Coleman Lay-Z Spa vs Intex Spa

In this article, we compare both inflatable and portable spas in the Coleman Lay-Z Spa vs Intex Spa comparison. You might be thinking, “What could be so different about these spas? Well, actually there are a few differences to note. We describe these differences and similarities in the passage below. Read on to find out which one will best suit your needs.

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Coleman Lay-Z Spa vs Intex Spa: Which of these inflatable spas is right for you …?

Construction and technology

Coleman Lay-Z vs. Intex Spa

Intex Inflatable Spa

Both spas are constructed from a reinforced 3 or 3 layer material. Simply put, this material consists of a polyester mesh core encased in two layers of well-laminated PVC. Virtually all spa users agree that the material is strong, durable and yet comfortable.

The walls of the baths are created using I-Beam technology. This gives the walls a solid structure, allowing users to sit confidently on the edge of the tub or lean against it without worrying about the tub bending, warping, or even collapsing.


Both inflatable spas are the same diameter and height, making them the same size.

Number of places

The Coleman company claims that its Lay-Z spa can accommodate a fairly impressive number of 6 people, while the Intex spa can accommodate a maximum of 4 people. A large number of Lay-Z Spa users have complained that contrary to what the manufacturer claims, the Lay-Z spa can comfortably accommodate a maximum of 4 people. Once 6 people are in the tub, the space becomes very tight, the water level rises and begins to overflow from the tub.

Water capacity

While the Intex spa has a maximum water capacity of 210 gallons, the Coleman Lay-Z spa is capable of holding a larger volume of water of 254 gallons, giving credit to the 6 person capacity claim. .

Massage function

The Coleman Lay-Z spa and the Intex spa are both designed with a hydromassage system powered by 120 bubble jets located inside the tub. The bubbles are known to be quite noisy.

Maximum temperature and heating system

For heating, the two inflatable spas come with their own heating unit. They both have a maximum temperature of 104OF. A large percentage of users complain that heating the water to the maximum bathtub temperature can take up to 24 hours for the Lay-Z Spa and even longer for the Intex Spa.

Coleman’s Lay-Z Spa users are advised not to use their tubs in temperatures below 40OF, as the low temperature could eventually damage the device.

Installing or inflating the bathtub

The heating unit of the two spas also fulfills the dual function of being an air pump. To inflate, plug the pump into a standard outlet. It only takes 5 minutes for the tub to be fully inflated. It is advisable to inflate the tub to the standard pressure value of 1.2 PSI. Over-inflating or under-inflating the tub should be avoided at all costs.

Filling and draining water

The tub takes less than 2 hours to fill using a standard garden hose. For drainage purposes, the spa is designed with a drain valve. All you have to do is connect the tub to a garden hose and release the drain valve.

Digital control panel

The heater / air pump unit is designed with a digital control panel to adjust the water temperature, generate bubbles and filter the water. The beauty of the panel location is that users don’t have to leave the tub before accessing the control panel. However, Lay-Z Spa users should bend down to access the heater / air pump unit panel. The Intex Spa panel is raised to a more comfortable and accessible height. The Intex Spa control panel has a protective plastic cover.


Both come with a combined heater / air pump unit, water quality testers, and a chemical float to dispense chlorine or bromine into the water for hygiene purposes. The chemicals themselves must be purchased separately. Additional accessories include a pressure gauge, filter cartridges and an air-cushioned floor (or protection) cloth


Both spas are equipped with an efficient filtration system. Filters are designed in the tub to remove or reduce dirt or debris in the water. These filters are intended to be changed regularly depending on the conditions of use. The water quality testers included in the product packaging are used to test the water to determine if the filters need to be changed. A decent number of users claim that there is no need to completely replace filters after just one use. You can clean, rinse and reuse them several times before replacing them permanently.

Based on reports obtained from users of each of these two products, the Coleman filters need to be changed much more frequently than the Intex Spa filters. This has led many to conclude that you are spending less with the Intex spa compared to the Coleman Lay-Z spa.

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Convenient Features

Coleman Lay-Z Spa

Spa Coleman Lay-Z

Both spas have a lockable insulated cover constructed from the same material as the tub itself. The blanket derives its insulation property from the aluminum foil used to coat it. This cover protects the tub from dirt and debris and maintains the water temperature when the tub is not in use. It also acts as a safety measure, preventing children from entering the tub without adult supervision.

They are portable which makes them quite easy to carry. They can also be used for indoor and outdoor purposes.

The Intex Spa comes with a storage bag that can also be used as a carrying bag. It also has a longer power cord than the Lay-Z Spa.

Auto shut-off function

The Coleman Lay-Z spa has an automatic shut-off feature. After 72 hours of operation, the pump automatically switches to hibernation mode. As soon as this happens, the heating and filtration functions stop.


Both inflatable spas are rated 110v – 120v AC and therefore can be used with a standard outlet.


The Coleman Lay-Z spa has a one year warranty on its heater / air pump unit and a 6 month warranty on the spa liner. The Intex spa has a one year limited warranty.

Pros and Cons of the Coleman Lay-Z Spa


  • Robust and durable
  • Has an insulating blanket
  • Portable
  • Greater water capacity

The inconvenients

  • No protective cover for the control panel
  • Cannot be used at temperatures below 40OF
  • Due to the bubbles created, the massage mode is noisy.
  • No storage bag
  • Filters should be changed and replaced quite frequently

Advantages and disadvantages of the Intex spa


  • Robust and durable
  • Has an insulating blanket
  • Portable
  • Protective cover for control panel
  • Has a storage bag
  • Longer power cord
  • Longer lasting filters
  • Longer warranty

The inconvenients

  • Due to the bubbles created, the massage mode is noisy.

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Summary and recommendation

Both of these portable inflatable spas appear to be of high quality. However, there are some things that would lead me to the Intex rather than the Coleman. Although Coleman claims that 6 people can enter the spa at a time, user experience indicates a different result. I also like that there’s a protective cover for the control panel, longer power cord and warranty, and more durable filters.

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