Bissell Pet Hair Eraser vs Dyson Animal

On this page we cover the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser vs Dyson Animal comparison. There are many differences between these two machines as they are made by different manufacturers. We’ve done all the hard work for you to help you make the best decision in this comparison. Keep reading below to find out which one is right for you.

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Bissell Pet Hair Eraser vs Dyson Animal – Pet Hair Vacuum Comparison

Appearance at a glance

The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser and Dyson Ball Animal are both corded upright vacuums.

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser vs Dyson Animal

Bissell Animal Hair Eraser

At 18 pounds, the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser weighs a little more than the Dyson ball animal, which weighs around 17.5 pounds. Despite only the slight difference in weight, the Dyson is a much sleeker machine than the Bissell, making it a winner when it comes to looks.

The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser vacuum is available in a combination of black and green, while the Dyson Ball Animal is available in a purple and gray color scheme. The power cord for the Bissell vacuum is 30 feet long, compared to the longer 35 feet cord available with the Dyson model. This makes it more convenient to use the Dyson for larger homes, so that you no longer have to plug in and unplug multiple times.

Suction and power

The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser vacuum has powerful suction, which makes it extremely effective for cleaning. In addition to the double edge cleaning, the vacuum cleaner uses multicyclonic suction, which allows very good suction of dirt and animal hair by this vacuum cleaner. However, they lack a control to vary the suction.

Even though the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser has efficient suction, the suction of the Dyson Ball Animal vacuum is surprisingly even more powerful. It comes with Dyson brand Radial Root cyclone technology. This technology helps channel the airflow through the center of the cyclone assembly, allowing the machine to clean even microscopic dirt. Customers love the absolute power that the Dyson machine packs in its suction.

Both machines showed no loss of suction even with the hose in place.

Brush roll design

The Bissell Pet hair Eraser vacuum includes the branded tangle-free brush roll. It not only claims to pick up all the hair of pets and humans scattered on the floor, but its unique design prevents the hair from tangling. This allows for easy cleaning of the brush and there is no need to resort to a pair of scissors and spend hours trying to pull out all the hairs. This machine also comes with a built-in on / off rocker switch.

In comparison, the Dyson comes with a motorized brush whose power consumption has been relatively increased. So, with the ability to use 25% more power, the bristles of the brush are able to dig deeper and release deeply embedded dirt. The Dyson Brush Roll gets a high score for its ability to remove stuck-on dirt.

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Dust capacity

As they are both bagless vacuums, there are complaints of having to replace the dust bag every few months.

The Bissell model has an Easy Empty dirt tank with the Cyclonic Pet Hair Spooling system. This system ensures that any type of hair is separated from the rest of the dirt and that the hair stays coiled together for easy emptying. With the push of a button, the dust container can be easily emptied. The Dyson comes with a similar, easy-to-empty dust bin that keeps your hands from getting dirty while doing so.

Note: Both models do not have a dirt sensor to indicate that it is time to empty the dirt tank.

Filtration system

Both machines are equipped with the HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filtration system. In addition, the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser features the Febreeze Odor Eliminator filter, which reduces pet odors. Plus, Bissell’s SmartSeal Allergen System ensures that no allergens escape into the air to keep it fresh and clean.

Likewise, the Dyson Ball Animal vacuum is also equipped with an efficient filtration system and is HEPA Filtration certified for the entire machine.

Both machines do not have the Clean Filter indicator which indicates the time to clean the filter.


The Bissell machine includes specialty pet tools for a complete house cleaning. These accessory tools include an LED illuminated crevice tool, TurboEraser tool, and combo dusting brush / upholstery tool. The crevice tool has a small built-in LED light that ensures that no animal hair is left behind while cleaning crevices and corners. The TurboEraser removes deeply encrusted hairs, keeping your upholstery clean. The combined tool is a versatile tool. You also get a quick release wand that helps you capture animal hair anywhere. This wand can be easily detached from the body of the vacuum cleaner. With another version of the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser vacuum cleaner, you get two additional tools: the Sweep and Scoop tool and the Funk Fresh tool.

The Dyson Ball Animal also includes a range of tools including the Tangle Free Turbine Tool, Combination Tool, Stair Tool and Dyson Grooming Tool. The tangle-free turbine tool ensures complete removal of animal hair from carpets and upholstery.

Staircase and grooming tool are the highlights of accessory tools and different from those supplied with other machines. The Stair Tool ensures proper cleaning of carpeted or hardwood stairs with minimal effort. The Groom Tool is a multi-angle brush attached to a long wand and you can clean your pet easily by making sure to pick up any hairs that have not yet fallen to the floor. Dyson also includes an instant release wand with the vacuum for cleaning hard-to-reach places.

Additional features

Both machines are equipped with a swivel head which allows them to easily reach small and tight nooks and crannies.

In addition, the Dyson vacuum also has a self-adjusting cleaning head. This cleaning head seals the suction on carpets and hard floors during cleaning and removes deeply embedded dirt.

The most notable feature of the Dyson animal ball however is the Ball technology. The “ball” contains over 100 key elements stacked on top of each other. This design lowers the center of gravity, making it easier to rotate and maneuver the machine while cleaning.

Both models do not have the automatic cord rewinding function. The cord must be manually looped after use. However, after researching many vacuums, including those with the auto rewind feature, some have reported issues with this feature.


According to user feedback, both machines are super efficient at tackling a range of surfaces. Plus, the Dyson helps you clean different surfaces without even stopping to change a setting. This allows for quick and easy cleaning.

Customers find easy maneuverability a feature that the Bissell machine lacks. The design of the machine makes it very heavy, so you need to have very strong arms to be able to move it easily. Additionally, there have been a few reports that the machine was not very efficient at cleaning thicker carpets.

Dyson also seems to do a better job of picking up all animal hair compared to the Bissell.


The Bissell Pet hair Eraser and Dyson Ball Animal vacuums are both backed by a 5-year limited warranty from their respective manufacturers.


Now, I hope that you have discovered enough information about these two vacuum cleaners that you can choose between them. Both are excellent machines and well received. The differences are stark here, from designs to prices. Overall I have to say the Dyson Animal is the best product with superior technology, it’s more powerful, it’s a much better machine (for many observers). If price isn’t an issue I would suggest going with the Dyson.

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