Best Camping Tent Heaters

Camping in winter becomes little tough for cold weather. But from today you will stay warm even in a cold outdoor trip with a Best Camping Tent Heaters. We will show you how.

There are different ways to solve this problem. Campfire alone may not be enough to keep your tent warm. Selection of best camping tent heater with several options is also a challenge. It brings one level of more difficulty if you are a beginner. We have rounded up the market in search of best portable heaters for camping.

But before we go for search, you should know the basic requirements of a best camping tent heater. Moreover, nowadays heaters are coming with more features. Besides there are heaters run by electricity or gas or fire or recharged battery. So the ultimate knowledge that pays off selection decision is yours. Therefore this article will go through the detail of types of camp heaters along with best tent heater reviews and the concern needed to be given regarding choice making.

On what will you look to choose a best camping tent heater? 

Size & Weight: The heater must not take much space in your backpack or tent. Large size is also difficult to handle and move. The size depends on your tent size. If you have large inner space in tent but don’t want to use several heaters then a single large heater is needed. Considering weight of the heater is also important for traveling.

Fuel: Some heaters are run by fire or gas like propane, carbon monoxide etc. some are run by electricity. It’s difficult to get power supply in outside. So in that case you have to carry extra power bank. There are also battery powered tent heaters which are rechargeable.

Thermal Output: Not that all same size heaters release same amount of energy. Thermal output is sometimes not noticed by buyers. But the heat releasing capacity must be considered according to your tent size.

Types: We have mentioned earlier how different heaters can be based on fuel. It’s necessary to know the function of the type of heater you will be using. It is also important to check whether the camping area allows electric equipments or not. Propane heater is little expensive but safe for environment. Comparatively electric heater is cheaper.

Fuel Consumption: Whether the heater needs gas or electricity, make sure to know how much fuel it needs for how much time. If it’s a rechargeable tent heater, then before purchasing, know how much time it requires to recharge.

Safety: The feature that is lastly mentioned here is about safety. But actually it’s one of the most important features to note. Campers often hesitate of gas or carbon monoxide poisoning inside the tent and electric heater for children. You may search for safe tent heater, but the safety cautions depend on you.

Types of camping tent heater campers use

Electric Heaters

Electric tent heaters are another option for tent heating. These heaters are most easy to use as we are very much accustomed to use electric appliances. But as it needs power supply, you have to be sure if your campsite has electrical hookups. Otherwise, you have to carry power bank with you. You can also plug it in your car’s electric outlet.

Electric heaters are of two types: Convection & Radiant. Convection heater generates heat by moving air across its heating elements to warm the entire tent. So it spreads the heat very quickly. Radiant heater passes the heat to nearer object and thus takes time to heat a specific area. It works like the warmth of sitting beside a fire pit. The person who stays near to it stays most warm. But if you have to move frequently inside the tent then you may not feel the heat appropriately.

Electric heaters need to be handled with care & precaution. Make sure inside of your tent and the surroundings of your heater is dry. Check before using if the electric cord is properly insulated. Plug it in a direct outlet; try to avoid using an extension cord. If necessary, then use a heavy-duty cord of 14 gauge wire. Electric heaters may cause hazard igniting nearby combustible materials. So keep your sleeping bags, backpacks, plastic materials to a safer distance. Keep children and pets away from the heater.

Propane Heaters

For camping, gas heaters are commonly used. One of the reasons is, it needs propane or butane gas which is also carried for camp cooking. These heaters are cheaper than others, but not suggested for enclosed small space. For a large space of the tent, it is usable.

​It emits Carbon Monoxide, so proper ventilation is required. Otherwise, you will get suffered from Carbon Monoxide poisoning. Leave a window partially open. Use heat resistant mat under the heater, because the heater itself can be hot that will burn other combustible elements.

Kerosene Heaters

Kerosene heaters are mainly used for home heat. These are of great use when you are out of power, that is similar to the condition of camping. It keeps the inside warm for a long time even after turning it off. But it also takes time to warm the area.

Kerosene heaters need much more safety attention. These must not be left unattended and keep away from children and flammable things. A fire extinguisher should be kept nearby.

Hot Packs

Hot packs are used for personal body warming. While travelling in cold weather hot packs keep you warm for a long time. If you don’t need anything for tent heating rather look for some personal body warming equipment, these might help you. But this is only for personal use. For staying a whole night on bare grounds, camping heater is the best choice. You can get two types of hot packs – single and reusable.

Wood Stove

The stove is very common equipment for camping. Some people hesitate to have gas or electric heater inside the tent for safety. They prefer to have wood maiden stove as that doesn’t contain any chemical reagent. But most of the tents do not equip the space to set a wood stove. It also needs a heat resistant mat under it.

​How Can You Stay Warm Without Heater

If you have to go to a short time camping and do not have any heaters for ​​tents, then we suggest this simple technique.

  • The best way is to say warm with your clothing. Wear warm cloth of yours but do not put on lots of layers while sleeping.
  • ​Use 4 layers of sleeping bags and insulate it tightly before sleeping.
  • ​Carry extra socks & gloves.
  • ​Put hot water bottles near your body inside the sleeping bag.
  • ​Use insulated pads and hot packs.
  • ​Lastly, you can cuddle with someone special!

​Top ​Camping Tent Heaters of the Market

It’s not easy to find all the best-reviewed camping tent heaters in one click. If you have a shortage of time, go through this shortlist that will give you an overall view of the best products of the market.

​1 of ​6. Mr Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy 4,000-9,000-BTU Indoor-Safe Portable Radiant Heater

Mr Heater is considered as one of the most popular portable heaters for camping. To heat the tent quickly, it is the perfect solution for large tents up to 200 sq.ft. The BTU ratio is augmented with a fold-down handle to give this heater maximum output. It comes with Ceramic burner tile mounted with shock absorbing insulation for durability and easy replacement.


  • ​Lightweight & easy to connect with the cylinder
  • ​Two heat settings: 4,000 & 9,000 BTU/HR
  • ​Fold-down handle reduces space
  • ​Auto shut-off if detects low oxygen level
  • ​Safe, reliable & easy to carry


  • ​Noisy
  • ​Long time use may burst into flame.

​2 of ​6. Mr Heater F215100 MH4B Little Buddy 3800-BTU Indoor Safe Propane Heater, Medium

​Here is another tent heater from Mr Heater for a small tent. Its 45-degree heating angle warms up to 5 hrs. They let you be safe having auto shut-off option along with low oxygen sensor. Mr Heater sets the new standard for portable radiant heating comfort. Bring Mr Heater in tent get safe, reliable heat anytime. It is also usable in garages, workshops, cabins, porches, patios, or hunting blinds to heat up to 95 sq. ft


  • ​One heat setting of 3,800 BTU/hr
  • Accidental tip-over safety shutoff
  • Lightweight, easy to carry
  • Heats up to 95 sq.ft
  • Functions safely


  • ​Difficult to light sometimes
  • ​Does not work for a long time

3 of ​6. Texsport Portable Outdoor Propane Heater

Texsport has brought this fine little heater that heats small space very adequately. It can also be used as a very effective hand warmer outdoors if you can shelter from the wind. This comes with a durable stainless steel burner as well as a large paddle foot plastic base for greater stability. When it comes about the safety of camping tent heater, it may be a helping hand.


  • ​Cheap, simple metal construction
  • Easy to move
  • Lasts long
  • Auto shut-off valve for safety
  • Very lightweight
  • Uses 16.4 oz or 14.1 oz disposable propane fuel cylinder


  • ​Works for the small place

4 of ​6. Texsport Bulk Tank Double Propane Heater

Another heater from Texsport that comes with double burner with the capacity of total 20000 BTUs. It includes an automatic fuel shut-off if the flame goes out as well as steel reflectors with safety grids. Fuel consumption is pretty good. This double propane heater has a steel frame to support the heaters. The unit is powerful and lights fast and blasts out the heat. It uses a small amount of propane.


  • ​Two burners each of up to 10000 BTUs
  • Durable ceramic burner
  • Auto shut off valve
  • Uses a small amount of fuel
  • Heats for a long time
  • Convenient to carry around


  • ​Heater bracket is flimsy

This personal heater is made of plastic and designed to warm only you. It uses only 200 watts and saves your energy bill. It helps to eliminate tripping the circuit breaker if multiple heaters are used. It comes fully-assembled with a 3-year limited warranty. It produces a modest amount of heat. As it is small it uses little power.


  • ​​Compact and economical
  • Lower power usage saves pocket
  • Uses only 200 watts
  • Made of plastic
  • Safe ceramic element
  • Overheat protection and cool-touch housing


  • ​Not for large space
  • Plastic smell

Electric heaters are now best tent heaters for camping. The heater offers powerful heat in a small package suitable for a medium sized tent. It provides 3 quiet settings: high heat, low heat, fan only. It is small and compact and stores easily and does not take up much room. There is a power indicator. It is quite unique that this small thing can put out so much heat.


  • ​​​Lightweight, affordable
  • High quality and comfortable
  • The 1500-watt high setting, 900-watt low setting
  • Automatic overheat protection for safety
  • Convenient Carry Handle
  • 3-year warranty


  • ​​Flimsy

Similar products

Dyna-Glo TT15CDGP 15,000 Liquid Propane Tank Top Heater – CSA

The heater instantly generates heat up to 15000 BTU. It can provide heat in multiple directions at one time. It weighs 3.4 pounds and heats a radius range of 15 square feet to 25 square feet. It has 3 heat settings and a tip switch for safety.

Comfort Zone Personal Heater Fan|2 Heat Settings

Comfort Zone’s Personal Heater/Fan is powerful and compact with a quiet, high-efficiency fan. The powerful heater comes with durable construction and high limit safety fuse. This heater features a power indicator light, caution overheat light and overheat protection system.

Camco 57341 Olympian Wave-6 6000 BTU LP Gas Catalytic Heater

​This heater is capable enough to heat 230 square feet space. The Wave 6 is adjustable from 3200 to 6000 BTU/hr. Catalytic heating is 99.98% efficient. It is flameless, thus safer. The camping tent heater saves propane and more effective than the pop-up camper gas hog heater.

Final words

Camping was once a trip of summertime. But now there is a lot of equipment’s to keep you warm and toasty even in winter. We want you to not to be interrupted by freezing weather. May our effort will help you to know properly about the preparations of winter camping. Find your camping tent heaters and enjoy the winter to heart’s content.

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