Best Family Camping Tents

If you are looking for the best family camping tents, you will find varieties of brands and styles. Camping tents come with a different price range. Yet as it is a matter of investment, so you shouldn’t compromise with some worth choice.

Moreover, the best tents for family camping offer their users a luxurious experience in the outdoor adventure. They are quite roomy, have vast ventilation and durable. In this add a few days ago, we made a research on the best large camping tents of the year. Here we would like to discuss them with you.

Our Recommended Top 5 the Best Family Camping Tents

Don’t forget a good quality camping tent is must more need than anything for a camping trip. At first, try to make sure the best large tent you are carrying has all the abilities to give you enough support in the weather you are going to stay in.

After thinking about this, we brought some high-quality tents camping after long-term research. Hope these will prove convenient for your help.

1# Ozark Trail 16×16-Feet 12-Person 3 Room Instant Cabin Tent

Best for family camping, wide space, and can accommodate 3 queen size bed and vast ventilation.

Ozark is a very popular name in family tents for the camping industry. Especially this instant set up tent designed for occasional campers or those who don’t mind to invest more to get the best quality.

As for this, any economical tents buyers would definitely want to put this on their collection. To begin with, these easy family tents come with, promise in the market. They guarantee it these are possible to set up just under two minutes. Probably this is the main setting point of this big budget. You will be glad to know it can hold up 12 individuals and perfectly will suit a large group of outdoor enthusiasts.

In particular, Ozark Trail 16×16-Feet Instant 3 room tents have three doors found on the centre panel and the sides. These are usable for entrance and exit purposes separately. Besides, seven windows come with a tent to ensure enough ventilation. With the help of the large windows, you can also enjoy a panoramic view of the campsite.


  • Wide interior space, allow 3 queens sized bed.
  • Splendid ventilation as for with doors and 7 windows.
  • Provide a panoramic view of the campsite to the users.
  • Set up is just about a minute and quick assembly.
  • Doors are much more protective.


  • Not use any fire retardant material.
  • Pole is a little bit confusing to assemble.

2# Eureka Taron Basecamp 6 Tent

The reason behind picking this product is heavy-duty materials, durable fabric and perfect centre height

Are you looking for a crowd-pleaser? Then Eureka Taron Basecamp 6 Tent is a perfect choice for you. However, it said to fit six-person inside yet it’s a good choice to count on gaining some room for gear.

It is specifically for those people who don’t enjoy cramped sleeping conditions. In this addition, these tents with rooms feature a roomy 6-person dome-style domicile. The technical measurement of it 8.5 x 9.5 x 24 inches and the maximum centre height of it is six feet.

For this reason, it can allow many adults to stand up at the centre. If you consider the weight, it is about 16.9 pounds. Thus, it’s not considered as a backpacking tent though it provides tremendous security and functionality from the elements.

Do you know why this is the most favourite 6 person camping tents of the year? Well, It guts much better with a sturdy aluminium frame structure and the vectored struts to deal with strong winds. Alongside it can prevent outsider to open zippers as it has reliable Snivel locks.


  • Excellent freestanding design.
  • Feature heavy-duty polyester Oxford Bathtub.
  • Durable has 3000mm tough coating.
  • Offer two large vestibules of 20 Sq ft and 22 Sq ft.
  • Spacious and weather protective.


  • Two doors might not be sufficient for two people.
  • Doesn’t provide any carry bag.

3# Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent

One of the best family tents, quick set up, room divider facility, plenty of rooms, and wrapped up with a one-year warranty.

Coleman always comes with some promising feature. At the same way, Coleman 2000018295 8-Person Instant Tent is offering some easy setup facilities. On top of that, they ensure you will enjoy every single moment of your outdoor adventure. In this addition, Coleman big tent allows you to accommodate your whole gang in one single tent.

For instance, features 8 people can comfortably stay in this tent. If you own a large family with kids, you will get plenty of rooms for everyone here. On the other hand, for family privacy, it has some amazing options. The tent can divide into separate rooms and gives a lot of privacy especially when you want to change clothes. Besides, if you want you can also create an extra room for storage of your pets here.

If you search online, you will not get the same kind of features and creativity in this price range. This makes the Coleman 8 Person tent different from others. Anyway, the good thing about it, all the materials used here are from tough and quality materials. For this reason, it is capable of providing a comfortable shelter during heavy rainfall.


  • Fit with two queen size airbags at a time.
  • Just take ½ minutes to set up.
  • Don’t require any extra tool as comes with pre-assembled poles.
  • Enough privacy and no ways to feel cramp.
  • Offer a one-year warranty.


  • Two doors might not be sufficient for two people.
  • Doesn’t provide any carry bag.

4# Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Screened Tent

We pick this one because of its vast ventilation properties, the latest weather technology, and strong windy weather face capabilities.

This addition of Coleman tried their level best to feel you more of a “house than a tent”. Remembering this at first, you have to thank it’s 6ft 10 in centre height and the wide dimension of 41 x 10 x 10 inches.

Here the colour coded poles and sleeve of the Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Screened Tent give you a proper guideline to put each pole more correctly. The Weathermaster name defines itself to hold up to the element.

In view of the fact, it made of weather-resistant fabric coated with polyester materials. Especially it designed to keep you dry or water out during rainy weather. As it comes with screened room and mesh ceiling, it is great for ventilation and helps to keep the tent cool. Hereafter the rain fly it uses is large enough to cover the door and windows accurately.

To talk about the size here in it five people can sleep more comfortably rather 6 persons also can adjust. Moreover, it features two interior rooms that are great for privacy and playing cards or changing clothes. Not only this it has one outside screened area that helps to keep bugs away and give some cool shades.


  • Provide lots of room for walking.
  • Plenty of ventilation for hot summer days.
  • Roomy enough for six people to sleep.
  • Can divide it into two rooms for getting privacy.
  • Guaranteed water-resistant materials.


  • The seams are not that much sturdy.
  • One person is not enough to set it up.

5# SEMOO Water Resistant D-Style Door, 4-Person Family Dome Tent

We pick this one because it made of high-quality fibre frame, lightweight, water-resistant  D-style door. Provides enough space for 4 people

Next trusted one of the best 4 person camping tents comes from SEMOO. If you are looking for some top-rated family tents then you should try once this amazing SEMOO Water Resistant D-Style Door, 4-Person Best Family-Sized Tents.

This is a D-style tent and comes with a nice carry bag. Besides the exact dimension of it, 92.5″ L x 96.5″ W x 55″ H and come with shield interior space. Along with this, one of the best selling points of this tent is the price.

With this in mind, it is super lightweight. Hence, it considered as the largest family tents for family or group camping or hiking. There are options to fold it up and keep in the carrying bag. On the other side the fibreglass frame, polyamide interior, polyester fly, polyethene floor are the true indicators of its high quality.

With given construction materials and detailed design, the SEMOO enables campers to stay comfortable and safe. Moreover, assembling this tent is a matter of seconds, it is easy to assemble and dissemble. Not only this, but its large windows also give excellent cross ventilation as well as the hooped fly frame provides extra protection in heavy rainfall.


  • An ideal tent for family or group camping.
  • Awesome rain protection.
  • Easy access and excellent cross ventilation.
  • Good standing height and plenty of storage space.
  • The tent is very airy and lightweight.


  • The packaging is not much satisfactory.
  • Can hardly fit more than 4 people.

How to Choose the Best Family Tents

When you go to buy any family camping or hiking tent you should look for some good quality waterproof tents for camping. However, the large camping tents are also usable as the children’s camping tent. Let’s see what features should give priorities in terms of choosing a tent.

Weather Resistant:

Try to make sure the 8-10 person tent or camping tents 10 people you are buying must suit the weather you are going to camp. It might be snowing weather, mountaineering weather etc so choose to depend on the weather you stay. In this addition, the more headroom it has the more it will be wind resistant. Look for a 100% waterproof tent with a rain fly that offers total coverage. With this in mind, the tall centre height tents are very beneficial to act like a sail in heavy rain or wind.

Materials Consideration:

Materials play an important role in multi-room tents with porch. In general, most of the tents made of polyester or nylon. In terms of materials, polyester is good for using long periods, especially in sunny weather. Because of this type of materials, withstand exposure to sunlight. Besides nylon designed for calm weather and much lighter than others did.

Floor Length:

You will get an idea of floor space by watching how the tent laid out on the floor. Be careful while choosing because few screen tents with floor would not be perfectly square. For this reason, choose something that won’t be difficult for you to fit your shoulder and head with feet perfectly. In this case, for a normal 6 feet person, it would be fine to use a tent with a floor-length of 90 inches. Otherwise, the typical tents come with 84-88 inches on average.

Adequate Ventilation:

Children’s camping tents require more air and light. As for this, the big family tents usually use mesh panels for ceiling, doors, and windows. In this regard, the best family backpacking tents allow views, enhance cross ventilation and help manage condensation well. If you worried about hot, humid climates, you should go for larger mesh panels.

Bathtub Floor:

This is one kind of floor, which doesn’t come with long seam but wraps the bottom of the tent. This feature is more advantageous for the best quality family tents. The need comes of having this when water starts running through the camp. In these situations, this well-designed floor will keep the moisture away from seeping in.

Advantages of Using Family Camping Tents

The best tents for families offer some useful features. After analyzing the benefits of using family camping tents our outdoor experts tried to summarize them.

Big tents provide vast ventilation and keep the odour away from the tents. At the same time, they give the facility of an ample amount of interior space and headroom. Besides most of the ideal family tents provide the benefit of easy assembly and takedown feature.

As a result, it feels more comfortable camping outdoors, using tents with rooms for family. With this in mind, maximum family tents of the market offer waterproof feature and prevent water from getting into the sleeping areas

Different Types of Family Tents

Different types of family tents are available in online.

● One of them is a three-season family tent. These types of tents tend to keep your family more cosy and dry in any weather condition. So these are more familiar with good protection and ventilation. These made with a good amalgamation of mesh in order to solid materials and perfect for snow weather.

● The second type is of convertible tents, which is suitable for all kinds of weather. Further, these enable a user to strip the tent down in summer season and in stormy trips.

● The mountaineering and tarp family tents also built out of tough and sturdy elements. Due to the builder like shape, these tents work like a shield in windy weathers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Which materials should pick in buying a good family tent for camping?

Answer: Polyester or Nylon made tents tend to stay long.

Question: What type of height is suitable for camping for tents?

Answer: A normal heightened person 5ft or 6ft should stand straight comfortably.

Question: Is fireproof resistant important to have?

Answer: Yes, it for safety assurance.

Question: Would it possible to buy tents for individual summer or winter season?

Answer: Yes, many manufacturers provide tents for all seasons.

Bottom Line – Our Top Pick

While selecting the best family camping tents we typically emphasize that feature any larger family will feel the need of having them.

A well-built camping tent is the most vital need if you are planning to take out your family for a camping experience. It will help you in any tricky situations and can protect you from uncertain weather conditions. After testing all of the five tents our most favourite winner is SEMOO Water Resistant 4-person Family Dome Tent.

This actually won our heart by its outstanding combination of value with quality. In a word, it has a waterproof design, D-style door, attached carrying bag and wonderful ventilation properties. Therefore, you can try this one or can pick others from the list for your next adventure in order to enjoy an exciting camping trip.

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