Best LED lanterns for camping

If you are a camper, you may agree that every camper always should take a good, portable light source with him or her during camping. In this addition, camping is an exciting way to enjoy outdoors sleeping under the stars. In this case, though starlight provides good illumination yet LED lanterns are the best way to get light inside the tent. At the beginning, you should think about how to find the best LED lanterns for camping while you are planning to go.

After watching movies most of the people thought all you need for lighting is a campfire. But in reality the great outdoors will be a pretty dark place at night. Especially when you are coming back from a night out to your tent. For this reason, the smartest decision is to take a LED lantern with you during camping. One simple LED lantern will help you put off a great amount of light without adding too much weight to your gear. Isn’t it one of the best available carry able options for you?

Well, here in this article, I will try to introduce different kind of lights that will help you creating a comfortable, safe and well-lit camping environment for you.

How to Choose the Best LED Lights

Whenever you go, online or want to research for the best ultra bright LED lantern you will surely meet multiple of choices. So that moment it’s difficult to go for a specific one. Although you feel overwhelmed, you should not buy just one product at its first glance.

You should know there are a number of considerations while buying a LED camping lantern. So after a long research I get some important features that lead you to buy the best lanterns of your needs. I put priority on the number of batteries, the number of hours it can operate, the amount of light emitted etc. So let’s see what are those features-

Brightness Should Be the First Concern: In this term of rechargeable lantern reviews, you may agree with me too much brightness could be disconcerting. On the other hand, too dull a light should not be ideal for the exciting family meal. With this mind, the LED camping lanterns will allow you to regulate the power of illumination so that you can use lumens for your individual purposes. Usually, group chat and dinner require more lumen whereas solo meals and reading can accomplish in a light of low radiance.

Adjustability Setting: It’s really good to choose an ultra bright LED lantern that allows you modify its functionality based on the needs of the environment. In this addition, the adjustability settings most needed for them who are outdoors and needs brightness that is more powerful. Besides this, you will also like to have this using for inside the tent. It will be best if you can have it dimmed for you to sleep properly.

Space is a Concern: Sometimes space is a concern. As you will not get a lot of space inside your tent or you might be thinking about carrying more than one light that moment you should think about size. When you don’t have enough room a compact, lightweight torch is a nice alternative to buy. In effect, you can hang these lights from your rucksack, which is the benefit. In general, most of the camping lights offer 200s or 300s lumen whereas many campsites feel sufficient to use lanterns of 1000 lumens.

Check the Lumens: Do you know what it refers?Okay, I tell you the lumen rating on a lantern tells you how wide an area the lantern illuminates. It will be obviously as like the higher the number of lumens, the wider the area. In a research, I found a majority of the lumens of camping lights frequently run in 200s or 300s. This amount of lumen considered sufficient for many campsites while other lanterns go up to 1000 lumens.

Read the Benefits of LED Camping Lanterns

There are many questions cross in mind when you think of buying camping lanterns. It often asks won’t it just be an additional weight to your camping gear. Or isn’t it just an additional expense? So to clear all those stupid questions lets know about the amazing benefits of it-

● You will be happy to know all the LED camping lanterns are the minimal current draw, so you can save power energy. Many lanterns come with an excellent battery, which doesn’t even need for replacement and last for a long time.

● If you compare these lights with other camping lanterns, these LED lanterns will be the winner. This is because of the excellent light output. It doesn’t matter you use it for inside or outside the tent, the matter is it will provide you the exact illumination that you need

● Comparing with other types, these are easy to use. Alongside it is environment-friendly and does not produce exhaust.

● Next benefit is it is safe to use even when there are kids around. As the best rechargeable camping lights don’t produce heat so there will never be a risk of fire. On top of that, these are long lasting. From a research of, it gets to know the LED lanterns are ten times longer lasting compared to lanterns that use traditional incandescent bulbs.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Reader Question: Would the camping LED lanterns bright enough to see clothing or other things in a small closet?

Answer: Yes, the LED lanterns are bright enough to pick clothing out in a closet.

Reader Question: How many lights would we need to light up a 10*10 ezup to craft shows at night?

Answer: For really good lighting, its recommended to use one on each corner.

Reader Question: What is the true weight of one light with batteries?

Answer: With batteries, still hardly any weight to them, still very light.

Our Recommended Top 5 Best LED Lanterns

We have spent a lot of time in choosing some specific best models that will surely help you in camping. So after a long research, we have shortlisted top five best-LED lanterns for power outages. These are really worth considering and have all those features that make them better than most of their competitors. You can try them out.

1 of 5. UST 30-day Lantern

If you are just hoping to enjoy the outdoors or want to go camping, you must have to take a reliable source of light with you. In that case, we recommend using UST 30-day lantern as our favourite best rechargeable led lantern.

The beauty of this UST 30-day lantern is its versatility. Most of the tests and reviews of our team proved it is strong enough for the most rugged adventures.

In this addition, the rubberized top and base have survived multiple falls from the back. Besides this, the removable globe has done an excellent job resisting scratches. You will find an O-ring to seal the battery compartment and another O-ring for sealing the globe to the base.

In effect, both of them have proved themselves to seal the body against moderate rainstorms. While flashlights and headlamps are okay for looking for items or hiking down a trail, UST 30-day Lantern is a perfect choice to illuminate more than a small area.


  • Waterproof and easy to use.
  • Easily carry able anywhere.
  • Useful to guide in the darkness.
  • Can go for 32 hours’ continuous use on high mode.
  • Removable globe provides forward area light.
  • Go for 30 days on low settings.


  • Not that much good for next to bed late night help
  • Few complaints came for the size of the lantern.

2 of 5. Goal Zero Portable Lantern

The thing made this Goal Zero 32001 Lighthouse 250 Portable Lantern different from others is it powered by solar energy. With this in mind, it is an eco-friendly choice because here doesn’t exist any toxic battery.

By the way, it is also an economical choice since it uses the energy of the sun and stores it for its power. It is one of the best outdoor solar lights that are easy to use.

All you need to plug the USB cord into a power source or solar charger and see it is ready to use. In the hope that has, it comes out 250 lumens on the 360-degree setting.

If you check the official website of Goal Zero you will see they mention the light will stay lit for 12 hours on a high setting and 48 hours on a low setting with one side lit. But if you want to use them with both sides lit they will run for 24 hours on low and six hours on high. On a180-degree setting, the best rechargeable camping lantern will last for 50 hours and puts out a nice soft light which is easy to look at.


  • Adjustable brightness levels are beneficial for saving power.
  • Excellent for emergencies, adventures and nightstand lighting.
  • Easily portable with folded legs.
  • Energy-saving requires no batteries or fuel.
  • Maximum run time 48 hours on low power.


  • Few customers mentioned it as a costly choice.
  • Takes a long time to charge otherwise works well.

3 of 5. Ultimate Survival Technologies 6-AA Lantern

UST is one of the most well-known names in camping equipment. To start with, it is a great way to get the light you need and want at the campsite and inside the tent too. It has the ability to run 10 days continuously on low and 26 hours continuously on high.

Further, it has a built-in recessed hook at lantern base for hanging as a downlight. In particular, the LEDs remain cool to the touch. As a result, there is no possibility of burning or falling in danger with it. Its lifetime Nichia 2x1W LED bulbs are unbreakable. Another reason for recommending this product is durability. If you are looking for a bright, clean light then the rechargeable lights for home is perfect for you.


  • Rubberized housing enhances impact resistance.
  • Provide up to 250 lumens.
  • Can run continuously for 10 days.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • One of the brightest lights comes, super construction.
  • An ideal emergency light.


  • No voltage regulation.
  • After using, a long time might require replacement.

4 of 5. Streamlight 44931 the Siege Lantern

This is another good option you can try on. The first thing you will like is the ergonomic design of the handle. You can position it up or lockdown when it’s not in use.

Moreover, the size is just perfect for any camper. Your hand will perfectly fit when you need to carry it. Most of the customers gave it a high rate for its versatility.

The reason behind this there are several modes here, you can use them depending on the intensity of light that you need. At the highest setting, it functions at 340 lumens. Alongside it has normal lighting modes as well as signal mode whereas the red light symbolizes the signal for help.


  • Well-designed handles, good for locking in Upright or Stowed position.
  • Durable and several lighting modes.
  • Incorporate with D-Rings on top and bottom to hang it.
  • Provide an extended run time of 295 hours.
  • Feature four white C4 LEDs and one RED C4 LED to preserve night vision.


  • Brightness could improve more.
  • Batteries are not that much satisfactory.

5 of 5. AYL Starlight Ultra Bright LED Lantern

It is one of the reliable Ultra Bright LED lanterns in the market now. With this intention, it includes a lightweight and shockproof design. It is water-resistant and has three lighting modes (high, low and strobe).

You will definitely like this due to its removable convex reflector cap. Moreover, its convex reflector cap provides 360 degrees of lighting and allows more focused lighting as well. Nonetheless, its hook at the bottom makes it easy to set up anywhere you go.

On top of that, it is water-resistant and the watertight body has plastic moulding and rubber cover. So you don’t have to worry about its ultimate water resistance.


  • Guarantee of giving crystal clear lights.
  • Ensure six full day’s power.
  • Lightweight shockproof design and water-resistant.
  • Setting anywhere is easy.
  • Multiple modes available, use depending on your needs.


  • Poor battery replacement procedure.
  • Difficulties in re-installing the bottom battery compartment.

Editor’s Pick (Highly Recommended)

As you can see, there are different types of choices available for camping LED lanterns this creates confusion among users. You can buy any of them according to your needs. Our team of experts made a personal test and score their reviews.

So after completing long research we would like to give the best camping lanterns award to Streamlight 44931 Siege Lantern. The reason behind this, it is compact, lightweight and has an ergonomic design that made thousands of customer’s satisfaction.

As our main concern was the portability and durability, it wins all our expectations. A camping lantern should not be bigger enough to carry around. The more it compact and lightweight the more it is easy to carry during night walks around in a campground in the dark.

The handle of the lantern made the real difference. It is just perfect to grab or hang on pipes in the camp restroom, tree branches or anywhere.

The price of this might seem a bit high still if you compare this with the similar ranges light you will surely feel for it. Above all, this proved to be a versatile rechargeable camping lantern for all campers.

On the other hand, if you want to go for a cheap one as a beginner then Ultimate Survival Technologies 6-AA lantern or AYL Starlight deserves a try. Regardless of the price is not a concern at all, you must test one of the most popular Goal Zero 32001 lanterns.

By the way, Goal Zero is an eco-friendly portable lantern that comes powered by solar energy. This made it different from the other camping lights in the market. Explore more of this camping lantern’s features over here.

Bottom Line

​There are different sizes, colours, weights and fuel types are available for LED lanterns. But what will be the best-LED lanterns will depend on how you use it, how often you use it or who will be using it.

Whenever you go for a backpacking camping trip or a drive-up campsite always, make sure you are taking a good quality LED lanterns with you. Therefore, whatever you choose, try to take time on matching up your specific needs. Rather We would recommend trying one of those above stated LED lanterns, which are durable, portable and easy to use.

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