Best Camping Lanterns

Gone are those days when fun-time of a campsite goes down with the sunset. Camping lovers have come a long way from those old model, bulky, and noisy fuel-burning lanterns. In today, nighttime camping has become of even more fun with ultra-smart battery-powered LED lanterns. But, being provided with many choices, it’s so common to make the wrong buying decision of the best camping lanterns, even for an expert!

To make the decision easier for you, we have tested and reviewed the best camping lanterns in the market. Though all of these lanterns are powered by LED lights, still each of them finds a different path on total output. With our deeply researched guideline, you will move one more step towards the best nighttime adventure you ever had!​

Recent Market

In the recent market, you can see many camping lanterns. Among them-

​some maybe best for their hand-cranked operation and space-saving portability,

some may come with a rechargeable battery with solar panel technology for long-lasting capacity.

Also, you can also find many lanterns in the recent market with are water-resistant and has higher durability to fight against the all-weather condition.

Additionally, many lanterns in the market come with dimming features. This features allows you to control the light and from being overheated. So just go through this best camping lanterns reviews so that you might find which one is best suited for your use.

Backing Up All the Selective

Now we will introduce you with the top 10 best camping lanterns in the market with it’s important and unique features.

So before proceeding, we will let you know what things are considered here before selecting.

​Firstly, being the best camping lantern requires best quality bulbs to enlighten the surroundings.

Secondly, battery backup is an important feature being one of the best camping lanterns.

Finally, compact size and modern technologies that are included with lantern play a vital role being the best camping lanterns.

Comparison Table

The Best and The Worst

When it comes to the battle of the best and the worst of best camping lanterns we would like to go for a Coleman Quad LED Lantern vs. Black Diamond 2015 Apollo Lantern.

  • Coleman Quad LED Lantern can be considered as one of the best camping lanterns. It won the editor’s choice having a great review of the product and the efficiency.
  • This compact sized lantern covers a wide range of area of 26 feet with just having 190 lumens. So this small amount of lumens helps the lantern from being overheated and you can use it for a longer time period.
  • It comes with 8 D-sized cell batteries and the battery is able to give you backup up to 75 hours.
  • On the other hand, we would not recommend Black Diamond 2015 Apollo Lantern though being listed in our top 10 best camping reviews list.  Though this lantern costs more than the previous one but has less efficiency than the other. So it is less recommended. Also, it has unique dual reflector system and dimming facility to adjust to the light.

Top 10 Best Camping Lantern Review

1# Ultra Bright LED Lantern


Good for camping at extreme weather as it comes with superior military-grade material also has a longer battery with power-saving 30 different individuals LED bulbs.

Ultra Bright LED Lantern is listed on the top of our top 10 best camping lantern review because it has a total combination of brightest LED light, high-class durable materials,   well-engineered design and super long battery for maximum brightness.

The advanced design helps you to hold and easily move the lantern and it comes with 10-years of warranty. Also, it is one of the best water resistant camping lanterns.

Important Features

● It has a dimension of 5.2×3.5×3.6 inches and weighs only 1.6 ounces which enable to carry the lantern wherever you want.

● The material of this ultra bright led lantern is well-graded which ensures longer durability of the product though having a lightweight with it’s compact design.

● This lantern comes with the lower power consumption technology. It runs 12 hours at normal brightness and 8 hours in high brightness.

Unique Feature

This high powered electric lantern for camping comes with Divine LEDs technology. This divine LED bulb ensures maximum brightness with less consumption of battery power which ensures longer battery life.

Wrong into the Product

As it has higher brightness so if you lit it up continuously it can be overheated though preventing measures come with it.


  • Easy to carry for its compact size.
  • Well-graded materials ensure its durability.
  • Long lasting battery with a rechargeable battery.
  • 10- years of limited time warranty from the manufacturer.


    • Harsh LED bulbs.
    • You can adjust the intensity of light by sliding the top part.


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2 of 10: Etekcity Portable Camping Lantern

Best for using in camping tent and long lasting battery of 12 hours and extra lumens with providing you sufficient brightness

Etekcity 2 Pack Portable Outdoor LED Camping Lantern comes with high-quality battery capacity which lasts upto 12 hours.

So this one can be considered as your best choice for camping or hiking or for may outdoor mission.

This lantern is listed in our best camping lanterns reviews for its convenient design, low power consumption and for ultra bright lights.

Important Features

● This lantern comes with the size of 7x5x3.5 inches with a weight of 9.14 inches with 60 lumens bulbs.

● Energy saving bulb with an Omni-directional design having 30 separate energy saving bulbs.

● The lamp offers you longer and high-class durability and is easily portable.

● The lantern comes with a foldaway handle. Whenever you are out for a walking or any other work you can easily handle the lantern and if you are staying at your camp just fold it down.

Wrong into the Product

It is not the best camping lantern for kids camping as the fold way handles are not strong enough.

Unique Feature

The unique feature of the lantern is that it has a continuous 12 hours of operation with its 6AA batteries


  • Comes with white light
  • Non-gas lighting ensures additional safety.
  • Have battery replacing the facility.
  • Military grade material to survive in any extreme weather condition.


  • The collapsible design might produce a less amount of light than claimed.
  • It comes with battery replacing option but no dice.
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3 of 10: Streamlight 44945 Lantern 

​Best for camping at night time, best-designed handle in the market.


Streamlight 44945 Super Siege Series Lantern has listed on top of this best camping lanterns reviews with its ultra-powered LED bulb of 1100 lumen.

This spring-loaded d sized rings of the shape of the lantern make it more attractive to the customer. Because of the portable charging facility makes it be listed in this top 10 best camping lanterns list.

Important Features

● This 1100 lumen yellow colored lantern has a weight of 1.9 pounds and a dimension of 7.8×3.8×3.8 inches.

● It needs just 12 volts of both AC or DC power source to charge itself.

● It comes with an energy saving LED bulb and is shaped in D sized ring for lightning a large sized area.

● This one of the best camping lanterns comes with a built-in battery level indicator..

Unique Feature

Whenever you are searching for the unique feature of this camping lantern we must mention about the watertight storage compartment. It adds extra safety for not only adults but also for kids.

Wrong into the Product

As the lantern comes with just 1 Lithium ion batteries so the backup might not always meet the requirement.


  • Super brightness which is best for camping at night.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Portable type USB charger.
  • Watertight storage to keep things dry.


  • It has limited warranty period.
  • 1100 lumen backup with just 1 battery cell.
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4 of 10: Coleman Quad(TM) Lantern 

Best camping lantern for rainy places.


Gone for camping or hiking in a rainy place? Need the best water resistant camping lanterns? Then Coleman Quad LED Lantern can be considered the best camping lanterns in this purpose.

Now, let us go through other features and benefits why it is listed in our top 10 best camping lanterns list.

Important Features

● This lantern is powered by 8 D-cell sized batteries having a lifetime of 75 hours.

● The best water resistant camping lantern with a cool running LED for safety touch.

● It has a size of 7.7 x7.8 x12.9 inches and weighs only 6.15 lbs.

● To reduce the LED glare there, seem diffused lenses.

● Comes with 5-years limited time warranty.

Unique Feature

Though having 190 lumens it covers a long range of area of 26 feet. It comes with total 24 LED lights with four removable LED panels.

Wrong into the Product

Takes a little bit longer time period to become fully charged which can cause trouble when in an emergency need.


  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Perfect for rainy areas.
  • Cover a wide range of area.


  • It might seem assembly problem in the bottom areas.
  • The metal panel may fail to recharge powers.
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5 of 10: Supernova Ultra Bright Lantern 

Best backup battery available in this lantern and good for spring time.


If you are in search for the best electric lantern for camping, then you might choose Supernova Ultra LED Camping and Emergency Lantern. The high efficient light of this lantern.

Super quality battery backup makes it be listed in our top 10 best camping lanterns list. Now let’s proceed to the important features of this compact sized product.

Important Features

● 500-lumen lantern has a dimension of 8.1×4.1×4 inches and is lightweight having just 1.9 pounds.

● The alkaline powered battery cells can be easily converted into a rechargeable battery.

● There is a slow pulse LED indicating light to use in emergency time.

Unique Feature

The LED bulbs of this lantern are able to serve you up to 100,000 hours which just beyond imagination in comparison to the other.

Wrong into the Product

The brightness of the lumen can hurt your eye if it is in high brightness. You just need to set it to normal brightness. But there is no option available between this two.


  • Can give you backup for a huge time period
  • LED indicator light for emergency uses.
  • Compact size with strong durability.


  • The built-in SOS feature might stop working after some day. Just contact the manufacturers if so.
  • The design might seem terrible to many users.
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6 of 10: Rayovac SE3DLNACOM Lantern

Best portable lanterns with super backup facility and water-resisting facility.


Rayovac Sportsman LED Lantern has listed in our top 10 best camping lanterns as it is considered the best water resistant camping lantern with just 4-watt LEDs which lasts 100,00 hours.

Now let us show you other specifications of this one of the best camping lanterns.

Important Features

● Product dimension is 3.4×3.4×7.3 inches and weighs only 12.8 ounces.

● There are three D batteries which have a runtime of 40 hours in high mode and 90 hours while in low mode.

● Comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

Unique Feature

This has become popular and we would recommend it as one of the best because you can easy find the lantern in dark as it blinks after 5 seconds when the lantern if turned off.

Wrong into the Product

There is no availability of power adapter which may cause a problem while charging it through your smartphone or cables.


  • Higher Durability.
  • Waterproof lantern.
  • Super quality backup of batteries.


  • The plastic material may not be applicable for every weather condition
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7 of 10: AYL StarLight Battery Powered Lantern

Most reliable later in the market having 100,000 hours’ backup with 600-lumen bulb


As AYL Starlight is both water resistant and shockproof so it is listed in our top 10 best camping lanterns list. It is considered as one of the most reliable lanterns in the market for its crystal clear illuminating facility which can serve you up to 100,000 hours.

Important Features

● It has an innovative design having a dimension 4x4x7.2 inches and weighs only 14.6 ounces.

● This lantern requires only three D-cell batteries.

● The shockproof and water resistant facility makes it one of the best camping lanterns in the market.

● It is battery powered and can give you 6 days of full power while fully charged.

Unique Feature

It comes with 3 lighting modes. High, low and Flashing strobe. However, you can easily change it depending on your needs.

Wrong into the Product

It requires three fresh D-cell batteries which do not come with the product. You have to purchase it separately.


  • Shockproof and water-resistant.
  • 600-lumen bulbs with crystal clarity.
  • Can give you backup for a longer time.
  • Comes with three lighting modes.


  • It might seem quite difficult to change the lighting modes for the first times.
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8 of 10: Goal Zero 32001 Lantern Reviews

Best lantern for adventurous or nightstand having a built-in GPS facility.


Tired of charging through USB? Then try Goal Zero 32001 Lighthouse 250 Portable Battery Charger USB Power Hub and Lantern which comes with solar panel technology. Not only by solar panel or USB it is considered the best camping lantern in the market for its three ways charging facility including hand crank.

Now we are heading towards other features and let you know why it is listed in our top 10 best camping lanterns reviews.

Important Features

● The lighthouse consists of 250 lumens and the size and weight are accordingly 6x15x3 inches and 1.2 pounds.

● While in camping tents it can enlighten 360 degrees and while walking it can enlighten 180 degrees.

● Folded legs enable portability.

● The battery lasts up to 48 hours.

Unique Feature

The hand crank is the unique feature that makes it worthy of buying. Because it needs just 1 minutes of cranking to provide you 10 minutes of light.

Wrong into the Product

You can find a problem while operating with the GPS system. But works great when you know the function properly.


  • Comes with portable battery charging facility.
  • Portable legs to fold the lantern.
  • Adjustable brightness level.
  • Portable legs to fold the lantern.


  • The maximum runtime of 48 hours might not meet people’s requirement.
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9 of 10: Tough Light LED Rechargeable Lantern

Best battery backup capability lanterns available in the market with its super bright premium battery cells.


If you are looking for one of the best camping lanterns under $100 then Tough Light LED Rechargeable Lantern will surely serve your purposes.

Finally, it is the combination of amazing lumens with high battery powered lantern. To serve you in emergency cases it is listed on top 10 best camping lanterns reviews.

Important Features

● Tough Light LED Rechargeable Lantern is blue in color and has a dimension of 7×3.5×3.5 inches and has a super lightweight of 1.3 pounds.

● The D-cell batteries can be used up to 50,000 hours.

● It has 400 lumen super bright LED bulbs with 6000mAh Li-on battery.

Unique Feature

You will get many emergency features available with this one of the best camping lanterns. With just a single charge you can run 16.6 nights.

Wrong into the Product

This product doesn’t come with any charger. So this can cause a problem if you have different charging port for your smartphone as it can be charged by the charger of the smartphones.


  • Can be considered as the best water resistant camping lanterns as it can handle the wet condition.
  • Different types of lights for energy uses which has a higher lasting capability.
  • Strong durability allows you from being easily broken.


  • Due to its extra efficiency, you need to take extra maintenance care. Otherwise, it might get damaged easily.
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10 of 10: Black Diamond Apollo Lantern 

Best for camping purposes like base camping or car camping, easy carrying facility and adjustable height and unique dimming feature.


Black Diamond 2015 Apollo Lantern can be considered as one of the best camping lanterns for its rechargeable capabilities with 200 lumens of power. As this rechargeable camping lantern comes with modern solar panel tech so it can serve you for a long time at night.

Important Features

● It has dimensions of 6x4x4 inches and weighs only 1.4 pounds.

● 200 lumens bulb.

● To maximize the lighting output system there is an availability of dual reflector system.

● Adjustable lanterns height.

● Comes with NGR battery kit.

● Availability of battery display to show how much power left.

Unique Feature

This lantern comes with dimming function to adjust the brightness. This function is of great use while you are any camping, hiking or any other outdoor mission.

Wrong into the Product

Though having a 4 AA battery cell, it might not have a sufficient backup as expected from this powerful cells of batteries.


  • Easy to use for its compact size.
  • Durable.
  • Comes with rubber tipped legs.
  • Double reflector system.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Unique dimming function.
  • Comes with solar panel technology.
  • Bullet Point 2


  • For being over charged the battery caddy might get melted
  • It might get overheated after using for hours.
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Buyers Guide

From the above list, any camping lanterns could be placed on your wish list. But before buying you must have to decide are you going to buy lantern or headlamp.

​Firstly, you should have a clear idea between them. Headlamps are those which will illuminate only the front side of your pathway. But lanterns illuminate your surroundings.

Secondly, you must decide before buying for which purposes you are buying this lantern either for backpacking uses or camping or emergency use.

Thirdly, Brightness of the lanterns is equally important like the first and second one. So before buying be aware of this fact too.

So, before buying keeps these easy steps in your mind so that you can buy the best camping lanterns for your use.

Technology of Camping Lanterns

If you are looking for the best camping flashlights, then camping lanterns can be your best option. It comes with –

● An ultra modern technology powerful light to illuminate your surroundings,

● Electric LPG or fuel system either rechargeable or battery powered,

● Also, you will find some best-rated camping lanterns available in the market which has unique dimming features.

In the recent market, you can find many lanterns having powerful LED energy saving bulb. This modern technology equipped with this lantern can provide you best camping, hiking experience. They are as follows-

● If you need more light than you can go for liquid fuel powered gas lanterns.But nowadays battery powered lanterns are more effective as it has additional solar panel technology.

● Dimming features are one of the greatest innovation for modern camping lanterns. You can easily turn the brightness high or low according to your use.

● You will also find that best camping lanterns come with a waterproof facility. This waterproof technology helps to carry the lanterns in any places like rainy or snowy.

After all, as the engineering is going to an advanced level day by day so the manufacturers are also bringing ultra modern tech to their lanterns to make it more useful to the user.

Also, they are assuring you that you can now use your battery-powered camping lantern for a longer period having a less heating. The gas or fuel powered lanterns get overheated easily but at the modern time, the use of energy saving LED bulb solves this immense problem

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question: Flashlights, headlamps or lanterns- which one should you choose for best camping experience?

Answer: Well, first let you know about the differences. The flashlight is kind of directional lights. Though it can enlighten a long distance but cover only a certain direction.

Headlamps are also likely to flashlights. Only the difference is it can be attached to your head. But lanterns will illuminate your surrounding area. So obviously, lanterns are the best choice.

Question: Which one is better? Gas-powered lanterns or electric lanterns?

Answer: Actually it depends on the purpose of using. If you need more light, then you can go for gas powered lanterns which are mainly powered by liquid fuel or white gas but if you like to a lantern that you serve you continuously but will have slightly fewer lumens then go for electric lanterns.

As most of the electric lanterns are alkaline powered and which can be easily converted to a rechargeable battery. This helps the lanterns being charged from the modern solar panel technology.

Advantages of Modern Tech of the Best Camping Lanterns

Buying or using the best camping lanterns could have many advantages according to the variation of models. So we are here to share with you along with special features what are the other modern technologies that make a lantern more useful to you.

Free from Old Fashioned Kerosene: Rechargeable camping lantern is the modern technology use in lanterns. Considering the risk of using kerosene and looking at the disadvantages the manufacturers came with a rechargeable lantern which allows you to eliminate potential fumes.

This rechargeable feature has more advantages as you don’t need to carry any additional matches or candles to light the lantern. The most important advantage is there is no risk of causing any fire.

Solar Panel Technology for Charging: Solar panel technology is a useful innovation through the camping lanterns can be charged via any kind of AC plug, DC plug or other dynamo crack function.

Also, this modern technology helps the lantern to keep running for a long time and saves energy. It is of great use at night. Your lantern will automatically become charged at day night and will serve you into the night.

Dimming Feature: You will find many high powered led lanterns in the market. As the dimming technology not only controls the brightness but also helps to save power.

Final Words

Still confused to find the best camping lanterns?

Camping lanterns might be rechargeable, battery powered, water resistant or any types. As there is an option available in your hands so you can choose any one from this best camping lanterns reviews.

But we would like to recommend you to choose that types of product which have lightweight and a durable one. Generally, camping lanterns comes with powerful energy saving bulb, durable body materials, and waterproof facility.

Though being best camping lanterns comes with all these features so before buying just be sure and determine for which purposes you want to use that will make your lantern worth of buying.

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