Best GPS Trackers for Pets – Cats And Dogs Collar

Wearable technology is now more advanced than ever. Wearable gadgets aren’t just for human now you can use this technology for your pets (cat and dog). Pet Wearable industry is developing very fast every year new companies taking place in the market and offering various types of products just for animals such as pet fitness tracker, pet tracker, pet GPS tracker etc.

Wearable Trackers monitor changes in pet’s behaviour, try to figure out health issues and continuously track cat or dog and alert you whenever they cross precise location you have set.

Best GPS Trackers for Pets

Your pets can be fitted up easily with fitness tracking collars and GPS trackers, which gives you peace of mind that your pets are saved, secure and healthy.

Before digging further we have to know that how GPS Pet Trackers works? How much do they cost? How long they keep my cat and dog safe? Which pet trackers are best? Today we will discuss in detailed. We have created a unique list of Best GPS Trackers for Pets 2017.

There are 2 types of Pet GPS devices are available GSM GPS Trackers and Radio Trackers.

Pet GPS Trackers

GPS Trackers helps you to locate anything you love in real-time. Basically GPS Trackers work through Cellular Networks and you can view tracking the history of passed several days.

Radio Trackers

Radio Trackers is outdated technology and have been used for decades. Radio Trackers devices are free from the monthly subscription. It is notable that the more you spend the greater your coverage area will be. Radio Trackers are usually available between $100-$1000.

We compiled best-trusted GPS trackers for pets in a list which helps you to find and track your dog or cat’s activity in real-time. here is the list….

Brand Weight Dimensions
Garmin Astro 320 GPS Collar 1.15 pounds 1.4 inches, 2.4 inches, 6.3 inches Check Price
The Paw Tracker 40g 47mm x 50mm x 15mm Check Price
Whistle 3 Pet Tracker 0.92 oz Width – 1.45″, Height – 1.82″, Thickness – 0.61″
POD 3 GPS PET TRACKER 31g / 1.1oz Length 52mm / 2 ”, Diameter 25mm / 0.9 ” Check Price
WÜF Check Price
Tractive GPS Pet Tracker 35g(1.2oz) 51mm x 41mm x 15mm Check Price

Garmin Astro 320 GPS Collar

There is no doubt that Garmin Products are awesome and their dog tracking systems work well in all type of conditions. In earlier days Garmin devices were available for humans only but now Garmin GPS products are available for pets (cat and dogs) as well.

Garmin GPS Collar and their handlers specially made for hunting dogs. Garmin Astro 320 has the ability to track 10 pooches in a row through a handheld device.

Garmin pet tracker GPS collar has a great ability to track dogs from 4 to 9 miles away depending on which compatible collars you use. Astro 320 is not a live tracking device and gives you location alerts after every five seconds instead of continuously. Garmin Astro 320 is the best tracking device in our list because it can capable to track multiple dogs at the same time.

    • Astro 320 can work 4- to 9-miles.
    • Capable to save 1.7 GB memory/history.
    • Garmin GPS Tracker can tracks up to 10 dogs simultaneously.
  • Garmin Tracking Collar is so expensive.
  • No Live Tracking owner will get updates every 5 seconds.

The Paw Tracker Cat And Dog Collar

Here is paw tracker review The Paw Tracker is a USA based company with good customer support usually reply in a few hours. They use GPS satellites to determine the pet’s location.

Those peoples who are interested in Paw Tracker can buy this product directly from their site. They are also selling pet tracker devices on Amazon and eBay.

Paw Tracker has a very unique design and comes up with 3 different colours. Pet tracker application is available for 2 big platforms iOS and Android.

Lightweight paw tracker is a very good choice for those cat or dog owners who loves their pets. If you purchase this pet tracker from their official site then it comes with pre-activated SIM card and you won’t need to change your cellular plan. (Except on eBay and Amazon)

    • Good customer support usually replies in a few hours.
    • Good user interface + PawTracker app is available for both iOS and Android users.
    • Good battery backup up to 2 days.
  • Limited coverage area no worldwide usage this pet tracker works only in the United States, Canada and Mexico.
  • PawTrackers only can works with T-Mobile on 2G network. For more information please check T-Mobile Coverage Map.


Waterproof Marco Polo Advanced Pet Tracking system is the best choice to keep your cat or dog safe and let them enjoy all the activities they love. This Advanced Pet Tracking system is available in all sizes whether your dog or cat is small or big you can get it any size you want.

Suitable for largest dogs to the smallest dogs and for those cats who have collar length of 7 inches or more. The good thing about MARCO POLO Tracking System is that you have to pay a one-time purchasing fee.

    • Set boundary for your pets and get a notification whenever they cross it.
    • No monthly subscription required once you purchase you don’t have to pay on a monthly basis.
    • Long battery life lasts up to 45 days.
  • Unfortunately, they don’t offer any type of Android or iOS mobile app.
  • MARCO POLO collar tracking range is up to 2 miles.

Whistle 3 Tagg GPS Pet Tracker

Whistle GPS Tracker uses the Cellular network to determine your pet’s location. The whistle was founded in 2012 and they introduce the first GPS tracking collar which was connected to an app to monitor pet’s location and activity.

The whistle is the best way to track a pet’s current location and health remotely. The good thing about Whistle is its lightweight design and weight of 1.3 ounces. Cellular GPS connected collar keep an eye on your pet’s location all over the U.S.

Whistle activity monitor for dogs and cats has a quick recharge feature that fully charges collar battery in just one hour. You can test this device for next 30 days after purchase if you don’t like it they offered you 30-day money-back guarantee option, in case you don’t like their brand.

    • Track your pet wherever you want with latest live GPS technology.
    • Get notification alerts when your pet went away from the boundary you have set.
    • Health feature in whistle collar lets you set goals for pets who need to lose their weight and track how much exercise they’re getting each day.
  • Some people reported that whistle live tracking is not working properly.
  • Cat or Dog owners have to subscribe service plan in order use whistle.


Pod 3 GPS is designed for dogs and cats and can easily attach with all type of collars. Pod GPS tracker is one of the smallest pet tracker available on market to monitor dog and cats activity.

Pod 3 GPS special design lets you attach any size of collar. Each Pod 2 unit comes with 2 sets of rechargeable batteries, so you don’t have to worry if battery runs out you can change it with second one.

The Pod 3 tracker unit price is so high but free first year of coverage, live pet tracking,  worldwide coverage, and some other amazing features warrant the spend. However you don’t like Pod 3 product they offer 30-day money-back guarantee.

    • Track your pet wherever you want with latest live GPS technology and get notification alerts.
    • Global coverage Pod 3 pet gps tracker can work upto 175 countries worlwide.
    • One Pod Account can track multiple pets.
  • Short battery life while using Pod in safe zone mode.
  • Annual fees instead of monthly subscription.

WÜF GPS Dog Collar

Wüf Launch their campaign in 2014 with the hopes of becoming the world’s smartest dog collar.  Wuf pet tracker is only available for dogs along with activity monitoring.

WÜF tracking collar is available in three different sizes and colors. WÜF also offer two-way audio for keeping in contact with your pet. Most pets scared when they lost, by calling and talking with familiar voice you can calm down your pet and retrieve them with ease..

WUF other features such as Pet Training Programs, Invisible Fence, Two-Way Calling Feature, Data Plan, Live GPS Tracking, Worldwide Coverage upto 200 countries, Location Alerts makes first choice for all pet owners.

    • Two way audio calling helps you now your dog’s current situation.
    • No other gadget like Wuf offers dog training program.
    • Wüf can works upto 200 countries worldwide Bluetooth LE, GPS, Compass, 3G and GSM technologies make it more valuable on other pet’s collars.
  • Pretty expensive for some peoples.

Tractive GPS Tracker For Dog and Cat

The Tractive GPS tracker provides you a real-time environment and gets you in touch with your pet’s current location. Pet owners can check their dog or cat’s current location and coordinates through an app which is available for iOS and Android for free.

    • Most affordable collar as compare to others.
    • Monitor you dog or cat activity through Tractive LIVE.
    • Tractive GPS is only app available on the market which gives you last 24 hour log.
  • Service plan is require in order to use this app.

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