Brother XM2701 vs XL2600i

Before choosing a new sewing machine, you’ll probably want to know which one is best for your personal situation. That’s why you are considering both sewing machines in this Brother XM2701 vs Brother XL2600i comparison. And we don’t blame you. These models are both good options. But don’t worry, we’ve done the research for you. Keep reading below to find out which one is right for you.

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Comparison of Brother XM2701 and XL2600i sewing machines

Size, appearance and construction

Brother XM2701 vs. XL2600i

Brother XM2701 sewing machine

The very first thing that you will notice about these two sewing machines is that they have two very different models. The Brother XM2701 has a purple and lavender floral pattern placed vertically on the side of the machine while the Brother XL2600i has a simple two-tone teal color pattern placed horizontally at the top of the machine. Besides the pattern and color, the bodies of these two machines are white in color. The Brother XM2701 weighs just over a pound more than its counterpart. There is a glaring difference between the two machines in terms of dimensions. Besides the length, the XM2701 is longer and wider than the XL2600i.


There isn’t much of a difference when it comes to the number of points these machines have to offer. The Brother XL2600i has 25 built-in points while the Brother XM2701 has 27 built-in points. They both come with a one-step buttonhole stitch to give you a perfect buttonhole, ideal for beginners. To choose the stitch you want all you have to do is turn the dial to the stitch shown on the machine and you are good to go. It’s simple and no frills. The basic stitches in both machines are straight stitch, decorative stitch, zigzag stitch and buttonhole. You may or may not need these two extra points depending on your usage, but the price difference between them is not huge, so you can just invest in these two extra points. The stitch length control and the width control are the same. Both can be adjusted to your preference.

Threading and needle position

The Brother XL2600i is less versatile when it comes to needle positions compared to the Brother XM2701. The first machine has 3 needle positions while the second has 5 needle positions. Both machines have the same threading capabilities. Both have automated threading and guides printed on these models to help you out.

Integrated lighting

Both of these Brother sewing machines have lighting to help you while you sew. However, they are different from each other. While the Brother XL2600i has a built-in light for easy and safe sewing, the Brother XM2701 on the other hand is equipped with LED lighting. The LED light provides additional illumination for the area around the needle. This gives the latter an advantage over the old sewing machine.

Presser feet

Another big difference between the Brother XM2701 and the Brother XL2600i is that they have 6 and 5 presser feet respectively. However, this may not be a snap as you can purchase additional presser feet at any store or online for either machine. They are not too expensive.

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The Brother XL2600i comes with 5 accessory sewing feet, 3 bobbins, 3 needles, 1 twin needle, extra spool, screwdriver, darning plate, power cord and English / Spanish instruction manual. And the Brother XM2701 comes with 6 accessory sewing feet, 4 bobbins, 3 needles, 1 twin needle, extra spool, screwdriver, darning plate, power cord and English / Spanish instruction manual . It is quite clear at first glance that there is very little difference between the accessories of the two sewing machines. However, the Brother XM2701 has the upper hand.


The bodies of these two Brother sewing machines are identical. The stitch selector on these two machines is also easy to turn. However, several customers have complained that the XL2600i vibrates when used at a higher speed while I have not encountered these complaints with the Brother XM2701.


Brother XM2701

  • The majority of customers who have used this machine are extremely happy with how well the built-in needle threader works.
  • The machine works fabulously on a wide variety of fabrics.
  • There are many built-in stitch options.

Brother XL2600i

  • Customers who bought this machine love the built-in free arm, which makes it easy to sew sleeves, cuffs and several other cylindrical items.
  • Another aspect of this sewing machine that seems to delight many customers is the ability to control the speed.
  • There is a transparent housing that covers the bobbin, making it easy to see how much thread is left.

The inconvenients

Brother XM2701

  • Some customers are not very happy with the low brightness of the LED lighting of this machine.
  • There is a slight downside to using the presser foot and it is located just under the arm.
  • Some customers have also reported that the presser foot pressure is not adjustable and is a little too strong.

Brother XL2600i

  • A very common complaint about this sewing machine is that the bobbin constantly gets stuck.
  • Many customers have complained that the machine overheats after using it for a while.
  • This machine does not work very well with some fabrics.


These two Brother sewing machines have the same warranty. Brother offers a 25-year limited warranty and free technical support for the life of the product.


The choice is quite clear. After looking at customer reviews, pricing, and accessories, the Brother XM2701 definitely ranks higher than its counterpart. The extra stitches and presser feet are just a few of the aspects where you should choose this machine over the Brother XL2600i. And with its sturdier body, we believe the Brother XM2701 will last longer and provide a more precise sewing experience.

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