Brondell S900 vs Brondell S1000

The Brondell S900 vs Brondell S1000 is a comparison of two highly skilled and advanced bidet toilet seats. These two seats are quite similar in composition and design, making the customer’s choice between the two items more confusing than expected. Our goal in this page is to provide the customer with enough information and research to make the best decision for them.

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Brondell S900 vs Brondell S1000: Which of these bidets is right for you …?

Size and appearance

Brondell S900 vs. S1000

Brondell S900 Bidet Toilet Seat

The first thing a customer will notice about these two seats is their similar appearance. Both seats weigh approximately 14 pounds and approximately 20 “x 15” x 6 “, which makes it easy to adjust to the current toilet seat. Both seats use 120 volts and come with batteries included. A slight difference in option between the two units is that the Brondell S900 only comes with the white color choice; while the Brondell S1000 comes with the white and beige color choice. This may seem minimal to some, but other customers can be influenced by the color scheme.


The Brondell S900 and S1000 both feature extremely durable stainless steel dual adjustable nozzles. Each nozzle has an adjustable width in three stages (a wider concentrated jet to a softer, more personal jet). Each aerated wash spray sprays a microbubble wash spray that’s gentler on sensitive skin. Each nozzle has the option of 5 different positions, ensuring comfortable cleaning. Both bidet seats feature ergonomic heated seats with four temperature settings (high / medium / low / off). An instant and endless lukewarm water jet with a state-of-the-art system, helping to reduce energy consumption by 60%. This is a particularly interesting attribute for customers who live in some of our colder regions. The Brondell S900 and Brondell S1000 are both environmentally friendly, reduce toilet paper usage and feature an automatic Eco mode, which lowers the seat temperature when the toilet seat is not in use.

Both seats have a quick release, making it easy to remove the seat for cleaning or for any other reason the customer may have. They also have a “no slam” function for a smooth closing.

The main differences (apart from the choice of colors) between the Brondell S900 and the Brondell S1000 is that the S1000 has a 3-stage hot air dryer leaving your hands free. This feature has many great reviews from loyal customers as an added benefit to a less than comfortable part of their day. This is a plus for environmentalists because the use of toilet paper is considerably reduced.

Another feature of the Brondell S1000 that the Brondell S900 does not have is an air freshener, which rids the toilet of all odor after each use. This feature helps keep the customer’s bathroom smelling fresh after each use and eliminates annoying odors that might spread to the rest of the house. One of the downsides of this system is that the sensor can be a bit sensitive and deodorize even though no one has used the device. It wasn’t a big deal, more of an annoyance than an issue with the seat itself.

The final two differences between the Brondell S900 and the Brondell S1000 are nozzle sterilization and nozzle oscillation. The s1000 has both of these features. Nozzle sterilization activates a powerful wash treatment for the dual nozzles. This helps keep the nozzles cleaner and more hygienic for a longer life. This process starts after use and takes about 5 seconds. The oscillation of the nozzle ensures a deep and comfortable cleaning, which no one can consider a bad feature on any toilet seat.

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Brondell S900 vs. S1000

Brondell S1000 bidet toilet seat

The Brondell S900 and Brondell S1000 seats come with a popular wireless remote control. The remote control is convenient for the customer as they are allowed to use the remote control for heat and spray settings while using the seat. Customers say the remote accessory makes the whole experience easier because they don’t care about the actual unit’s controls. The remote control also comes with a wall mount, so there’s never any confusion trying to find the remote and it’s easy access for anyone using the seat. The remote control includes Eco mode to conserve battery life.

Price and warranty

The price of the S900 is a few hundred less than that of the Brondell S1000. This is something the customer should keep in mind when purchasing both units, especially those on a budget. The S900 comes with a 1 year warranty and the S1000 comes with a 3 year warranty.

Comments and / or concerns

A question was raised about this: Can the customer sit on the cover when it is closed (usually for bathrooms with limited space), it is not recommended that the closed cover cannot not gain as much weight as the seat itself. I have already done this and broke the toilet seat. One concern that was raised a few times for each product was leaky nozzles. Most of the issues were resolved thanks to Brondell’s excellent customer service.


Installation and assembly were praised by many customers who purchased either unit, saying the installation was easy and all the customer would need are tools found in the Most households (wrench and screwdriver). Most customers said it took them less than an hour to get their seats up and running.

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Summary and recommendation

After researching the Brondell S900 and Bronell S1000, I was not quick to make up my mind, but after debating and re-reading a few reviews, my choice would be the Brondell S1000. Yes, it might be the more expensive option, but there is still weight so you get what you pay for. This is something that will be used daily, several times a day, so it is nice that this device comes with a 3 year warranty. Also, the comfort of the air dryer is a bit fancy, but I’d be willing to pay for it. The oscillation feature is also great as I know I’ll be leaving the bathroom with a big clean. Deodorization is another great feature that helps remove embarrassing odors that may arise and that wish.

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