Coleman Quad LED Lantern Review

In my very first camping with two of my friends, I set out for four days. But we didn’t become able to continue that for more than two days. You know why?

We didn’t have enough light sources for the night. If you also have faced this problem, then you must know how pathetic is this. The scarcity of the best rechargeable lantern suffered us most. Therefore, I got to research out the best-LED lantern within budget for our next campaign and found Coleman Quad LED Lantern as the most preferred one.

Based on my thorough research, customer reviews and expert analysis data, I have listed down the most important features of this best-LED lantern for you. Hope it will give you a hand selecting the best one that meets both of the ends.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Lantern

To get the most out of a lantern you should choose the right one that will work fine in different circumstances. The following criteria must me checked out before picking up one:

For long battery life, you should go for those which are powered by D size batteries. If it’s smaller in size than you can choose the C sizes. But never go for one which is powered batteries smaller than this size. Because they won’t work well with the lantern.

Next, it comes to the bulbs. Never choose an incandescent halogen bulb except you need heat with light. Because they consume more energy. Rather go for the LEDs. They produce more light as well as consumes low energy.

Lastly, choose that one which is waterproof and comes with strong material construction.

Coleman Quad LED Lantern is one of the best rechargeable lanterns by this time. After experiencing with a number of lanterns finally I have found this lantern most user-friendly and reliable. Most probably this is the only one that meets all the criteria of the best rechargeable lantern.

It has an awesome runtime, wide range and master control. For heavy construction material, this can resist splashing and dust. I’m so excited to introduce you this wonderful lantern. So, let’s get started.

Features & Benefits

A Wide Range: Coleman Quad LED Lantern has the power of lightning through a wide area. It has four individual light panels surrounding it. Consequently, this lantern can produce 190 extra-bright lumens of light. As a result, it can completely enlighten a circle having a radius of 26 ft. For proper focusing, this has diffused lenses that reduce LED glare. This is very necessary if you are in a campaign or hiking.

Durable & Safe Led: A common problem with almost all led bulbs is that they fuse after a couple of days. But these bulbs aren’t like those. They can run for the lifetime. Therefore, you needn’t change them and can rely on them without any worry.

Another great thing about these bulbs is they are cool-running. As a result, they are safe to touch anytime. But the incandescent lamps are different. They become hot just after some moment of the plugin.

A long Runtime: Run time is one of the most important facts that you should be concerned of. When you are camping for a couple of days you need a long battery life as you don’t have any other power source.

Coleman Quad Led Lantern comes with 8 D-cell batteries. When all the LEDs are turned on it can produce light for at least 75 hours. This has a panel runtime of 1.5 hours. As a result, this lantern will be sufficient for four to five days of camping.

Easy handling & Controlling: This lantern is one of the compact lanterns that has more power than the traditional lanterns. This is also one of the lightweight one of the market. For easy handling, it contains a well-made handle on the top.

To increase the battery life and functionality this lantern has a control panel for every side of the led series. One master switch is also added for quick action. The separation process is very easy to hold one panel by each person.

Heavy Duty Construction: This is one of the most durable lanterns of the current market. To increase the durability heavy-duty construction method and materials are used to manufacture this one.

Therefore, this can resist rainwater and splashing. For more satisfaction of the customer mind, this product comes with a long term warranty. So you needn’t worry about this.


  • Enlightens a wide area
  • Powerful battery compatibility.
  • Individual control panel for all the sides with one master switch.
  • Can resist both water & splash.
  • Four sides LED panel in a compact size lantern.
  • More luminous than the traditional lanterns.


  • Only the detachable pieces contain lights.
  • The bottom assembly isn’t much pretty.


If you think that this won’t meet all expect from a lantern than just for you I have found out these alternatives to be the best rechargeable lantern. I think these might help.

Etekcity Upgraded LED lantern with Magnetic Base

This can be used as a power bank for your electronic devices. On the other hand, this is waterproof. Also, offers you four different brightness mode.

LED Lantern DL790 by AYL

You can choose this for some extra lumens of 700. This includes three compatibility mode. But the runtime is less than the others.

Tough Light LED Rechargeable Lantern

This lantern is awesome for its runtime. It can run up to 200 hours. It also includes a port for charging your phone. This is more luminous than all the lantern that I have ever seen with a luminosity of 400 lumens.


​I think we have talked a lot about this topic. By this time, it’s clear that this lantern is sufficient to fulfil all the needs of light during your camping or hiking period. Considering its run time, flexibility, and durability it can be termed as one of the best rechargeable lanterns by this time. Therefore, if you are really looking for an awesome one; pick this one up without any hesitation.

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