Bissell 36z9 vs 17n4

On this page you will find out the differences between carpet cleaners in the Bissell 36z9 vs 17n4 comparison. These two Bissell carpet cleaners are great at what they do, so you’ve done right in narrowing your choices down to those two. These machines are very similar and the differences might not be so obvious at first, but we have researched these two models extensively to answer all the questions. Continue below.

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Bissell 36z9 vs 17n4: which carpet cleaner is right for you …?

Design and construction

Bissell 36z9 vs 17n4

Bissell 36z9

The Bissell 36z9 is the upgraded version of the 17n4, giving it better and improved features. However, there are basic design similarities between these two carpet cleaners. For starters, they both have a unique tank design. Here, the clean water used for cleaning and the dirty water sucked from the floor after cleaning are both stored in a tank. If you are concerned that this type of design will interfere with the efficiency of the cleaners, Bissell is implementing a bladder system to keep their machines efficient. The tank has a bladder bag, and this is where the clean water is stored. Dirty water sucked from the ground is retained in the space surrounding the bladder in the tank.

Both tanks have equal tank capacity. A decent number of users claim that the tank capacity is enough to clean a large space without having to continually refill the machine.

Both machines are designed with electric brushes for deep carpet cleaning. These brushes, better known as DirtLifter Power Brushes, are arranged in 12 rows and rotate back and forth for an optimal and powerful cleaning effect.

HeatWave technology

Both machines use HeatWave technology exclusive to a select line of Bissell carpet cleaners. This technology ensures that the hot water and cleaning solution put into the tank to clean the carpet is kept warm at a constant temperature. Several users report that this feature makes cleaning easier and more efficient, and also saves them from constantly filling the hot water tank. Very few users said they would have preferred heating technology to keep the water hot rather than just hot.

EdgeSweep Technology

The EdgeSweep technology built into these machines allows them to clean your carpets right down to the edges of the floor. This is done via Bissell’s patented EdgeSweep brushes designed on the sides of the machines.

The Bissell 36z9 has more efficient edge cleaning thanks to its larger EdgeSweep brushes than the 17n4.


Both Bissell cleaners are silver in color. But while the Bissell 36z9 comes with purple accents, the 17n4 has green accents.


There really isn’t a major weight difference between these two machines, as the 36z9 weighs at most half a pound more than the 17n4.

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Use area and cleaning width

As the name suggests, these “carpet cleaners” are intended for use on carpets and not on bare hardwood floors. They can also be used on other surfaces such as your upholstery and stairs via special tools and accessories.

They both have a large cleaning width, which allows users to clean faster, as a single pass of the machine covers a wide area.

CleanShot function

The CleanShot is one of the defining characteristics of the 36z9 which proves its superiority over the 17n4. To clean extremely stubborn or stubborn stains, a concentrated solution should be applied to this area for best results. The CleanShot feature of the 36z9 means that users do not have to interrupt their cleaning, get the solution and apply it to the desired location (s) and resume their cleaning process. With one push of the designated trigger, the 36z9 injects the required solution onto the stubborn stain without interrupting the cleaning process.

Nozzle design

The 36z9 has a metal reinforced front nozzle, which makes it more durable and long lasting. The 17n4 does not have this functionality. However, a slightly improved version of the 17n4, known as 17n4P, has this extra durable nozzle feature.

Animal hair basket

Both machines are equipped with an animal hair basket to effectively trap cleaned animal hair from your carpet, upholstery or stairs. This is to prevent the tufts of hair from mixing with the dirty water in the tank and also clogging the cleaning nozzles and openings.

Drying function

A large percentage of users praised both carpet cleaners for their ability to effectively remove excess water left on carpets after cleaning. This is made possible by the peripheral suction function designed in the machines. It sucks up water quickly and reduces the drying time of your rugs.

Tools and Attachments

Bissell 36z9 vs 17n4

Bissell 17n4

The Bissell 36z9 and 17n4P are equipped with a stain trapping tool. The tool is specially designed to remove any form of animal waste from your carpet and store it in a specially designed container. To dispose of it, just open the tool container and dispose of the waste. The containment system of this stain trapping tool prevents the main machine from being contaminated with your pet’s waste.

In place of the spot trapping tool found in the 36z9 and 17n4P models, the Bissell 17n4 features a deep reach tool. When placed on your carpet, the tool’s needles dig deep into the carpet and help remove deeply encrusted stains.

The 36z9 and 17n4 also come with a heavy duty dye tool. The Model 17n4, meanwhile, sacrifices the dye tool in exchange for a longer stair tool to help effectively clean your stairs.

Each of these tools comes pre-packaged with their respective machines. However, they can also be purchased separately.

Cleaning formula

A bottle of Bissell’s cleaning formula is included in the packaging for the 36z9 and 17n4 machines upon purchase. The 17n4P, on the other hand, comes with 3 bottles of cleaning solution.


Both machines are rated at 6.2 amps, 120V AC.


Both Bissell carpet cleaners come with a 3 year limited warranty.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Bissell 36z9


  • Large drying capacity
  • Large tank capacity
  • Can clean the edges of the floor comfortably
  • Larger EdgeSweep brushes
  • Has CleanShot function for stubborn stains
  • More durable nozzle
  • Large cleaning width

The inconvenients

  • Insufficient cord length

Advantages and disadvantages of the Bissell 17n4


  • Large drying capacity
  • Large tank capacity
  • Can clean the edges of the floor comfortably
  • Large cleaning width

The inconvenients

  • Smaller EdgeSweep brushes
  • No CleanShot function
  • Insufficient cord length

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Summary and recommendation

As for the two carpet cleaners (Bissell 36z9 vs 17n4) in this comparison, I should go for the 36z9. And there are several reasons for this. These Bissell machines are both great buys, but the 36z9 is the superior machine. This is the upgraded model and as such there is a price difference associated with these upgrades. However, the price difference is not too great at regular price (a sale could make this price difference even less). But what really sealed my choice was that the Bissell 36z9 comes equipped with the CleanShot feature which applies a concentrated application of carpet cleaner to tough stains. In addition, the 36z9 has a metal reinforced nozzle head.

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