Chamberlain HD920EV vs WD962KEV

When it comes to choosing between Chamberlain’s HD920EV and WD962KEV garage door openers, many people end up confused because there is no difference between the two. No worries, we were also intrigued by these two models, and in an effort to find out what exactly separates them from each other, this Chamberlain HD920EV vs WD962KEV comparison article came to light. We have done all the research for you and hope this will make the selection process much easier.

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Chamberlain HD920EV vs WD962KEV garage door opener review

Mounting position

Chamberlain HD920EV vs. WD962KEV

Chamberlain WD962KEV Garage Door Opener

These garage door openers are designed as ceiling mounted door openers. In other words, they must be mounted on the ceiling. If you have low ceilings, minimal airspace, or even very tall vehicles, these openers are not for you.


Both openers are available in a black and white color combination which looks quite appealing. Several users have praised the color design of these openers, as being chic, stylish and still functional.

Height and weight

These Chamberlain openers have the same size and weight specifications.

DC motor and power

Being equipped with a 3/4 HP DC motor puts these machines on the list of the most powerful yet extremely quiet garage door openers. The high power rating makes them quite capable of controlling both single and double doors. The motors are also belt driven rather than chain driven, ensuring very smooth and quiet operation despite their high power consumption.

It should be noted that some stores and online sites give specifications for HD920EV at 1 / 4HP and WD962KEV at 3 / 4HP. This difference in power rating could lead many potential buyers to believe that the WD962KEV is actually more powerful than the HD920EV. This is not the case, as both openers consume the same amount of energy and are equally powerful. Several users also spoke with Chamberlain’s support team about this, and it has been confirmed that the power ratings of both openers are in fact the same.

Backup battery

Almost all Chamberlain door openers depend on electricity to operate. However, in the event of a power failure, the HD920EV and WD962KEV door openers are designed with a built-in battery backup. Once the power is removed, the backup unit will immediately turn on and ensure continued operation of the opener. With the emergency unit, the opener can safely open and close the door a maximum of twenty times during the first 24 hours of a power failure.

Soft start and stop

This feature helps protect both the garage door and the floor by ensuring that the door begins to move at low speed and also closes at low speed. In doing so, the door never hits the floor with force and thus avoids unnecessary damage to both the door and your floors. The soft start and stop feature also helps openers maintain their reputation for quiet and smooth operation.

Intelligent control panel

The control panels of these openers are quite multifunctional and very important. Users can use the panels to program the included wireless remotes and keypads and synchronize them with the door openers.

Panels also have the added benefit of being sensitive to movement. In other words, once motion is detected in the garage, the panel immediately turns on the opener lights to provide illumination and prevent collisions or accidents in the garage.

The biggest advantage of these panels is their Internet connectivity. Activated with Chamberlain’s MyQ technology, this panel gives users the ability to control their openers from anywhere in the world as long as there is an Internet gateway or hub and a smartphone containing the MyQ mobile app.

Internet Gateway

The Internet gateway serves as a connection hub synchronizing the opener with the MyQ application on your smartphone. The WD962KEV is not supplied with this gateway and therefore the hub must be purchased separately, installed and configured in order to take full advantage of the benefits of MyQ technology.

The HD920EV, on the other hand, comes with the Internet Gateway and eliminates the need for users to shell out extra money to purchase the Internet Hub.

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Besides the control panel, both door openers also come with two remote controls and a wireless keypad. With the remote control, users can easily open and close their garage doors from the comfort of their car. The remotes are designed with visor clips so that they can be easily attached to your car’s sun visors.

The wireless keypad is usually wall mounted and comes in handy in emergency situations: when the remote controls or your smartphone are not with you at the moment or when delivery men, service providers or other staff members. staff must access the garage in your absence.

Additionally, while the HD920EV comes with a MyQ remote light switch, the WD962KEV has a MyQ lamp remote control.


Both door openers also come with two safety sensors for protection. These sensors project invisible infrared beams through the door opening when the door is closed. If an object or person passes through the opening during this time, the beams are interrupted, the opener light automatically turns on, and the door movement is instantly reversed.

The openers also have a Timer-to-Close feature which can be activated using the control panel. With this feature, users can set what time they want the door to close if it is left open after use.


The PosiLock safety feature of both openers ensures that once the door is closed, a deadbolt mechanically locks it to prevent thieves from forcing it open after shutting off the power. The rolling security code feature also helps ensure that only authorized persons can open the door. Each time one of the supplied remotes is used, the control panel will change the entry code to be used to access the opener the next time.


Both devices offer a lifetime warranty on their motors and belts, a 5-year warranty on other parts, and a one-year warranty on accessories.

Pros and Cons of the Chamberlain HD920EV


  • Activated with MyQ Internet connectivity
  • The Internet gateway is delivered with the opener
  • Has reliable protection and security functions
  • Powerful but quiet motor

The inconvenients

  • Short backup battery life

Pros and Cons of Chamberlain WD962KEV


  • Activated with MyQ Internet connectivity
  • Has reliable protection and security functions
  • Powerful but quiet motor

The inconvenients

  • Short backup battery life
  • Internet gateway must be purchased separately


These two openers are basically the same and are very interchangeable. However, the main difference between them is in the provision of the Internet gateway of the HD920EV. It seems to be a deciding factor. On a normal day, the WD962KEV costs more than the HD920EV and you will still need to purchase the gateway separately. The HD920EV is the recommended opener because it comes with the gateway and is even cheaper.

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