Bissell Spotbot vs SpotClean

On this page, you will find out everything you need to know about the two carpet cleaners in the Bissell Spotbot vs Spotclean comparison. For your convenience, we’ve compared all the important features and specifications to help you make your choice easier. Continue reading below and by the end of this page you should be confident in your choice.

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Bissell Spotbot vs Spotclean carpet cleaning comparison

Size and appearance

Bissell Spotbot vs. SpotClean

Bissell Spotbot Pet

The Bissell Spotbot and the Bissell SpotClean are both designed to clean stains from your floor when you don’t need a full-size carpet cleaner. The Bissell SpotClean is slightly lighter than the Bissell Spotbot at around 13 pounds. The main body of this spot cleaner is black, with accents in gray. The tank, however, is clear so that it can be easily checked.

The Bissell Spotbot is slightly heavier than the Bissell SpotClean at around 14 pounds. These models consist primarily of two shades of gray that Bissell refers to as silver sheen and pewter silver. Just like the Bissell SpotClean, the reservoir of the Bissell Spotbot is also transparent.


These models of spot cleaners are corded, so they must be plugged in to work. The Bissell Spotbot has a power cord length of 16 feet. Whereas the Bissell SpotClean has a much longer cord at 22 feet. The Bissell SpotBot is rated at 3 Amps and the Bissell SpotClean is 5.7 Amps. Both models have enough horsepower to get the job done.


These models were both highly praised for their performance. The compact designs of these devices make it easy to move them around your home and use them even on stairs without a problem. There are a few durability issues with the performance of the Bissell Spotbot, but these will be discussed in a moment.


If your machine is dirty, it loses some of its power to clean your carpet. For the main machine, Bissell suggests sucking tap water through the hose to clean it. You should also make sure to clean the dirt reservoirs after each use, then rinse the reservoir and all tools and allow them to air dry after each use. It is important to do this after each use to ensure that no dirt builds up in your stain cleaner.


The size of the tank for these stain removers is important because it affects how much cleaning solution you can keep in the machine at a time, which affects how often you need to refill it. The Bissell SpotClean has a slightly larger tank with a ¾ gallon or approximately 3 quart capacity. The Bissell Spotbot isn’t far behind, however, with a capacity of 32 ounces or exactly 1 liter.


The durability of these models is generally fantastic, being able to last several years of use for many customers. However, several customers have complained about the drop in suction power of the Bissell Spotbot after some time of use.


Certain accessories and extras that come with the Bissell SpotClean and the Bissell Spotbot help these models get the best cleaning possible. The Bissell Spotbot comes with trial versions of Bissell’s Pet Stain and Odor formula as well as their Pet OxyBoost formula for deep and tough pet stains. The Bissell SpotClean also comes with a trial cleaning solution; 2X professional deep cleaning formula.

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The Bissell SpotClean comes with a 6 inch stair tool that helps remove awkward spots in the corner of your stairs. They also both come with a tough stain tool to quickly clean up messes or spills when they happen so they don’t become a deep stain on your carpet. Both of these models also come with a hose to clean harder-to-reach stains.

Convenient Features

Both of these models work on stains on carpets, upholstery, cars, and stairs. However, the Bissell Spotbot also works on low pile carpets, like a high pile carpet. The Bissell SpotBot has a 5 ‘hose length. The Bissell SpotClean has a 4 ‘hose length.

The Bissell Spotbot also has 2 preset cycles to choose from, so you can have a specially designed cleaning for any mess you might have.


The Bissell SpotClean is covered by a 2 year limited warranty. The Bissell Spotbot is also covered by a 2 year limited warranty. This means that if you experience any issues with manufacturing defects during the warranty period for either product, Bissell will repair or replace the unit so you don’t have to worry about it.

Advantages and disadvantages

Clean Bissell’s Stains

Both of these products are extremely effective in removing stains from carpets. The Bissell SpotClean even cleans your deep stains at a much more affordable price. Customers have found both models to be compact and lightweight, making them easy to clean wherever needed, even on stairs. With the Bissell Spotbot, customers even have the satisfaction of knowing that $ 10 of their purchase is donated to the Bissell Pet Foundation to help shelter animals find homes.

However, each of these products also has its drawbacks. The Bissell Spotbot does not have the length of cord needed to take your machine anywhere. The tank capacity of the Bissell SpotClean is also missing. This allows you to manage more important work. Some customers have also complained that these models are difficult to use on larger stains due to their narrow design, but they’re supposed to be more portable than your average carpet cleaner.


Overall, the Bissell SpotClean is the better product between the two. It offers a variety of features in a lighter package, making it easier to carry around your home and use on your stairs. It also doesn’t have the sustainability issues of the Bissell Spotbot and it’s important to reiterate that the benefits of the Bissell SpotClean come in a much more economical form, although a sale can change that.

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