Bissell Big Green vs Rug Doctor

In this comparison, Bissell Big Green vs Rug Doctor, you will find out which carpet cleaner is best for your household. As you probably already know, deep cleaning is a very important part of extending the life of your carpet.

But that’s not the only benefit of a carpet cleaner. Thorough and regular deep cleaning will also keep dust and dirt to a minimum. If you have allergies, this is essential to your cleansing routine. The purpose of this page is to make it easier to choose one of these carpet cleaners.

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Bissell Big Green vs Rug Doctor: which carpet cleaner is right for you?

Appearance, size and design

In this section, you will learn about the differences in appearance, size, and design that may affect your decision.

Back Doctor

The differences in appearance are obvious, just take a look. The Bissell Big Green is predominantly green and dark gray. Front to back it is 20 inches, top to bottom about 41 inches, and about 11 inches wide. On the other hand, you will find that the Rug Doctor is predominantly red and gray. It measures approximately 19 inches from front to back, approximately 44 inches from top to bottom, and approximately 13 inches wide.

As you can see the dimensions are quite similar. The weight, however, is another story. When empty, the Bissell weighs around 40 pounds compared to around 24 pounds for the Rug Doctor. This is a significant difference. When full, these machines are even heavier. Over time, this will add up. I think you get tired faster with the heavier Bissell.

There are no other significant design differences in my opinion.


The Rug Doctor has an 11 amp motor while the Big Green has a 12 amp motor.

Both machines have several mechanics, with cute names, that make them exceptionally good. For example, the Rug Doctor uses what the company invented as double cross-action brushes. This function consists of two brushes under the machine which clean all sides of the carpet fiber.

The Bissell has comparable technology, they call it DirtLifter Rotary Brushes. On both product description pages you will find claims of superiority over the competition. For example, the Rug Doctor claims to have “75% more suction compared to leading deep carpet cleaners.” The Bissell Big Green claims it “cleans the leading rental carpet cleaner.”

The Bissell can clean back and forth. But the Rug Doctor only shampooes when you pull the machine back, although you can extract back or forward. This is actually a huge advantage for the Bissell.

The Rug Doctor is certified gold by the CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute). With its double cross action brushes, it is listed as the best in class for carpet cleaning. It also has a feature called Super Boost. This feature works by using a higher concentration of cleaning solution which you can use when walking over heavily soiled carpets such as dining rooms or any other place where you eat or have a lot of traffic.

To get closer to these edges, the Rug Doctor is designed with side bristles.

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Both of these products claim that you can get a really good clean in just one swipe. This of course depends on how dirty the carpet is. A really dirty carpet will probably require several passes. Perhaps after this initial cleaning (which will remove a lot of dirt), you will get better “one-pass” results in subsequent cleanings.

Overall I think the cleaning ability will be about the same if slightly better with the Bissell since it has a more powerful motor. The motor is overall more powerful and it can shampoo in reverse and forward. Still, I think these machines are in the same category.


The tanks for both of these machines are removable – a huge improvement over the machines your mom and dad had to use. Again, these two units have two tanks; one for clean water and the other for dirty water. I remember those old rental units that required you to fill the machine with a hose or awkwardly in the tub.

The Rug Doctor’s water tank is transparent so you can easily see the water fill line and when it’s time to change the water or when it’s time to add more clean water. The Rug Doctor openings are larger than on previous models, which greatly facilitates their filling.

The capacity of the tank is a whole different story, however. The Bissell Big Green has a tank capacity of 1.75 gallon versus 1 gallon for the Rug Doctor. Some Rug Doctor users complain about the tank capacity. If you have a large area of ​​carpet to clean at the same time, it can sometimes get annoying as you will have to empty and refill the tanks several times.

However, I have no doubt that both of these machines will work well for large, carpeted areas.

Easy to use

Bissell Large Green

While both of these machines are generally easy to use, I have to say that the Rug Doctor is a bit easier to use. Based on customer feedback, I think both of these cleaners are easier to maneuver, but given its lighter weight, the Rug Doctor should be more maneuverable.

Both the Bissell and the Rug Doctor have a handy tank grip function. They are designed to allow you to adjust the height of the handle so that you can stay comfortable while cleaning.

The handles are designed very differently. For the Bissell the handles are two separate appendages while on the Rug Doctor the handle is a solid unit. The handle is designed with contours and handles to make it more comfortable during operation.

Both of these units have folding handles. This will contribute to easier storage. With the handles in the down position, the height of these machines is just over 20 inches. You will surely find a place to place either machine.

The length of the cord is another feature that can add to the ease of use. Too little cord and your tie is just too short – you will have to constantly unplug the cord and find a new outlet. It can get tedious. Too much bead means it can get in the way. The Rug Doctor comes with a 28 foot power cord versus 25 ½ feet for the Big Green.


For cleaning stairs and upholstery, these two units come with hoses. The Rug Doctor has a 7.5 foot hose compared to the Bissell’s 10 foot hose. And both come with a stuffing tool.

Customer feedback

Reviews are excellent for either one of these carpet cleaners. Most people with a positive experience swear by them. But what strikes me is that when customers have experience with these two machines, they seem to prefer the Bissell. The Bissell gets points for being able to shampoo and extract while moving forward or backward. He also gets points for having much larger water tanks. Many customers point out how often you need to complete the Rug Doctor versus the Big Green. Other users complain that the Rug Doctor leaves the ground wetter than the Bissell.

That’s not to say the Bissell is without its own set of issues. Some complain about the price, in essence for some users it does a good job but is it worth more than $ 400? I find that the more expensive a product, the more complaints are amplified for that product – even if it does a good job. Some people expect a $ 400 carpet cleaner to fly to the moon and back.

Another complaint made by the owners / users of Big Green is the weight. This machine is quite heavy and may require two people to carry it as you go up and down the stairs. People with reduced mobility should take note of this.


I think the Bissell Big Green and the Rug Doctor are both really good cleaners. They share many common characteristics and advantages. But if I had to choose one, I should go for the Big Green. Despite the price difference, it seems to be better value overall.

I like that it has a larger tank capacity and that it can clean back or forward. And although it weighs more than the Rug Doctor, I think that is offset by the fact that the Bissell can clean both ways. Some users have complained about how heavy it is to maneuver the Rug Doctor.

If you are addicted to the cost, I don’t blame you. At regular price, the Bissell is significantly more expensive. The Rug Doctor is a more affordable alternative.

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