compressor is longer and narrower than the Dewalt.

Tank size

The Makita MAC2400 has a 4.2 gallon capacity tank which is basically two small tanks assembled and its recharge cycle is about 60 seconds, while the DeWalt has a 4 gallon capacity tank. 5 gallons and has a longer recharge cycle than Makita. For this reason, DeWalt has the ability to power multiple devices at one time.


The DeWalt air compressor has an impressive 5.0 SCFM @ 90 PSI. The Makita air compressor has a 4.2 CFM @ 90 PSI, which in both cases is quite high considering they are portable units. DeWalt is a tough machine because it can go up to a maximum pressure of 200 PSI while the Makita can go up to 130 PSI. The power source for these two machines is almost similar, but the DeWalt also has the advantage here. It ensures maximum performance with 15 AMPS while its counterpart ensures maximum performance at 12.3 AMPS.


In terms of performance, these two machines are just fantastic. Many customers are satisfied with both of these air compressors, especially their quiet operation. Most air compressors make a lot of noise, so it’s a relief to know that both make minimal noise without requiring you to wear hearing protection. The Makita operates at 1730 rpm and generates a noise level of 79 decibels. While the DeWalt spins at 1750 rpm and generates a noise level of 78 decibels. The difference between the two is marginal with regard to the noise level. However, the Makita air compressor vibrates much less than the DeWalt air compressor.

Another big difference is that the Makita is an oil lubricated air compressor while the DeWalt is oil free and air powered. Depending on your needs, you can choose between an oil-free or oil-lubricated air compressor. While oil-lubricated air compressors can generally handle heavier tools, oil-less compressors are lighter and can handle lighter tools, but require less maintenance.

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Water evacuation

Makita Mac2400

Makita MAC2400

The Makita MAC2400 has a very simple and practical water drain. The integrated water drain allows the user to easily drain the accumulated water. This is not the case with the DeWalt D55146. In fact, for the Makita MAC2400, a common criticism of the water drain feature is that to completely remove the accumulated water, the user must tilt the entire machine to a 45 degree angle. This is the only way to evacuate the water. This could turn out to be a major inconvenience time and time again.


A few customers have complained that the DeWalt air compressor hose clamps blew after a few weeks of use. And some have also complained that there are signs of leaking after two to three months of use. One of the biggest complaints from many customers who ordered the Makita MAC2400 is that they received the product coated with oil. But the number of customers who have come out in favor of these two air compressors is much higher than those who have criticized it. Makita has a roll cage construction and a cast iron cylinder and operates at lower rpm, which allows the machine to have longer engine and pump life. While the DeWalt air compressor has a durable steel frame, it is perfect for heavy use.


The DeWalt D55146 can be stored in an upright position and has a foldable handle. It fits perfectly in the corners and ends up taking up less space. And DeWalt also has tires attached to its body, which makes it mobile and efficient. Using the handle to slide it makes it easier to use. The Makita has no tires attached. To move it, you will either need to transport it or use a cart. However, purchasing a cart is an additional expense that can be avoided if you purchase the DeWalt. The DeWalt air compressor makes much more sense when it comes to doing heavy and arduous work due to its mobility. So in terms of portability, the DeWalt air compressor definitely has the upper hand over the Makita air compressor.

Note: Do not use the DeWalt air compressor in an upright position as it will not work properly.


The DeWalt air compressor should have its air filtration device serviced at regular intervals as it is an oil-free air compressor and the oil levels should be checked and maintained in the Makita MAC2400. The oil-based Makita is going to be more expensive and potentially messy to maintain in the long run, but its potency may be worth it.


The DeWalt air compressor comes with a one year free service contract and one year warranty. The Makita MAC2400 comes with a one-year warranty for parts and labor. It also offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Advantages and disadvantages

Makita Mac2400 Benefits

  • Can use more powerful tools
  • Easy maintenance
  • Out of reach
  • Supplied with two flexible hoses
  • Quiet operation

Makita Mac2400 Cons

  • Requires constant recharging
  • Not compatible with all external kits
  • Not very portable would need a cart to get around

Dewalt D55146 Benefits

  • Sustainable
  • Portable – comes with attached tires
  • Out of reach
  • Quiet operation
  • Oil-free, mess-free operation

Dewalt D55146 Disadvantages

  • Does not come with hose or accessories
  • Some complaints that the switch stopped working shortly after purchase

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Summary and recommendation

In my opinion, the two air compressors, Makita MAC2400 and DeWalt D55146, are almost identical in most aspects. However, I would personally prefer the DeWalt air compressor mainly because it is oil free and mobile. In addition, the DeWalt has a larger capacity tank, the refresh cycle in DeWalt is longer and more powerful, which makes it much more convenient to work with multiple machines at the same time.

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