Best Gear for Kids Camping : Preparation to go camping with kids

Camping can be a unique taste of enjoyment for your kids. Kids always love to enjoy their life being apart from their daily routine. Staying a couple of days closer to nature is so the best choice. Rather spending holiday lying and watching the movie, you should plan for a family with a kids camping trip. At least for a day, your kids will come out of the cocoon of homework and video games.

But it’s not that easy to say and go camping with kids. Kids do not think like the way you do. So you must be careful about their feelings and needs from the very beginning of your planning. We suggest some tips for that requires always consideration to make camping enjoyable both for you and your kids.

Pre Camping Preparation

Find suitable place: First plan comes with the place. Take everyone’s opinion in the count so that later you all can enjoy. If your kids are not aged enough to stay outside for a long time, you can choose a place nearer to your house. Thus if you have to face too bad weather or your child becomes sick, you can return home quickly. Make sure the place is safe for you and your children. If reservation is required, complete that task fixing date and time before the day of going.

Arrange for practicing: When your child is a newbie in camping world, arrange a mock camping in your yard garden or in your house. They must find it exciting and get used to the sleeping conditions. They will surely enjoy the night under an open sky. Share your feelings how you felt at your first time. Teach them how to set a camping tent or hammock. Make them cautious about their safety and camp etiquette. There can be other campers so you should teach them how they should behave. Teach them to love nature and wild life.

Invite Other Families: Kids like to make friends. It gets boring to them to stay with adults whether in outside or home. So you can invite any of your neighbors or friends who also have kids. It will be great if you can invite your kid’s friend and their families. It is always easy to adjust with known people. Getting friends also outside of school and playtime will be valuable memory for your little one.

Make A Packing List: Enlist which camping gears you are going to take. Camping equipments, foods, clothing, cookware, water, camping gear for kids- include all you need. The list will ease your work while packing.

Requirements for the Trip

While you are taking your kids to camping, must do the following to enjoy the trip.

Increase their enthusiasm: Make your children excited about the trip. Increase their anticipation sharing your experience.

Let the kids pack their own camping gear: Kids love to be useful and pretend like working as adults. Make a list and let them pack the items in their individual bag for Kids Camping. This make them feel to be responsible. But parents must have a double check of the items before leaving.

Must take the toys: Kids will go anywhere without any of their plaything that’s quite impossible. You must not want to see your little one to be bored. You can allow them to bring some of their favorite toys.

Give safety precaution: In a new area your child may lost his way. So make them careful about their safety. Provide them some kind of whistle or headlamp so that they can give signal if they are lost or in danger.

Don’t forget the first aid kit: There is no guarantee when you or your kid gets any injury. So it is a must to carry a first aid kit to your kids camping trip. Even at any serious injury time it can give you the first time remedy before going to doctor.

Check fire restrictions: Before thinking for a campfire check the fire restriction of the place. Make call to know if campfire is allowed or not.

At the campsite

After doing all things before coming now you are on the campsite. Let your kids feel free to the nature. They would sure gather some unforgettable moments of their life. And if that is their first lime camping you sure will understand how thrill they feel remembering your own first experience. Still you need to do these following things to make their memory great to the fullest.

Make them engaged with some of your work. They will treat themselves as important and responsible as you are. You can give them works like collecting wood for setting campfire or washing their plates after eating or even setting their own camping tent.

Check if the return things properly that they take from their bags and match the list. ​Kids Camping is a great opportunity to teach your kids about the lesson of life like

● Doing own things by himself

● Spending day with small pocket

● Realizing how important every small part of world is

● Cooperation

● Team work

Some things cannot be taught at home. The outside worlds are harsh than it seems to look from staying comfy bed in home. Introduce your kids to the outer world, motivate them to learn to take responsibilities

List of Best Gear for Kids Camping

It brings no result how much we do talking unless you do it right. When you are planning for family camping with kids, think about your little one’s enjoyment. Kids are not sensible like adults. Like you they need their equipment to be perfect. But the availability of good camping gear is still very low in the market. A large extent of your kids camping enjoyment lies in their own possessing equipment. We always analyze the best products for you. Accordingly we will give you today the review of best camping gears for kids. This review will be your one stop solution of each product you need.

1 of 11. Coleman Kids Wonder Lake 2-Person Dome Tent Review

Carrying a heavy tent for your kids ? That’s not a good idea. Give your kid his own camping tent just like yours. Check this review. May you will find the solution.

Here we will introduce you with the most useful camping tent for kids. Coleman kids wonder lake 2-Person dome tent is specially designed for kids


● The tent will give space much more than you expect. It has so much space that even a 6 feet person fits in. It can work as a solo tent for an adult.

● It comes with carry bag and poles. So this is super easy to store and transport. Poles let you set it in any place.

● It can beat any rough weather condition. In rainy day its weather Tec system with its patented welded floors and Inverted seams help to keep water out. The compact dome shape stands up to wind.

● Fun design glows in the dark. Inside storage pockets help to keep things organized.

Unique Feature

​There is a plastic ring on the ceiling for hanging a small lantern. This is made for two kids so you can buy a single product for your two kids. And it’s small and reliably light to carry. Coleman gives you 1 year limited warrantee for the tent.


  • 7 x 4 ft Foot print, 3 ft Center height.
  • Included rainfly for extra weather protection.
  • Remains dry in rainy weather.
  • Weighs 5.3 pounds.
  • Product Dimensions: 22.4 x 5.3 x 5.3 inches.
  • 1 year limited warrantee.


  • Sounds too much.
  • Height is not enough for dressing.
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2 of 11. Redmon Kid’s Folding Camp Chair Review

Camping gear for kids are quite different from that of adults. Redmon folding camp chair comes with durability and great comfort for your child. It is useable either for camping, outdoor trip, and picnic or at the beach. Kids who love to have everything like adults will love it.


● It has dimensions of 14″l by 14″w by 23″h and can carry up to 160 pounds. So from toddler to 6 years old child both can use it.

● It is made of 600D PVC coated polyester fabric. So the chair is easy to clean with damp cloth.

● The steel frame is scratch resistant and well protected for your baby. This is so lightweight that your 3 year old baby can carry it in his bedroom or campsite.

● It is associated with a cup holder and carrying bag with draw string. It comes with different variety of children’s favorite color.

Unique Feature

The safety lock keeps chair in open position and prevents inadvertent closing. Tote bag makes it easy storage able.


  • steel frame with baked on scratch resistant enamel.
  • Comes with cup holder, carrying bag with draw string and carrying strap.
  • 600D PVC coated polyester fabric.
  • Safety lock protection.


  • Size is for toddlers.
  • No umbrella.
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3 of 11. Deuter Junior Backpack Review

You sure not want to see your kid carry a heavy backpack just like adults do. Kids don’t have the ability to carry such load. If they have to carry this heavy thing, that might discourage them to go for camping forever.

For them Deuter is providing best junior backpack of the market. Its high class material gives great comfort while walking or running. Also other bags that have been tested didn’t last long.


● It is made of microrip-nylon that gives comfortable soft back pad. Chest traps attached the bag with back and secures from moving.

● Weight is 13.1 ounces but enough spacious. It is large enough for lunch bag, papers, raincoat, swim suit, etc. but bit small for large beach towel.

● It has a stuffable main compartment with a drawstring, two outer smaller zipper pockets, and two mesh side pockets that each holds a 500 mL water bottle.

Unique Feature

No backpack has such huge range of design and top quality construction. Cinch closing and fold-down top with clips keeps everything safe inside.


  • Durable and stylish backpack.
  • Fits for 5/6 year old child.
  • S-shaped shoulder straps with soft edges.
  • 3-M reflector both at the front and zipped front pocket for safety.
  • Straps are comfortable and secured.
  • Lightweight and water resistant.


  • Doesn’t have hip-belt.
  • No supportive bottom.

Alternative Product

If you find this product fail to meet up your needs you can go for the other one. Here we suggest you another product of great features. Hope it will be helpful to you.

Toddler & Little Kids Small Hiking Backpack for Boys and Girls

Has large compartment with mesh side pockets, whistle at the chest clasp and padded back with airflow. It is quite impossible to get such features at a generous price. It will make your kids things organized in a light pack.

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4 of 11. Shining Buddy LED Headlamp

A good headlamp seems to be another hand for you. This headlamp is of great use for camping specially for kids while running or biking. Its red LED flash preserves night vision for night walking. It is super durable with easy mode changing switch. Longer battery life serves you for running.


● Super lightweight design makes it comfortable to wear. Its adjustable straps fit anyone easily.

● Even jogging, biking or running can’t bob its non slip straps. Duracell batteries included.

● Gives perfect light of 110 lumens and the bulb lasts up to 100,000 hours. The lamp swivels down 45 degrees.

● It has 4 settings: high beam, low beam, red beam & red flashing. Modes are easy to change through a switch.

Unique Feature

This lamp is water and shock resistant. You can switch to less bright mode when you have to save your battery.


  • Bulb lasts up to 100,000 hours.
  • Comes with 3 AAA Duracell alkaline batteries.
  • Multi-mode setting.
  • Fits even over a hat or helmet.
  • Lightweight with non bobbing straps.


  • Single switch forces to go through all modes of settings to turn the light off.
  • Battery life is little shorter.
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5 of 11. Backyard Safari Mini Lantern

During camping let your kids do his own work with his own equipment. So if you are searching for a perfect mini lantern, throw your worry away. Because we are giving you the address of the best featured mini lantern constructed by Backyard Safari. No other feature will make as happy as this lantern is supposed to do.


● It is not heavy and can be carried, clipped or hung. Perfect for your kid’s capacity. You can hang it easily on the center of your kid’s camping tent.

● The mini lantern possesses a bright LED bulb that shines very well. If reader is close to the light, books can be read.

● The lantern works perfectly even after a couple of flings. But make sure that doesn’t need to happen

Unique Feature

It provides instant light within reach. It has a test button that allows it to light up while you are pressing the button and automatically goes off when you release the button.


  • Dimension of 2.8 x 3.5 x 5 inches.
  • Weighs only 1.9 ounces.
  • 3 AAA batteries are included.
  • Water resistant.
  • Includes carabiner clip.
  • Recommended for 6 years and older.


  • Too small.
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6 of 11. Regalo My Cot Portable Bed

While you are in camp site, sleeping your entire family in one bed is quite uncomfortable for your kids. Besides when you have more than one child, you must be economical as you have to buy for each of them. Therefore Regalo My Cot presents the best portable bed for your kids at affordable price.


● The frame of the cot is of durable steel and the bed liner is made of sturdy canvas material with reinforced stitching. So it provides great comfort and safety for your kid. Your child will not feel to be outside of home.

● It is easy to set up and fold down to a fraction of its size that contributes to complete portability.

● The steel frame makes is lightweight and stores easily in its fabric case.

● The dimension of the bed is 48²l by 26²w by 7²h from the ground. It carries up to 75 pounds and less than 52 inches tall.

Unique Feature

Though the bed has cotton fitted sheet, it is machine washable. Moreover Regalo gives you a 90 day warrantee.


  • Suitable for 2-5 years old child weighing up to 75 pounds.
  • Plastic and steel material, non toxic.
  • Washable cotton fitted sheet.
  • Lightweight structure weighing just four pounds.
  • Comes with carrying case, cot cover and instruction guide.


  • Little bit of problem for the babies who roll around a lot in sleep.
  • Cover material is narrow.
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7 of 11. Intex Cozy Kidz Inflatable Airbed

It is difficult for kids to sleep in hard ground or narrow spacious bed. As we said before portable bed may not suit for kids who moves a lot, airbed can be a big help in this regard. Intex Cozy Kidz Airbed will give your kid the feeling of own bed of home. The great size accommodates multiple person at a time.


● 34 1/2″ x 62″ x 7″ dimension is big enough for kids to sleep in. It includes inflatable flocked pillow and repair patch.

● It is special twin sized type so it is a money saving option for you. For 2 kids you don’t have to buy more than 1. Soft locking for extra comfort.

● The air bed should not remain inflated all time. Location, temperature, and humidity may affect its firmness.

● Waterproof flocked top prevents the top sheet from sudden wetness.

Unique Feature

Once it gets inflated, it becomes comfy for your children. It can be used also for surface bedding in your house whenever you need more space to sleep.


  • Includes inflatable flocked built-in pillow.
  • Waterproof flocked top.
  • Weight of 4.2 pounds.
  • Weight capacity is up to 200 lb.
  • Good for toddlers.


  • Hard to inflate.
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8 of 11. MalloMe Marshmallow Roasting Sticks Set

If I ask you being a kid what was the tasty experience of your family camping? It sure is the taste of roasted hot dog or marshmallows mashed with a chocolate layer. Now smell the campfire with the best roasting sticks that made of stainless steel. MalloMe gives you guarantee of 100% satisfaction and a 5 star experience.


● The set includes 5 Piece Rotating & Telescoping Fork Set + Canvas Travel Bag Pouch + Perfect Marshmallow Roasting and Smores Making Guide with 10 recipes Ebook.

● Forks are made of non toxic stainless steel for safe roasting.

● 34 inch long extendable forkskeep you and your children safe distance from campfire.

● Rubber tips help you to easy storage system. Wooden handles are easy to hold for your kids and no possibility of burning.

● Available in 5 multi-colors. Give each of your children their favorite color.

Unique Feature

Experts approve it safe for children and recommend parents not to buy other 22 inch marshmallow roasting sticks. It lasts for a long time.


  • 34 inch forks come with convenient heat resistant canvas pouch.
  • Highest quality non toxic stainless steel for safety.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Telescoping fork set.
  • Small and easy to stow.
  • Easy storage with rubber tips on prongs.


  • Too much extending may twist the forks.
  • Sticks are flimsy for hot dogs or sausages.
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9 of 11. Learning Resources Pretend & Play Camp Set For Kids

While you are going camping with your kids, you must have some toy or play sets. It is very good to give them camping related play sets. That will both entertain them and increase enthusiasm for camping. Learning Resources are dedicated to give your child a realistic entertainment with pretend and play camping sets.


● 9 pieces of thing are included in the set. These are a canteen, pan, shovel, first-aid kit, pretend watch, and utensil set with compass along with a realistic battery-powered pretend stove and lantern.

● Battery driven stove pretends like the real campfire. Suitable up to 6 years aged kids.

● The product weighs only 1.9 pounds so easily portable for a toddler.

Unique Feature

2 AA batteries are included in flashlight sized bulb. That’s little lumen gives extra fun at night. The total product is a cute toy.


  • Cute plaything with realistic plaything.
  • 9 pieces of features.
  • Lightweight with 1.9lbs.
  • 2 AA batteries are included.


  • Plastic material, so less durable.
  • Batteries get hot by overusing.
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10 of 11. Summertime Slumber Surprise Girls Unique Camping Gear Set

For girls’ unique camping gear set we have found Summertime Slumber Surprise the best. The set is a combination of beauty and convenience for your baby girl. It gives total of 68 pieces of feature in one set.


● The set includesSleeping Bag, 32 Bracelets, 12 Necklaces,12pc Butterfly Playset, 8 Slinkies, Binoculars, 20oz Water Bottle, & Notepad w/ Pen.

● Butterfly and Flower Slumber Bag feature a full length self-repairing zipper with an insulated weather strip. Bags are 100% polyester made and machine washable. They weigh only 2 lbs measuring 56 ×28².

● Butterfly Discovery Expedition Playset Includes 9 Butterflies, 2 Boulder Rocks and A Palm Tree. Dimension is 6″ x 4.5″ x 1.5″.

● 32 friendship bracelets are each 8 of four colors- pink, orange, green & yellow.

● 12 beaded fashion necklace and 8 rainbow slinkies are of various colors.

● The set also have a binocular and a notepad with pen.

● BPA free butterfly water bottle in unique 20oz purple and pink color. It measures 9²×3².

Unique Feature

It provides lots of item in one playset. Lovely design and usefulness meet girls’ needs.


  • Adorable design, dimension of 14×10×7.
  • Perfect little girl gift.
  • Zippers of slumber bags work fine.
  • Lightweight weighing 4.8 pounds.
  • Butterfly playset comes with little carry case.
  • Water bottles are BPA free.
  • Binoculars gives optimum view.
  • Bracelets and necklaces are full of colors.


  • No negatives found yet.
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11 of 11. Backyard Safari Field Binocs

No more load for your kid to carry a large binocular. We present Backyard Safari Field Binocular which is perfectly sized for children. Its high quality optical view doesn’t harm eyesight after hard use. Besides, its reasonable price will motivate you to purchase.


● Lightweight which is a must on camping.

● Eye caps are not rough like other binoculars. It has soft, rubber eye cap that is very sensational for children’s eyes.

● Hand grips are also rubberized. Easy adjustable, rugged and waterproof. So also is a use during scouting, exploring.

● 5×30 crystal clear optical view brings nature closer.

Unique Feature

This has higher magnification than any other children’s binocular. Its super clear view makes it a learning toy..


  • For children of 6 years of age and older.
  • Weighs 5ounces.
  • 5 magnifying power.
  • Adjustable focus.
  • Rubberized eye caps and grips.


  • Much flimsy.
  • Sometimes it is so easy to adjust that it don’t remains stable.
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Final Words

We did all things for your enjoyable camping with your kids. We often hear people say that they want to take their children to camping but don’t know how to manage the every part. We tried a little to help you in this perspective. From the beginning of place selection to product selection we tried to give you a big hand for Kids Camping.

But since demand is your so decision is also up to you. We recommend you to choose the product of great service and durability. At the end of the day it matters nothing from where and which product you buy. Only matters how it serves you and your child’s needs. That will worth each of your penny.

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