Bissell Crosswave vs Hoover Floormate SpinScrub

In this article, you will learn about the differences between the Bissell Crosswave and the Hoover Floormate SpinScrub. These units are very good to compare as they are direct competitors. These units are very similar, but because they are made by different companies, the differences are quite obvious in design and appearance. There are also notable differences between the functionality and performance of these machines. Read on below to find out which one is right for you.

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Bissell Crosswave vs Hoover Floormate SpinScrub: Which Floor Cleaner Should You Get…?

Design and construction

Bissell Crosswave vs. Hoover Floormate SpinScrub

Bissell’s Cross Waves

The Bissell Crosswave and Hoover Floormate SpinScrub are bagless vacuums featuring the very popular dual tank design. It just means that a vacuum cleaner has two separate water tanks; one contains your cleaning solution and the other contains dirty water sucked from the floor after cleaning. The Floormate has a larger tank capacity than the Bissell Crosswave.

They both have different brush designs and technologies. The Bissell Crosswave’s multi-surface brush roll is made from microfiber and nylon, while the Hoover Floormate uses SpinScrub technology exclusive to all Hoover vacuums. SpinScrub technology consists of 6 brushes covering the vacuum cleaner nozzle in a straight line. These brushes are designed to rotate counterclockwise and in doing so provide a powerful scrub on any surface they are used on. These brushes are mainly called SpinScrub brushes.


Of the two vacuum cleaners, the Crosswave is the larger. It is also wider than the Floormate. However, the Floormate is the larger of the two, with several customers complaining that its weight makes transporting the vacuum from one point to another quite a pain.

Limits of use

Each of these vacuum cleaners was created for a specific purpose. For the Bissell Crosswave, it performs the 2 in 1 function of vacuuming and cleaning the floor. Labeled as a “multi-surface machine” it can be used comfortably on sealed floors and carpets.

The Hoover Floormate outperforms the Crosswave in functionality as it sucks, cleans and dries. However, it can only be used on sealed hard floors. Tile, laminate, marble, vinyl, and other sealed floors are a definite yes for this machine. Carpets, rugs and others? Definitely not, unless you are looking to reduce the life and efficiency of the vacuum cleaner and your carpet as well.

Thanks to their multifunctionality, these vacuum cleaners save you precious time when cleaning. With just one machine, you can clean your whole house in no time.


The Bissell Crosswave has digital controls placed on its handle. All you have to do is just tap your favorite mode of the moment to switch between cleaning the rugs and the bare floor. There is also a solution trigger placed next to the control which releases more cleaning solution when pressed. Several customers have complained about the placement of the trigger on the handle. They claimed that during the cleaning process their fingers inadvertently pulled the trigger, which would lead to the unwanted release of cleaning solution on the floor, or worse, on the carpets.

Rather than digital touch controls, the Floormate has a select button where you can choose to vacuum, mop, or dry.


Hoover Floormate SpinScrub

Hoover Floormate SpinScrub

Both vacuums were praised for their good suction capacity. When it comes to animal hair, grains of sand, dirty water and dry debris, vacuum cleaners are quite capable of cleaning everything to your satisfaction.

On the question of scrubbing, mopping or washing, opinions are widely divided. However, the consensus of most users is that while it does an excellent job of scrubbing tile, grout, and other sealed wood surfaces, the Bissell Crosswave is quite unsatisfactory for cleaning rugs, rugs and floors. stubborn stains. Some customers claim that the microfiber-nylon brush is not strong enough to properly clean carpets, while others insist that the vacuum’s lack of accessories is responsible for its poor performance. So, for a quick cleaning of your carpets, the Crosswave is a good choice. If you are looking for more than a quick fix, the Crosswave is not going to please you.

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The reverse is the case with the Hoover Floormate. It has been praised for its ability to remove very stubborn stains. However, some customers claim that its brushes are neither long enough nor large enough to properly clean sealed wood surfaces, especially grout between tiles, and insist that the deluxe version of the Floormate SpinScrub scrubs tiles better. .

Hoover claims their Floormate vacuum is able to properly dry your floors and their customers agree. On the flip side, Bissell doesn’t make such a claim with their Crosswave vacuum, but several customers still complain that more than one pass is needed during cleaning before the floor dries properly. Unfortunately, this negates the goal of saving time by using a 2-1 in 1 machine.

Many customers complained that both vacuums were quite noisy during use.


The input power of the Crosswave is 120v, 4.4 amps while that of the Floormate is 120v, 6.6 amps. Thus, the Crosswave saves more energy in use compared to the Floormate, but it is also less powerful.

Cleaning and maintenance

Brushes, brush rollers, filters and nozzles can be easily removed from vacuum cleaners for cleaning. However, most people say that the time spent properly cleaning these vacuums and their removable components is quite intimidating. Crosswave users have particularly complained about the time it takes to dry components even after being placed outdoors.


Although the Crosswave comes with a bottle of cleaning solution and a multi-floor brush roll, additional bottles of cleaning solution and brush rolls specific to a floor type (parquet or carpet) can be purchased. However, most users prefer to use cleaning solutions other than Bissell’s for a number of reasons.

The Floormate comes with a bonus of 30 hard surface wipes. You can also purchase accessories such as an extension, hose, and even a smaller head to clean other surfaces.

Convenient Features

The Hoover Floormate has a host of handy features; a folding handle for easy storage, rubber wheels for easy movement, a low profile that makes it easy to use for cleaning under your furniture or kitchen cabinets and a longer power cord that can be retracted from the back of the machine. Users also love the 13 inch nozzle, as a wide opening allows more space to be covered in less time,

The Bissell Crosswave’s swivel head allows it to clean smaller spaces and also makes the machine easier to maneuver.


While the Hoover comes with a one year warranty, the Crosswave has a 2 year warranty and an additional 2 year warranty is added if purchased directly from the Bissell website.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Bissell Crosswave


  • Lighter
  • Mop and vacuum at the same time
  • Ideal for tiles and uneven surfaces
  • Longer warranty period
  • Low consumption
  • Decent suction
  • Can be used on a carpet

The inconvenients

  • Smaller tank capacity
  • No water level indicator
  • Lots of complaints about its cleaning solution
  • Vacuum floors and components take a long time to dry
  • Does not allow deep scrubbing of rugs and carpets

Advantages and disadvantages of the Hoover Floormate


  • Works well on tough stains
  • Economic
  • Decent suction
  • Loaded with very useful features
  • Dries well
  • Larger tank capacity
  • Retractable cord with more length
  • More powerful than Crosswave

The inconvenients

  • Heavier
  • Shorter warranty
  • Less energy efficient

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Summary and recommendation

Both machines in the Bissell Crosswave vs Hoover Floormate comparison are decent choices. But they each have their advantages and disadvantages. The Crosswave is more energy efficient and is designed to work on carpets and has a longer warranty. While the Hoover Floormate, on the other hand, is more powerful, dries well, and has a larger tank capacity, it is not designed to work on carpeted floors. This choice will depend on what you want to do with your floor cleaner. If you only have hard floors, go with the Hoover and if you have carpet and hard floors that you want to use your floor cleaner on, get the Bissell Crosswave.

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