Best Miata Coilovers 2020- Top Rated Coilovers For Miata

Coilover is the abbreviation for “coil-over shock absorber”. It is a suspension device for a vehicle that helps reduce the load on a vehicle while it changes directions. The coilovers in a vehicle lower the centre of gravity which stiffens the vehicle thereby reducing the weight. Thus, coilovers form an integral part of a vehicle. It is found in all sorts of cars- from passenger cars to RC cars, racing cars, etc.

Coilovers are of two types- full coilovers and slip-on coilovers. The names can allow us to make assumptions about their usefulness already. Full-on coilovers are manufactured in factories where it is paired with a shock absorber to give you a smoother ride in your car whereas, with the latter, the springs and dampers have to be purchased separately and then assembled.


Miata is the famous Mazda MX-5 car. It is a two-wheeler roadster sports car with a front mid-engine and a rear-wheel-drive layout. This car is manufactured by Mazda in its plant in Hiroshima. This car has differing names with respect to the regions where it is sold. For example-, it is known as Mazda Roadster or Eunos Roadster in Japan while in North America it is known as Mazda MX-5 Miata.


The car is most known for its high-tech designing with its dynamic balance yet minimalistic complex outlook. The invention of this car is an inspiration taken from the Italian and British sports car, Lotus Etan of the 1950s-60s. This car with its features stood out in the global market and became the best selling two-wheeler sports car with a production exceeding 1 million as reported in early 2016.


The car has four generations available in the market viz, NA(1989), NB(1999), NC(2006) and ND(2015). An overview of the car would include the following features- firstly, the body was lightweight and has detachable front and rear subframes. The car has a longitudinal truss that provides a connection between the engine and the differential. This connection was crucial for minimizing flex and responsive handling. The car had neutral handling due to an equivalent front/ rear weight. Oversteering the car was impressively controllable and easy, which attracted all the customers to this car who indulged in amateur and stock racing. Certain versions of the Miata have limited-slip differentials and an anti-locking braking system. The NC and ND models had traction control in them as well.


The Miata has bought several awards to itself including the Wheels’ Magazine Car of the Year award in 1989, 2005 and 2016. Thus, this was a wholesome car during its launch and with the progressive models, it still stands out as one of the best.



This article is focused on bringing you the best Miata coilovers for your car to smoothen your experience while riding it.


1# Yonaka Compatible with 1989-1998 Mazda Miata MX5 MX-5 Spec 2 Full Coilovers

Yonaka Compatible with 1989-1998 Mazda Miata

This Coilover comes with 28 levels adjustable dampening and since it is a full Coilover it has a fully threaded monotube shock absorber. This product allows height adjusting with negligible spring compression. The threaded bottom area of the shock helps in adjusting the height without having to shorten the suspension travel. Adding more to the list, it has an inner bump stop that prevents any damage to be caused due to rapid compressions.


A rubber dust shield protects the piston for a long time and ensures smooth functioning of the Coilover. This product is best suited for the Mazda Miata 1989 model.



  • 28 level adjustable techniques
  • Rubber dust shield protector
  • Inner bump stop
  • Height adjustment without spring compression



  • Flexibility issues while adjusting
  • Restricted compatibility


2# Tein GSM64-8USS2 Coilover Suspension Kit

This Coilover from Tein is compatible with the Mazda Miata NA6C and NA8C (1990-98) and NB8C(1995-2005) which shows how flexible the product is. For all the three models that it supports it gives a varying range of height adjustment facilities.  The product has a fully sealed damper structure and a threadlike adjusting mechanism. With the help of twin tubes, it provides more durability and smooth compression of the Coilover thus giving you a great ride. A dust boot protects the piston from any damage and keeps alien substances from reaching the shock absorber. The springs used in the product’s manufacturing are sag-free and show great resilience and are made of premium quality steel. Moreover, the product uses OE mounts which are non-EDFC compatible providing durability and long-lasting assurance of the Coilover. To lessen your worries the product is inculcated with rust protection contents.



  • Piston is protected
  • Compatibility with various models
  • Fully sealed damper
  • Sag free springs
  • Rust protection available


  • Needs assembling the product manually
  • Moderate adjustment


3# Godspeed(MSS0150) MonoSS Coilover For Mazda Miata

Compatible with Mazda Miata NA and NB(1990-2205), this product has a 2.75” extended top hat to provide more shock-absorbing for the rear strut of the vehicle. The product contains a 52mm  stainless steel monotube with 16 levels of damping adjustment which allows smooth rides every time you use the vehicle. The piston provides smooth strokes and has been designed by Koyo Japan 6204z and comes with powder-coated aluminium and carbon steel accessories. The product further has an independent spring tension and height adjustment with a shock oil of high viscosity index. More so, to be budget-friendly the shock absorber can be rebuilt once it gets worn out. The easy adjustments that the product allows one to do makes it a users favourite.



  • Enhanced versatility as it supports a wide range of the car
  • Extended top hat for more shock absorbing
  • Rebuildable shock absorber
  • Smooth piston



  • Fewer damping adjustments


4# Megan EZ Street Coilovers 90-05 Mazda Miata

This Coilover is compatible with Mazda Miata from the years 1990-2005 which includes mainly the NA and NB model. The product comes with 15 damping structures adjustable. To ensure safety and efficiency, the Coilover has aluminium brackets that are combined with rubber inserts and rubber dust covers for extra protection against rusting. It has a monotube installed in the Coilover gives high-quality shock-absorbing to ensure safer rides. The kit comes with all required hardware included so you don’t have to worry about making extra purchases.



  • Compatible with a variety of models of Miata
  • High-quality shock absorbing
  • Easy adjustments
  • All hardware included



  • Fewer damping adjustments allowed


5# BC Racing BR Series Coilovers 89-05 MAZDA Miata

This product is compatible with a wide range of models of Mazda Miata. It supports all models from the year 1989 to 2005 proving its versatility. This Coilover is best suited for street driving and occasional road courses. The product has easily accessible adjustable knobs for fine-tuning compression and rebound. Moreover, the height adjustment is free of shock strokes and spring preload making the product more efficient than ever. The product has preset ride heights so the rider is independent to choose at which height it will rest and to ensure a secure ride, it comes with a concave lower locking ring that keeps the Coilover in place. Furthermore, the product offers front camber plates to facilitate the right alignment setup.


It has a monotube with shock-absorbing design and offers 30 damping adjustments. Moreover, it has a linear piston and damping curve with rebuildable parts to reduce your maintenance costs. It comes with custom rear camber plates as well in some applicable kits.



  • Supports a wide range of models
  • Easy access to knobs
  • No preset rife height
  • Front camber plates
  • Shock absorbing monotube



  • Certain features not applicable to all products


6# Skunk2 (541-10-1100) Pro ST Coilover for Miata

 Skunk2 (541-10-1100) Pro ST Coilover for Miata

This Coilover is best suited for regular driving. It has a micro-polished monotube design with shock-absorbing capacities to safeguard your daily rides. It also has oversized shafts and pistons all forged into a single piece that make the product ultra-durable and strong. The product offers 12 shock valve adjustability aiming to strike a balance between daily driving and street use. The height adjustments offered are independent of spring preload and helps maintain suspension travel on lowered vehicles to make no compromises on comfort. The stylishly designed coilovers give your vehicle an extra edgy look and for anybody who wants to flaunt their coilovers, this is your deal.



  • Made into a single price for more durability
  • Stylish
  • Independent height adjustment
  • Allows daily driving



  • Fewer damping adjustments offered


7# Bilstein 47-121225 B14 Series PSS Lowering Kit

Bilstein 47-121225 B14 Series

The product can be used with a variety of Mazda models mainly from 2004-12 versions. It offers height adjustability and a monotube damper with matched springs for specific applications. The product has a threaded body coated with zinc and provides extreme flexibility to adjust the vehicle to the required ride height. The product also ensures the safety of the vehicle from any accidents on road and thus can be trusted with. It has an aluminium spring seat and a lock nut allowing selective adjustments only and this spring seat remains pre-loaded through these adjustments.



  • Zinc coated
  • High-quality aluminium spring and lock nut
  • The threaded body allows easy adjustment
  • Versatile as it supports many Mazda models



  • Not fulling adjusting damping system
  • Selective height adjustments


8# Eibach 5536.712 Multi-Pro-R1 Coil-Over System

Multi-Pro-R1 Coil-Over System

This Eibach Coilover comes with a 46mm piston with monotube design and has a remote reservoir to obtain maximum track performance. The body of the product is made of stainless steel providing extreme durability and preventing the product from corrosion. More so, it allows easy ride height adjustments and even an additional feature of corner weight adjustability for better handling balance. Having said that, the product comes with a single adjustable rebound and compression damping system. The spring rates of this product can be tuned with the help of a wide range of Motornage Eibach ERS springs that can be bought separately. This suspension provided by this product is best for club racers who need high performance and optimum ride quality.



  • Allows corner weight adjustment for better balance
  • Stainless steel body
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Single adjustable rebound and compression damping structure
  • Best suited for club ravers



  • Need to buy extra springs separately for tuning


9# Rev9 R9-HS2-021 Hyper-Street II Coilover Suspension Lowering Kit

Coilover Suspension Lowering Kit

This Coilover comes with a camber plate with pillow balls and has a standard mount top. It offers 32 ways of adjusting the damping structure. The coil kit comes with shock absorbers that help lower the vehicle in the right manner without an ounce of scratch. The product is further accompanied by a monotube shock having a steel alloy body and an independent spring tension of ride height adjustment to enhance stiffness while adjusting the ride height. The product’s ride height has to be adjusted separately. It allows 32 clicks of valving and rebound to fine-tune the settings of the product allowing flexible adjustments. Thus, this product is overall very efficient and can prove to be a great deal.



  • Shock absorbent coil prevents an accident
  • Monotube allows proper lowering of the vehicle
  • The Independent spring tension of ride height adjustment
  • 32 click of valving and rebound



  • No installation instructions are given


10# Coilovers for Mazda Miata

Coilovers for Mazda Miata MX5

This product goes with Mazda Miata models from 1989-2005 showing impressive flexibility and versatility. It provides an adjustable damper force allowing 24 adjusting techniques and also an adjustable ride height but not an adjustable camber place. The products consist of two front pieces and two rear pieces. The product also has an adjustable preload spring tension and a high tensile performance spring ensuring the best performance of the vehicle. Most of the parts of the product are made up of aluminium to provide excellent strength and durability and all the parts come with rubber boots to protect the damper and keep it clean from any dust, etc. This product can be a fairly impressive deal for your vehicle.



  • Versatile due to compatibility with various models
  • Adjustable pre-load spring tension
  • Made up of aluminium for strength
  • Rubber boots keep it clean



  • No camber plate adjustment
  • No bump stops




Therefore, we can see that there are a variety of coilovers giving services to ensure smooth rides in your Miata. It is best preferred if your Miata Coilover is versatile and supports varying models of Miata so that you don’t have to keep purchasing different coilovers for different models that you might purchase. It saves you a lot of money and effort. Moreover, a product with a greater number of damper adjusts is best for optimum utilization of the product’s services. Therefore, it is in your best interests if you go thoroughly through the product’s specifications.

The given list of the best Miata coilovers serves as a great guide for your path to buying a Coilover.  Choose the ones best suited to your needs and have a safe and enjoyable ride.

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