Bosch Clear Advantage 18CA vs Bosch ICON -Which Wiper Blade Is Good For You?

Here our team have published a detailed Comparison of Bosch Clear Advantage 18CA vs Bosch ICON Wiper Blades. Compare the main Features, Specifications, Prices and Select the Best Model.

Wiper blades frequently move not noted in relation to car preservation. The majority of drivers generally tend to alternate them after knowing that it has ended up impossible to see while it’s raining, that is too late. The remaining issue you want to be doing all through a torrential downpour is wondering why you didn’t exchange your wiper blades sooner.

Like the majority of different additives to your car, wiper blades will wear out over the years. And even as they’ll seem easy, there’s a whole lot of engineering that goes into wiper blades to enable them to keep your windshield clean. If you see a few cracks for your wiper blades or note that they’re leaving streaks when it’s raining, it’s exceptional to switch them out. These are the 10 great wiper blades on sale nowadays.

Bosch Clear Advantage 18CA vs Bosch ICON

When it involves selecting the pleasant wiper blades, there are some things that you need to keep in thought. Apart from the apparent fact which you want to recognize about the compatibility together with your car, you also need to look if the producer is ideal enough and if the windshield wiper you’re looking at has acquired high-quality opinions.

Bosch Clear Advantage 18CA

If you’ve got gathered any revel in with Bosch windshield wipers up till this point, or have even gently researched a few of their merchandise, it may be clean to come back to the belief that the Bosch brand is an emblem that makes no compromises and gives an excessive-quit product for a similarly excessive-cease fee. While I can’t reward their products enough, it could be easy to be scared far away from them because of their instead excessive charge. The Bosch wiper blade we’ll be reviewing nowadays but, offers many (but now not all) of the advantages of similar merchandise within the line even as clocking in at a much more agreeable fee.

The Bosch Clear Advantage may be had for ten greenbacks apiece. Despite this, it comes with a few capabilities and specs you might anticipate to discover in blades promoting for some dollars greater. It also comes with a first-rate degree of effectiveness, a clean set up and a completely quiet operation, effortlessly making it one of the very best wiper blades inside its rate range.


I’m no longer going to mention that it’s not possible to discover a wiper blade with an equal or extra degree of effectiveness with a bit of searching. Because it isn’t. However, when you are taking the Bosch Clear Advantage’s charge into consideration, you’ll locate it does an excellent process considering. Even when compared to wiper blades as a whole, no matter their cost, this precise blade continues to be above common in phrases of effectiveness. As such, you may make certain you’re getting an awesome deal of practicality on this product with regard to its rate.


This is one vicinity in which the Bosch Clear Advantage’s charge does a deceptive task of reflecting its exceptional. If you’ve ever used Bosch wiper blades of a better charge, you’ve probably come to realize just how quiet they are in operation, irrespective of whether or not situations would possibly get thrown at them. As it turns out, the Bosch Clear Advantage does a similarly remarkable process in this regard. If you’ve been fearful of going with something a touch inexpensive out of worry of finishing up with a loud, clunky unit, this blade is sure to be just what you need.


If you take a look at reviews across the web concerning the Bosch Clear Advantage, you’ll probably be aware that rankings regarding the unit’s ordinary degree of sturdiness and longevity are quite average. This is due to the fact the unit is average on this regard. While this will no longer sound overly exciting at the beginning, it’s sincerely not too shabby in any respect, considering the blade is underneath common in price. This is any other area wherein the Clear Advantage is capable of outplay different wiper blades inside its price variety, supplying you with a brilliant good buy and sense of value. This goes in comparison with many cheaper wiper blades available on the market, which might not be so reasonably priced ultimately once they’ve been replaced time and time again.


Generally speakme, an easy set-up appears to be the standard while talking about windshield wiper blades which convey a few degree of best approximately them. Luckily, this unique blade isn’t any exception. While I wouldn’t endorse throwing out your instructions before even searching at them, you’re sure to have an exceptionally smooth time properly placing this blade up and getting it absolutely functional. In fact, it may not even take a whole minute after first being taken out of its packaging.


As with almost all Bosch products, the Clear Advantage comes with a one-year assurance which protects you from production defects. The guarantee in query stands for the complete yr once you buy it as long as the blade isn’t misused. “Misused,” in this sense, refers to doing something with the blade aside from attaching it for your car and the usage of it as you would any other blade. Of direction, that is an extremely easy rule to stick to. It’s pleasant to peer a good warranty on this sort of low-fee object, as this degree of self assurance suggests that the manufacturer doesn’t skimp on the usage of first-class elements in its make to convey the price down.

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  • Comes in almost all the sizes available
  • Best compatibility
  • High-grade construction



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  • Although solid may feel flimsy




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Bosch ICON Windshield Wipers

The Bosch ICON is a beam-style wiper blade and functions a bracketless layout with tension springs, assisting preserve the blade flexibility whilst offering superior performance in all climate conditions. The employer claims the ICON offers as much as forty per cent longer lifestyles than other top-class blades and its blade rubber become proved to be the most proof against cracking from exposure to ozone in comparison to other most important competition’ manufacturers. It additionally features a one-of-a-kind asymmetrical bendy spoiler design for handy and quiet wiping. Bosch also promises the ICON is simple to install, way to a weather-protect double-locking connector.

Bosch is an agency that has participated in the production of plenty of tremendous products.

So, when we first heard that they make wiper blades for automobiles too, we were typically excited to check the ones out due to the fact why no longer.

The model we’re taking a observe these days is referred to as the 26A ICON; now do understand that the wide variety inside the model wide variety is essentially the scale of the wiper blade; so this one is 26 inch, although, Bosch is presenting the equal amazing wiper blade in multiple sizes.


  • Simple design
  • Great, sturdy build quality
  • Easy to install
  • Longer life span


  • None

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Q. Are pricey wiper blades well worth the price?

A. Some more expensive wipers can offer technological answers to clear the windshield, including making use of hydrophobic coatings as they sweep, or they may be fabricated from greater durable materials like silicone. Those answers are really worth paying a bit extra for, but you don’t want to shop for your wipers at a car dealership or buy the better-priced blades to get desirable, functional wipers. Anco and TRICO manufacture a large share of unique equipment wiper blades for the world’s satisfactory-promoting vehicles, and both provide quality, cost-effective substitute blades.

Q. How lengthy do wiper blades closing?

A. Generally, wipers last eight to 365 days, though it is probably a bit less in locations with a common extreme climate. Chattering, skipping and streaking are telltale signs and symptoms that wiper blades are carried out for. If the blade is tearing or chipping, they’re in reality late for replacement. Be sure to look for cracking due to age, avenue salt or temperature extremes.

Q. How a good deal of noise from a wiper blade is every day?

A. Effective wiper blades need to be fairly quiet. While some faint noise below operation is ordinary, the general rule is that exact wipers are nearly silent. If wipers are changed and nonetheless make noise, use an ammonia-unfastened glass cleaner to very well scrub the windshield freed from dirt and film.

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