Bissell 9595a vs Hoover uh70120

The Bissell 9595a and the Hoover uh70120 are both vacuum cleaners that look quite similar. They are comparatively lighter and extremely easy to use than most other vacuums on the market. Using this comparison, you will find it much easier to choose the right one based on your needs and budget.

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Bissell 9595a vs. Hoover uh70120

Bissell 9595a vs. Hoover uh70120

Size and appearance

Bissell 9595a vs. Hoover uh70210

Bissell 9595a

Just in case you want to buy a stylish vacuum for your home, there isn’t much to differentiate between the Bissell 9595a and the Hoover uh70120. The two are alike in many ways. However, the Bissell 9595a is slightly lighter than the Hoover uh70120. In terms of dimensions, again, there isn’t much of a difference. As for color, the Bissell 9595a is available in black and the Hoover vacuum cleaner uh70120 is available in green, cobalt blue and red (color availability may differ depending on where you shop).

Power and capacity

The Bissell 9595a and the Hoover uh70120 both run on a 12 amp motor. However, if you are interested in the dust capacity of these two vacuums then the Bissell 9595a has a 0.6 gallon capacity and the Hoover uh70120 has a 0.65 gallon or approximately 2.5 L. This capacity is sufficient for collect all debris and dust from an area of ​​approximately 400 m². Bissell 9595a uses a cyclonic system to vacuum up dust. This system is supposed to maintain strong suction power for a long time. On the other hand, the Hoover uh70120 uses WindTunnel technology with a single air channel. This eliminates any possibility of loss of suction power. To put it simply, both machines are powerful enough to help you clean your parts well, but the technology used is different. However, it is not clear which one has an advantage in this area as both machines are powered by 12 amp motors.


If you talk about the performance of both vacuums, the overwhelming majority are quite happy with the performance. These two machines are mostly rented by an exceptional number of people. But for the Hoover uh70120, some customers have reported that the engine tends to get extremely hot. In fact, they have to unplug the vacuum and let it cool for a few minutes before they can use it again. There were also complaints about the pipe being clogged in several places with simple things such as animal hair. Although the machine is said to have great suction power, there is no way to turn off the brush roll.

The Bissell 9595a has a very large share of customers who are very satisfied with it. It has also not escaped complaints from a number of users. Most of them said the suction didn’t impress after a few months of use. Some users have complained that vacuums do not suck animal fur properly and are terrible at this, even in front of any old vacuum cleaner. Yet overall, most users are happy with their choice.

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Cleaning or maintenance

Like any vacuum cleaner on the market, the Bissell 9595a and the Hoover uh70120 require periodic cleaning, especially of the filters. The dust collection chamber should also be cleaned after each use so that no dust remains in the chamber.


As stated above, the dust capacity of the Bissell 9595a and the Hoover uh70120 is more or less similar. The first machine has a capacity of 0.6 gallons and the second has a capacity of 0.65 gallons. I have not encountered any complaints regarding the dust capacity of either vacuum. This capacity is also sufficient to clean dust and debris from an area of ​​400 m².


Vacuum cleaner uh70120

Aside from the few complaints about the suction power, the problem with the hoses clogged and the overheating problem, there were even fewer complaints of physical damage to the machines.


The Bissell 9595a and the Hoover uh70120 both come with several accessories. You will find a crevice tool, tube extension and hose with both machines, the Hoover uh70120 also has additional accessories such as a dusting brush and a pneumatic hand tool.


As for the warranty, Bissell 9595a comes with a one year manufacturer warranty. On the other hand, the Hoover uh70120 comes with a 2 year manufacturer warranty.

Special features

Both vacuums come with additional special features for the benefit of users. The Bissell 9595a comes with OnePass technology. This is useful for cleaning more on the first pass of the machine. It also has a Bottom Easy Empty dirt tank, which makes emptying debris and dust from the compartment very simple.

The Hoover uh70120 also has several special features. It features an anti-scratch bumper to help protect your precious furniture from damage caused by rapid vacuuming. It also has a brush display window. It helps you to see any kind of hoof due to the presence of hair or other material and also to fix it before it poses a major threat.

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Both machines have their own share of pros and cons. If you are planning to buy one for your home, it is best to consider both the positive and negative aspects so that you have a clear idea of ​​what to expect from your choice. The Hoover uh70120 is newer than the Bissell 9595a and therefore has a small advantage over the Bissell product. Based on what I have come across and considering the huge number of people who have tried these products, I think you had better go for the Bissell 9595a.

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