Chicco Liteway vs Echo

A lightweight stroller like the two in this Chicco Liteway vs Echo comparison are great additions to your kid’s education tools. Huge full-size strollers are needed in many situations, but you can’t always have to use them everywhere you go. A lightweight stroller is easier to guide and generally lighter on your wallet. You’ve narrowed your choices down to two really good options, and we’ve done the research to help you choose from there.

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Comparison between Chicco Liteway and Echo stroller

Size, appearance and construction

Chicco Liteway vs. Echo

Chicco Liteway

From the first glance, you probably won’t notice a size difference between these two strollers. The size difference between the two is tiny, although the Chicco Echo is a bit narrower than the Chicco Liteway stroller but also a bit taller. So if you are just looking at size, you’re at a standstill. Again, there is virtually no difference in the weight department as the two are separated by a fraction of a pound.

The Chicco Echo is available in several colors. You should note that in our experience, strollers come in several color / pattern options which may vary depending on the retailer. Four of the most common colors are garnet, dragon fruit, charcoal, and turquoise. The Chicco Liteway is available in at least eight colors which are Marsala-Violet, Light and Dark Gray, Beige, Black, Lilac, Green-Beige and Orange.

The manufacturers have installed storage baskets under the seats of these two strollers for convenient storage of your belongings. They also have an aluminum elliptical tube, which makes both of these strollers light and sturdy (from the pictures I’ve encountered, the Echo Liteway appears to be more sturdy). The material used for this storage is wire mesh. The Chicco Echo and Chicco Liteway have a cup holder for parents while they push the stroller. However, several consumers have complained that this cup holder is not of the best construction as it constantly falls out of these two strollers.


The Chicco Liteway and Chicco Echo are intended for use only on smooth terrain. The two wheels of these strollers are made of plastic (EVA foam). They can be maneuvered all around fairly easily, but they’re definitely not meant for bumpy surfaces.


The great thing about these two strollers is that they are both super light. This allows them to be folded very easily. You can fold and open these strollers with just one hand. It is also very convenient to travel with these strollers. These strollers can be transported easily in a car and to a storage area as well.

Recline and legrest

The Chicco Liteway has 5 recline positions while the Chicco echo has 4 recline positions. Both have a deep recline, which is useful when your child is sleeping. There is a hidden boot for when your child is in this position. These two models come with 2 leg positions.


The awnings of the Chicco Echo, as well as the Chicco Liteway, are adjustable to your preferences. However, only the Chicco Liteway has a hide-and-seek window that helps you keep an eye on the child. Several customers have complained that the awnings are small, barely covering the toddler’s head, and failing to serve their purpose, but most seem to be happy with it.


The Chicco Liteway and Chicco Echo can support a child’s weight of up to 40 lbs, however, there is an advantage for the Chicco Liteway as it supports children from birth while the Chicco Echo supports children. children from 6 months. In terms of protection, these two Chicco strollers come with a 5 point harness that comes with padded shoulder straps. This protection helps keep your child safe at all times.

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Front and rear wheels

Chicco Echo

Both models have swivel front wheels with a locking mechanism that makes it very easy to control the strollers. The rear wheels also have a locking mechanism where you can tap on one side of the rear axle of the wheel and both wheels stop when connected.


The handlebars of the Chicco Echo and Chicco Liteway are padded to provide optimal comfort when driving strollers. The handlebar height of the Chicco Liteway is 39 “and that of the Chicco Echo is 41.5”. This makes it easier for taller people to handle the Chicco Echo.

Maintenance and cleaning

None of the parts of the Chicco Echo and Chicco Liteway are detachable. It is therefore ideal to wipe the various parts with a warm, damp cloth, making sure to dry the metal areas well so that there is no formation of rust. Moving parts can be lubricated whenever necessary with a silicone-based lubricant.


Chicco Echo

  1. Many consumers are very happy that you can assemble this stroller in 10 minutes and it is really easy.
  2. The seat of this stroller is heavily padded. It makes the child feel really comfortable when in this stroller
  3. The handles of the Chicco Echo are padded, which allows you to push the stroller comfortably.

Chicco Liteway

  1. One common praise that all parents seem to talk about is the fact that they can easily change their baby’s diapers on this stroller.
  2. This stroller can recline into a completely flat position so that the child can rest comfortably.
  3. Like its counterpart, the handle of this stroller is also padded, making it easy and comfortable to move.

The inconvenients:

Chicco Echo

  1. The lack of a peek-a-boo window in the canopy of this stroller is something that many parents are not very happy about as they either have to open the canopy or come right in front of the stroller to check on their baby.
  2. Many consumers have complained that, just after a few months of use, the products start to show signs of wear, from the wheels to the foam to the handles splitting.
  3. Clip-on clips, such as the cup holder, are of very poor construction and keep falling off.

Chicco Liteway

  1. Although the Chicco Liteway has a peek-a-boo window on the canopy, it’s tinted and doesn’t have a flap to cover it.
  2. If you fully recline the seat of this stroller, the storage space at the bottom becomes completely inaccessible.
  3. Parents with larger children have complained that they easily outgrow the harness.

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The Chicco Liteway and the Chicco Echo both come with a two-year warranty. However, the warranty differs from country to country. Keep this in mind where you buy or order these strollers.


The Chicco Echo and the Chicco Liteway are almost identical and both are amazing in their own way. But we have to admit that we have a slight preference for the Chicco Liteway because it is a little more durable and more robust than its counterpart. Even the seat fabric and canopy are a bit better than the Chicco Echo. Plus, it comes with the peek-a-boo awning window which makes the choice even easier.

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