Bissell 3583 vs 9595 Cleanview Comparison

On this page you will learn about the differences and similarities between the Bissell 3583 vs 9595 CleanView vacuum cleaners. These machines are very similar, however, the differences (however few) are significant. Continue reading below to find out which of these machines will ultimately work the best for you.

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Comparison of Bissell 3583 vs 9595 CleanView vacuums


Bissell 3583 vs. 9595

Bissell 3583 Cleanview vacuum

The Bissell 3583 and 9595 belong to the range of upright vacuums and are both corded. Despite the lack of the wireless function of newer machines, these machines are easily portable. Both receive high praise in the look departments because of their sleek and sleek designs.

Bissell 3583, at 17 pounds, weighs a little more than Bissell 9595, which weighs around 15 pounds. However, when it comes to upright vacuums, they are both easy to maneuver and use.

Suction and power

These vacuums use Bissell’s proprietary OnePass technology. This explains the powerful suction of the machines allowing you to clean efficiently. The vast majority of customers have positive feedback on the suction maintained by these two machines. Bissell also uses 12 amp multicyclonic suction, which shows very good dirt pickup by these vacuums. Rather than having to vacuum the same area multiple times like other machines, these two models have proven to clean faster and with far fewer passes. Even after attaching the hose to the main unit, there is no significant loss of suction power as other vacuum cleaners of this type show.

Brush roll design

While both of these vacuums feature an innovative 13.5-inch rotating brush roll, a few customers are disappointed with the lack of a brush on / off switch. The brush roll gets a high score for its ability to remove embedded dirt, as well as soft bristles that won’t damage your parquet. In addition, cleaning animal hair can be done effectively with these machines, although it is tedious to regularly remove the hairs stuck in the brush. A few customers also report that larger debris is sometimes blown away due to the constant operation of the motor brush.

Dust capacity

Since they are both bagless vacuums, you save the hassle of replacing the bag every few months.

The Bissell 3583 has an Easy Empty dirt tank. With the push of a button, the dust container can be easily emptied. The Bissell 9595 also comes with a similar, easy-to-use dust container with a generous capacity of 2.2 liters. This means less frequent emptying of the dirt tank.

Both models don’t have a dirt sensor to indicate it’s time to empty the dirt tank.

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Filtration system

With the HEPA multifiltration system in both models, Bissell assures its customers a powerful and efficient filtration system. The filtration system is advanced and limits the presence of allergens in your home. These machines come with Bissell’s special Febreeze filter that keeps the air in your home clean. Both machines are equipped with a pre-motor filter and a post-motor filter. The post-engine filter, which cleans out the air coming out, is not washable and should be replaced every three to six months depending on your usage. The pre-motor filter located on top of the dirt tank is easily washable. Slightly more expensive than regular HEPA filters, you can replace the filters with Febreeze filters or regular filters, depending on your preference.

Both machines do not have the Clean Filter indicator which can indicate the time to clean the filter.


Both models, Bissell 3583 and Bissell 9595, come with an almost similar set of accessory tools. These include the TurboBrush tool, crevice tool, dusting brush, and extension.

The 5-inch-wide TurboBrush roller features an innovative rotating action that makes it easy to clean everything including curtains, sofas or upholstery. As the name suggests, the crevice tool helps ensure that hard-to-reach nooks and crannies stay clean. The dusting brush can be used to remove dust from furniture. The extension can be extended to a length of 11 inches allowing for longer reach.

With the Bissell 9595 you also get an additional Febreeze filter replacement. Bissell 3583 does not come with additional filters. Additional accessory tools can be purchased separately for each vacuum according to your needs, but this increases the cost.

Additional features

Bissell 9595 Cleanview

One area where the Bissell 3583 wins over the Bissell 9595 is its automatic power cord rewind. This is an exceptional feature of the Bissell 3583. With the push of a button, the 25-foot-long cord automatically retracts and there is no need to manually loop it. Although the Bissell 9595 has a similar length of power cord, it lacks this automatic retractable feature.

The Bissell 3583 and Bissell 9595 have 5 different height settings. This implies effective cleaning for all types of flooring. They also come with a 6 foot long hose that makes it easy to clean and vacuum areas above the ground.

Double edge cleaning is a feature of both cleaners – there are additional long brushes with suction along the sides of the cleaning path.


A large number of customer reviews mention the easy handling of these lightweight vacuum cleaners. The Bissell 3583 and 9595 do not have the swivel head which makes it easy to turn the machine in any direction. Despite this, customers do not find operability a problem.

Customers report that they are best suited for cleaning carpets. Due to the lack of an on / off switch for the brush roll, cleaning the bare floor can be a problem. No particular concerns were raised about the noise level of either machine, making them perfect for households with babies or toddlers.

Overall, the machines perform very well with the Bissell 3583’s automatic retractable cord considered a big plus in its favor.


According to customer feedback, no complicated assembly is involved with these models. All you need is a simple screwdriver to tighten the screws and your machine is ready to go.


For unknown reasons, Bissell offers a different warranty period on these two products. The Bissell Model 3583 vacuum comes with a 3 year limited warranty, while a 2 year warranty period is offered on the Bissell 9595.

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In my opinion, when it comes to the Bissell 9595a vs 1330 cleanview product comparison, you end up with an easy decision. They are almost identical with a few minor differences. The biggest difference being that the 9595 has a more powerful motor, 12.5 amps versus 10 amps.

The most noticeable difference is the color schemes. The Bissell 9595a is black and purplish, and the 1330 is black and orange. Additionally, the 1330 has a transparent base housing that covers the brush while the 9595’s brush is not visible in the upright position. The 1330 is slightly, like very slightly heavier. The difference is tiny, less than half a pound of difference.

The 9595 is more powerful than the 1330, but the performance difference will be minimal. If I was the one choosing, I would go for the 9595a (as long as you don’t mind the color). Why buy the less powerful and heavier vacuum cleaner, especially if the prices are close to each other?

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