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For every hiking or camping enthusiasts, a camping tent is always important to rely on. It doesn’t matter whether you are planning a multi-day hiking trip or a short trip into the mountain it matters you must have to carry a camping tent with you. In this term, a feature-rich, user-friendly, spacious tent is better in performance for a luxurious experience in the outdoor. We hope, our this pick of Top 10 Best Camping Tents Reviews will lead you the right camping tent of your needs. During pick, we by heart tried to make sure we are including tents both for casual and avid campers. So don’t miss reading the entire article.

In the recent market, there are many types of camping tents available. Among them-

  • Some are great for ventilation system​
  • Some are commendable for portability and easy installation

Not only this, you will find many camping tents available in the recent market with 100% water resistance and enough height to stand properly.

Above and beyond, some manufacturers offer multiple of additional features like storage pockets, carrying bag etc. Recently the three season tents are most welcoming in the market. These tents will allow you to take them in windy weather and rainy weather as well

Backing Up All the Selective

Remembering all these you can read through, this top 10 best camping gear reviews. All the included tents have unique features with attractive designs.

Before start with the proceeding let’s know about our consideration of choosing the following models.

At first, we emphasize on the materials. Because according to use where you are camping it really matters weather conditions.

Secondly, we gave importance on how easy to assemble the best camping tent for the money are

And finally, we give our attention on how well ventilated the tents are.

Comparison Table

The Best and the Worst

During research, some product we find those we really like to recommend. But we also find something that didn’t like so much. Let’s see the battle between Sundome 4 Person Tent vs. Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent.

● Sundome 4 Person Tent can consider as the best 4-persons tents for camping. Especially it designed for small families where kids have under ten years. You should know it originally made in the USA.

It is very convenient for a camping trip as it allows 4 persons to sleep at a time. You will be glad to know the rain fly on the ventilation is good enough to prevent condensation build up. It contains a ground vent that is something you find very rare in other models.

● On the other hand, we would not like to recommend Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent. This car camping tent has some features we don’t feel convenient.

First of all, its screen room headroom is quite low for taller people. It requires seam sealing for wet weather. Another consideration comes from it has only one side hook. Also, it has no power port to use.

Top 10 Best camping Tents Review

1 of 10: CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent Reviews

The reason behind pick this camping tent is its high quality, materials and features it is offering. This camping gear has got the mark of durability and comfort.


For instance, CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent is very nice release from Core series. Besides, they are always dedicated to designing the perfect tent for fellow outdoors enthusiasts. Identically the 9-person version has a 78-inch center height and a space of 14*9 feet for convenient use.

Important Features

● The easy tent requires only a few seconds to set it up and can accommodate a full family. In particular, it has electrical cord access port and storage pockets.

● Further, its multiple room dividers will give you the opportunity to create three separate rooms. On top of that, these large camping tents provide you the best possible ways to explore the natural world with no fear of spending the night under an open sky.

● It not only allows you to explore nature in a comfortable manner but also let you experience being surrounding by more of your friends and family members.

Unique Feature

The unique feature of this tent is it features room divider and have a very wide space inside of the tents. From shorter to taller, no campers will feel suffocated in this easy tent

Wrong Into the Product

The thing you need to notice if you really a weight conscious camper, then you might not be happy with this product.


  • Very fast setup and break down.
  • Include tent stakes, rain fly and carry bags.
  • Large windows for great air ventilation.
  • Tall enough to leave the rain fly off but still keep privacy.
  • Removable rain fly will give you a 360-degree view of the sky.


  • Zippers of D style door might catch by the zipper rain flap guards.
  • A little bit heavier still durable.
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2 of 10: Big Agnes Flying Diamond 4 Deluxe Car Camping/Base Camp Tent Reviews

Best as a heavy duty camping tents, for its construction and well ventilation. Hence, the best ultra light tent has great customer value and good kind of spaciousness.


If you are thinking about backpacking backcountry or camping with the kids then Big Agnes Flying Diamond 4 Deluxe Car Camping/Base Camp Tent is offering many awards winning tents over the year. We feel inspired to add this on our best tents reviews 2017 for its perfect structure.

Important Features

● It comes with two doors with two closure options. Here the zip up mesh door facilitates the ventilation and the polyester layer zip works for full protection.

● You don’t have to upset about privacy since it gives you the opportunity to separate into two rooms with a fabric wall. You will be glad to know it has reflective guyline for nighttime visibility.

● The tent has ninety square feet wide space inside of it. This is the reason it can provide such a large shelter.

Unique Feature

The materials of the product make it stronger to stand in heavy storm or extreme rain.

Wrong Into the Product

We didn’t like the zippers of the tent. Light backpacking zippers won’t have a place on 8-person tent, so don’t know what the designers at Big Agnes were thinking.


  • Awesome weather protection.
  • Give you proper shade during the daytime.
  • A 6-8 person can stay in two rooms with privacy.
  • Proper protection and enough ventilation.
  • The excellent fabric used to keep in place in heavy rain.


  • Few customers complained about poles.
  • You might have to stoop to get in.
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3 of 10: Coleman 2000018295 8-Person Instant Tent, Black (14×10 Feet) Reviews


Coleman 2000018295 Instant Tent – the name actually defines itself. They never made tents that take so much time to set up. On top of that, they ensure you will enjoy every single moment of your outdoor adventure. In this addition Coleman big tent allows you to accommodate your whole gang in one single tent.

Important Features

● 8 people can comfortably stay in this tent. If you own a large family with kids, you will get plenty of rooms for everyone here. Further, for family privacy, it has some amazing options.

● It can divide into separate rooms and gives a lot of privacy especially when you want to change clothes or couple privacy. It has two doors and seven windows for full ventilation.

● The materials used to make the tent all are from tough and quality materials. For this reason, it is capable of providing a comfortable shelter during heavy rainfall.

Unique Feature

The unique feature of this product is its weather protection that comes with one year warranty.

Wrong Into the Product

As it made of all good materials, they should give more attention on making the poles. The poles gave the tent a floppy unfinished look.


  • Fit with two queen size airbags at a time.
  • Just take ½ minutes to set up.
  • Don’t require any extra tool as comes with pre-assembled poles.
  • Enough privacy and no ways to feel cramp.
  • Offer one year warranty.


  • Need extra cost for rainfly.
  • No support for insulation in winter.
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4 of 10: HillebergTarra 2 Person Tent Reviews

Best 2-person tents for camping, good for using in rainy weathers.


Our research shows HillebergTarra 2 Person Tent recently received by Top Pick by OutdoorGearLab. In fact they proclaimed the tent to be “the strongest two person tent they have ever tested.” You can say it the best cold weather tents or the best lightweight backpacking tents for its extra extremely durable materials.

Important Features

● Made of one of the best outer tent fabric,Kerlon 1800. As well as the 10mm, poles made it one of the strongest and stable tents of the year.

● Design for 2 people is just awesome. It can withstand heavy snow loading and severe weather with its strong four crossing poles.

● Therefore, it considered the best camping tent for the money as it offers dual vestibules and entrances. It allows a plenty of storage space outside of the main tent body.

Unique Feature

The unique feature of the tent is the walls can extend to the ground for use in warmer season. It has superior stability and strength under snow.

Wrong Into the Product

Nothing found out so far, but it considered one of the most expensive two person tents offered by Hilleberg.


  • Come with great ease of pitching.
  • Color coded sleeves make it easier to identify the poles.
  • Incredibly weather resistant.
  • Plenty of rooms for two people, even with a kitchen space.
  • Large ventilation system.


  • One of the expensive two person tent.
  • Heavier than most other two person tents.
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5 of 10: Sundome 6 Person Tent (Green and Navy color options) Reviews

Best tent to buy for the simple assembly and standard height.


Sundome 6 Person tent considered as one of the best tents for family camping. It offers some basic features that you must want to have.

In terms of enjoying camping or spending the night under the open sky here under this tent, six campers can sleep happily at a time. You could rarely find this type of large hooded window at this price in the market.

Important Features

● The center height of the tent is 72’’.and provides tremendous airflow for cross ventilation.

● On top of that, it is virtually a lifesaver when camping out in torrential downfalls. Because of the flooring, it seems like a bathtub and wraps up the sides.

● The mesh roof will allow you get a full view of the night sky. It has seams welded in the corners to prevent leaky floors.

Unique Feature

The feature makes it unique is its 72” center height. There only a few models come with this feature. Nonetheless,this feature is very important for a group of campers or a large family.

Wrong Into the Product

The only thing we find wrong is the poles are a bit weak though 1000D polyethylene can face any heavy rainfall.


  • Doors have wonderful entry and exit capacity.
  • Can use as car camping tent, solo camping tent etc.
  • Ability to face any heavy rainfall.
  • Enable to withstand in strong winds.
  • Surprisingly tall enough, fit a 6-foot person easily.


  • Poles are a bit weak but can snap quickly.
  • The stakes seem a bit flimsy.
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6 of 10: Coleman 6 person Instant Cabin Tent Reviews

Best quick set up tents have great portability and cool design.


We listed up to this Coleman 6 person Instant Cabin Tent for the comfortability and roomy atmosphere. Whether it’s too hot or not it will give you protection from the heat. Alongside the seam, sealed technology will keep you dry in rainy weather too.

Important Features

● The heavy-duty camping tents made of 50D/150D Polyester/taped seams.

● It comes with pre-attached poles for simpler and quicker setup. To set the tent is just a matter of unfolding, extend and secure.

● It allows air to move through and creates consistent protection from the weather.

● Use Weathertec System. It is the most demanding feature that comes with a series of welded floors and inverted seams around the body surface.

● With the anti-wicking body, your tent will keep protected from any large amount of pressure caused by precipitation. It will also keep the tent dry. Above all, it is a fully taped tent and not requiresusing any rain fly.

Unique Feature

The tent comes with pre-installed poles for quick set up and this is the unique feature of this tent.

Wrong Into the Product

The tent built for average height. So sometimes, it could be a problem for those who have some extra height.


  • Simple and quick setup.
  • Tent fabric is 100% waterproof.
  • Well designed pole can hold up regular basis.
  • Folding out the vents is convenient.
  • Great views and ventilation.


  • Two zippers leave a small gap.
  • Doesn’t have a hook to put a light.
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7 of 10: Coleman 4 Person Instant Tent Reviews

Most reliable backpacking tents in the market. It is flexible and works great for both short and long trips.


The Coleman 4 Person Instant Tent especially made in USA and we all know the great durability of the USA made products.

Even more, it is flexible and It is all over an easy to use the tent and goes up in just a minute or two. With this intention, the instant set up opportunity is probably the biggest selling point of this camp tent.

Important Features

● It integrated vented rain fly for extra airflow without extra assembly.

● Inside it has multiple windows and door work with the tent’s ground vent for optimized ventilation.

● It will provide you multiple storage pockets, built in door awning and an extra carry bag.

● Recommend to use for couple or couples with younger children to camp out in the backyard.

Unique Feature

The unique feature of this tent is it comes with multiple of windows and ensures sufficient ventilation inside of the tent.

Wrong Into the Product

The manufacturers could attach the rain fly to the tent, not in extra. For this, you have to purchase it separately.


  • Ability to keep dry in rainy weather.
  • 4 people can sleep comfortably.
  • Made of double thick polyguard 2X ™ fabric, water resistant.
  • Offer enough room to take rest.
  • Ensure enough ventilation.


  • A little bit pricy compared to similar sized tents.
  • Rainfly could come with tent, not extra.
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8 of 10: Sundome 3 Person Tent (Green and Navy color options) Reviews

Best 3-person tents for camping extremely lightweight and easily can carry anywhere.


Are you looking for a camping tent with electric access port? Then you can try Sundome 3 Person Tent (Green and Navy color options). We believe, if you try, you will definitely like this compact tent with no complaint.

Important Features

● Made of polyester materials with a polyethylene floor. So here are no possibilities of getting wet by water.

● The second noticeable thing is it comes with an electric accessibility port. So you can easily charge up your smart phones or other gear when you will have available electricity.

● It designed with space in mind. Moreover, three grown hunters or campers can easily fit with comfort here.

● Can customize it to the exact shape or setup depending on your personal choice. Not only this it also large enough to fit two-twin size air mattress with a little room to spare.

● Lightweight, weighs only 8 pounds to carry with all accessories.

Unique Feature

Unlike others, it will allow you customize the shape according to your needs and it is one of the best features of this tent.

Wrong Into the Product

You must seam seal this tent before using it in the rain. Otherwise, the rainfly worked fine and able to keep you dry during raining.


  • Large air vents, good for reducing condensation.
  • Its airy enough.
  • Zippers are nice, smooth, no snags and watertight.
  • Freestanding design, easy setup.
  • Strong and stable enough to stay in high winds and storms.


  • Might be smaller than what you ultimately desire.
  • Vents are a little bit weak to prevent dew and blowing rain.
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9 of 10: Sundome 2 Person Tent (Green and Navy color options) Reviews

Best tents for camping, extremely easy to set up with two pole design.


If you are looking for the best tents for camping under $100 then you should definitely try the Sundome 2 Person Tent. Our motive behind adding this tent in our top 10 camping tents reviews is its easy two-pole design, dual vestibules, and sturdy materials.

Do you know what makes the Sundome tent really different? Well, it will allow free flow of air even after giving you a panoramic view of your camping site.

Important Features

● Built with polyester taffeta 75-denier flysheet.

● Provide enough ventilation even whether the weather turns wet.

● Large door and well-constructed fly.

● Centre height is 48 inches, more likely used as kids tent.

● Includes a large hooded window and mesh vents on the roof for full ventilation.

Unique Feature

The tent features dual large vestibules and let it campers have a panoramic view of their camping site. This beauty becomes more enjoyable at moonlit night for campers.

Wrong Into the Product

The only things we worry about by the possibility of leak by the floor seam. Otherwise, it has a rear window to keep the tent well ventilated during daytime. All over, it is one of the best tents for weekend camping in the budget.


  • One of the cheapest dome tents among budget.
  • Allow enough air to pass through the windows.
  • 100% waterproof camping tent.
  • Attractive design and durable materials.
  • Ultimate rain and wind protection.


  • Not possible to stand up in the tent.
  • Can’t accommodate more than two people.

 10: ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent Review

Best for easy entry, extreme weather protection, and easy assemble.


ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent considered as an easy tent and this brand comes in the market with some amazing lightweight and roomy tents in the market. The tent has a lot of ventilation to avoid internal condensation.

Important Features

● The design comes in a dark grey outer shell with a copper/bronze finish and with the help of pole clips, you can quickly attach the aluminium poles.

● It has mesh walls and helps to increase ventilation. Further, the zippers of the vestibule flap and door flap are extremely durable. Even these are easy to grip in all types of weather conditions.

● In this edition, the most demanding feature it offers is the post and grommet pole connection with an adjustable external guy out loops. With its help, the tent stays stable in the extreme wind.

Unique Feature

The unique feature of this tent is it’s enough roomy for one person and the structure made it comfortable to carry anywhere.

Wrong Into the Product

The thing we didn’t like much is the basic design but it would ignore if you judge it by the performance. So you can make it a try.


  • Strong ability to face windy conditions.
  • Extremely lightweight weighs only 3.94 lbs.
  • Factory-sealed fly and floor seam provide weather protection.
  • Include 7075 Aluminium Stakes, Mesh storage pocket, Gear loft, Guy ropes etc.
  • Offer extra vestibule storage space.


  • Hardly would fit for two people.
  • Very basic design, its bare bones.

Buyers Guide

When you will go to buy a good kind of camping tent you have to know which features should look for. Otherwise, you might mislead.

To begin with, the first thing you should consider is which weather condition you are going to camp. Because of the point of buying, a well-made camping tent directly related to the weather purposes. Some tents built specially for windy conditions, some are for rainy weathers and some are for summer sunny days.

Then you need to check the height. The tent you choose should be high enough to stand in. Price is also a matter.

If budget is not your concern then you can go for some high rated tents. These might cost more but give you some advanced features you may like.

Check what materials it used to make. Water-resistant is a good option to look for in order to protect you in uncertain weather.

The technology of Camping Tents

If you are, planning to go outside of the town and spending some time outdoors then camping tents are good options to buy first. Anyways, a good tent may be one of the most important camping equipment of your need. It comes with-

● Seam Sealed Technology to keep you dry in rainy weather.

● Weather Tec System to protect you from any large amount of pressure caused by precipitation. It will also help you to stay dry.

● Also, there are some bubble tents in the market that let you pitch it somewhere calm and enjoy the 360-degree view from your bed.

In the recent market, you can find many camping tents who are offering 100% waterproof guarantee.

All you need to make your own choice with your camping purpose. Besides, day by day, new technology is coming in the tents market. Now many solar-powered tents available planned to create a solar panel roof.

In fact, with the development of technology, the engineering of tents is going to an advanced level day by day. At the same way, manufacturers are also trying to add new features to facilitate the need for tents of users demand. They are trying to make such camping tents, which will not give you a feel of you are living in a plastic bag anymore.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s know about some common question regarding the best tents for camping. However, this will help you to know more about the performance of each of the tents.

Question: Will be the camping tents fully waterproof?

Answer: Yes, most of the included camping tent brands are 100% waterproof.

Question: How does the tent hold up in heavy to light winds?

Answer: They have excellent performance in facing the rainfall or storm.

Question: How are the zippers of the tent to enter and exit?

Answer: The zippers are easy to open and go well every time.

Question: Do the rain fly come with the tent or they need to buy separately?

Answer: Yes, the rainfly comes with the tent and covers the top to keep the rain out.

Question: Do the windows zip up to close?

Answer: Yes, all of the windows close.

Question: Do the tents come with stakes?

Answer: Yes, it comes.

Advantage of Modern Tech of the Best Camping Tents

Buying or using the best large camping tents could have many facilities according to variations of brands. Henceforth we are here to share with you the advantages of modern technology bring in the tent industry to make a camping tent more useful to you.

Solar-Powered Tents: These solar-powered tents bring a great change in camping usability. Here thinking about user’s choice they create a solar panel roof and allows campers to charge their phone or other gadgets using wifi.

Thermo Tent: It is a useful innovation through the camping tents as it will let you stay warm in the cold, stay cool in the heat and keeps out noise. Moreover, the insulation can keep out a lot of noise to help you sleep soundly and helps reduce condensation to keep the inside comfortable.

Illuminate Tents: Some illuminating technology also found in camping tents. They run a thin cord of LEDs through the seams of the tent and create a cool, diffusing glow. The glow is sufficient for reading and gear organizations.

Over To You

When the fact is thousands of backpacking tents are available in online so which one is the best one it is difficult to assume. In that case, these types of lists come into play.

We very carefully designed this list after a long term of research, personal test and selection. In particular, we put emphasis on the features that are most beneficial for users. According to the needs of the users, and how much they are willing to spend, we tried to add every category best quality camping tents here.

Hopefully, our this pick of Top 10 Best Camping Tents 2017 will help you a lot in this purpose. Therefore before decide always try to consider how often the tent use and how many people are going to use this tent. Furthermore, by following this camping tent reviews guideline you will definitely come in a final decision to pick the best one for you

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