Bissell 86T3 vs BG10 Carpet Cleaner Comparison

In this comparison, you will find out the differences between the Bissell 86T3 vs BG10 carpet cleaners. While both of these machines are worthy of praise for their performance, there are a few things you should know before you buy. And while these machines are very similar, there are a few important detailed differences that will definitely influence your choice. Read below to find out which carpet cleaner you should get.

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Bissell 86T3 vs BG10 Carpet Cleaner Comparison

Size and appearance

Bissell 86T3 vs. BG10

Bissell 86T3 Carpet Cleaner

The Bissell 86T3 and BG10 are full-size vertical carpet cleaners from a company that go above and beyond to please customers. Each of these models is made of solid plastic, with a solid gray handle and a dark green color on the body of the mechanism. They also each feature translucent white reservoirs so that you can easily check their fill level to avoid completely depleting.

The Bissell BG10 is slightly heavier than the Bissell BG10, but only about 2 pounds. However, the cleaning path on these models is the same at around 10½ inches. These carpet cleaners are also corded, with a black cord on the Bissell 86T3 and a yellow cord on the Bissell BG10.


These corded carpet cleaners both operate with 12 amps of power. The power cord on the Bissell 86T3 is 25 feet. On the Bissell BG10, a 12-inch pigtail cord is present, but outperforms the Bissell 86T3 thanks to the 25-foot extension that comes with it. This is actually a good thing, with a lot of use the power cords can get damaged. The ability to replace an old cord with a new one will help you avoid costly cord repair.


Customers of the Bissell 86T3 and Bissell BG10 noted that these deep carpet cleaners performed exceptionally well. Customers of both noted that they each had 2 motors (I ran into some confusion about this). They noted that these units clean well, iron smoothly, and are rather easy to use despite their bulk. Unfortunately, this performance does not appear decline as time passes.


After turning on the machine and unplugging it, you need to empty the water tanks (both clean and dirty) and rinse them with hot water. For the Bissell 86T3, it’s also important to clean the hose, which can be easily done by simply removing it from the rest of the carpet cleaner and running water through both ends into a sink.


Both units are double tanks, one for clean water / solution. Both of these units have a tank capacity of almost 2 gallons. Customers both liked that clean water lasts a long time when cleaning, which means fewer refill trips. One notable complaint is that due to the location of the tanks – dirty at the top, clean at the bottom – you have to remove both tanks to fill the clean water. However, I think a lot of customers would complain if it was upside down (I guess a side to side would be best). The clean path that these models clean at a time is the same at 10.5 inches. The hose on the Bissell 86T3 is 9 feet while the Bissell BG10 has no hose function.


Most customers have given many compliments to these two machines, but for some durability was not one of them. For the Bissell 86T3 and Bissell BG10, it has been reported that after only about a year of use, some customers have found that these units break easily and their tanks start to leak. For the Bissell 86T3, however, it is not the end of the world since the warranty is five years. The Bissell BG10, on the other hand, is only covered for one year. It is certainly something to think about.

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Each of these carpet cleaners has an accessory to make them easier to use. For the Bissell 86T3, this feature comes in the form of a 9ft long cleaning hose to attach to the carpet cleaner while a hose is not supplied with the Bissell BG10. The Bissell BG10, however, comes with a 25-foot extension cord to extend the attached short cord by just 12 inches. For stubborn stains, the Bissell 86T3 also comes with a tinting tool that adapts perfectly to areas that may be a bit harder to reach.

Convenient Features

Bissell 86T3 vs. BG10

Bissell BG10 Carpet Cleaner

When in use, these carpet cleaners feature several features to help get the job done faster and better than their competition. Both feature edge-to-edge suction, allowing you to clean every corner of your carpet with just one swipe. They both have easy-to-see reservoirs, making it easy for you to check water levels. These tanks also lift off the units to allow easy filling and rinsing.

The Bissell 86T3 and Bissell BG10 are also convenient to store. With a foldable carrying handle, these large machines can be compacted a bit smaller for easy storage in a cleaning cupboard or the like. Another handy feature is that both of these carpet cleaners are available for purchase rather than rental.


The Bissell 86T3 is covered by a 5 year limited warranty while the Bissell BG10 is covered by a shorter limited warranty of only one year. If any of these products fail during regular use or start to show a factory defect, Bissell will help you resolve the issue as soon as you contact them. The Bissell 86T3’s longer warranty is important to note, as none of these machines are renowned for their durability.

Advantages and disadvantages

The Bissell 86T3 and the Bissell BG10 are both highly regarded for their job well done. Although these are extremely heavy machines, most customers said they were worth the inconvenience or were easy to maneuver anyway. While these are corded models, they also both have exceptionally long cords, so you’re not limited to where you can work. The Bissell 86T3 also comes with a hose and dye tool, unlike the Bissell BG10. However, this makes the Bissell BG10 slightly more economical, but not in a noticeable way.

Unfortunately, these machines also have certain drawbacks. The most pressing customer complaint is the poor durability of these units. Some customers have reported tank leaks or other rupture characteristics due to a lack of durability which seemed to show itself after about a year of use. This makes the Bissell BG10’s short warranty a problem, as issues can arise after the warranty has run out. I would definitely be wary of that. However, most customers seem to be generally satisfied with their choice.

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In truth, these two machines have a lot of similarities. They are almost the same size and both run on 12 amps. That’s why it’s the subtle differences that count and make the Bissell 86T3 the best choice. It has a longer warranty that will protect it from any durability issues and it comes with a few accessories to help you out. While the Bissell BG10 may be slightly more economical – at regular price (although a sale might change that) – that advantage is lost if you consider that you have to purchase all additional accessories separately – while waiving the longer warranty. .

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