Best Camping Cookware 2020 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Your every happiness begins with making your tummy happy. But when it’s about camping, cooking becomes harder out in the woods. Modern stove made food would fill only your stomach, not mind. The very satisfaction of camping lies in building a fire and cooking like primitive man. This best camping cookware review guide can bring the real essence of outdoor living.

Not everyone can prepare for camping like a pro. For the new camping lovers the common thoughts come to mind like; what do I need for campfire cooking, how can I do it and how will I get these things. This confusion will be cleared after reading our helpful tips about the basics of best camping cookware.

Best Camping Cookware 2020

Even an exciting adventure becomes lifeless with an empty stomach. Cooking and sharing food with friends and beloved out in the earth reveals the actual fun of camping. But only planning won’t do the work. You must have some basic camp cooking equipment. Here is some review of must needed items for camping cookware.

1# Stansport Enamel Camping Tableware Set, 24-Piece

In camping you must use the things as lightweight as possible. And you also can’t miss any necessary items. So you need to choose the set of tableware that is lightweight as well as it’s all in one set. Theutensils you must need are plate, bowl, fork, spoon, knife, mug. In this regard Stansport Enamel camping tableware set is perfect for family camping cookware including all these in one set.


● This set contains plates, bowls, mugs & set of spoon, knife and fork- each are of four in number that means in total 24 pieces of things. A family of four members can easily rely on this single tableware set.

● The set is made of durable steel with double coated enamel. As enamel gets heated very fast, the bowl can be used for frying. Most importantly enamel made products are cheaper than others.

● A precondition to choose camping dishes we earlier mentioned not to be heavyweight. Stansport Enamel tableware set is lightweight and compact. So it is super easy for family outing or it can be used even in home.

●Sturdy construction makes easy to save space and stylish enough more than plastic or one-time use paper plates.

Unique Feature:

Most of the time camping utensils are made of plastic. But this set is especially enamel coated and has smooth stainless steel edges. Enamel keeps your food and drink hot more than plastic utensils. And it’s also easy to wash.

Wrong into the product:

Enamel has a major drawback of being flimsy and fragile. Using for a long time can melt its inner chemicals.


  • 4 sets of 10.25² plates, 6² bowls, 12 oz mugs & 4 sets of spoons, forks, knives.
  • Brilliant stainless steel edges.
  • Lightweight & compact
  • Double coated blue glazed enamel.
  • Best for family camping.
  • High quality & durable.
  • Classic look & blue colour.


  • Flimsy, so it is difficult to carry more food at a time.

2: Coleman Classic Propane Stove

Many people prefer to make homemade food to get rid of the trouble of camp cooking. But making warm & fresh meal under an open sky gives the taste of primitive life. Choosing a camp stove on your camping cookware depends on the space your campsite has and how many people are going. For family camping, single burner stove will take your whole day in the camp kitchen. So a lightweight and two-burner stove is the best option for a large group of campers. Coleman Classic Propane stove will take your cooking enjoyment to a new level.


● The stove has 20000 total BTUs of cooking power with each of 10000 BTU independent adjustable burners. The burners are very competent and give nice blue flame.

● The heat is generated from propane. So it gets heated very fast and cooking doesn’t need much time. Even if you need some quick heat in your home kitchen or in back yard cooking, you can use it.

● The burner surface has enough room to use 12² and 10² cooking pot at the same time.

● Wind block panel works as a shield of burners to protect the flame from wind.

● The rust resistance cooktop is made of aluminized steel.

● The chrome-plated grate is removable for cleaning.

● Weighs to 4 ounces.

● Both burners simultaneously last up to 1 hour with the high flame on one 16.4-oz propane cylinder (not included in the product).

Unique Feature:

It’s simple but convenient. Besides, its shape is easy to carry in the car. It cooks food super fast.

Wrong into the product:

Flame cannot be adjusted as the switch has only the on and high option.


  • Rust resistance aluminized cooktop.
  • Gives consistent performance with less fuel.
  • Wind block panel to shield burners.
  • Cooking power of total 20000 BTUs.
  • Faster cooking and easy to clean.
  • Size: 4.1 x 21.9 x 13.7 inches.
  • Convenient with a classic design.
  • Easy to carry.
  • 3-year limited warranty.


  • No flame adjustment.
  • Latching hook doesn’t stay fastened.

3: Coleman Camping Coffeemaker

Having a cup of fresh coffee in a sleepy outdoor morning feels like heaven. Enjoy the sunset along with afternoon snacks and hot coffee from Coleman Camping Coffee maker. Camping coffeemaker is rather different from general used coffeemaker. Instead of boiling water with electricity, you have to use the stove to boil water. So you can have delicious coffee even if you stay out of your home. Here goes some features of our selected coffee maker for your camping cookware.


● Solid steel base fits over most of the camping stove burners.

● Different design from the traditional coffeemaker. Can be used for any outdoor trip to make instant coffee.

● Can produce a satisfying amount of coffee for large groups. It doesn’t give up after three or four brews.

● Made of highest quality material.

● Weighs 6.61lbs.

● Can be used to make other drinks cocoa, cider.

Unique Feature:

It has removable basket filter and brewing pause-n-serve feature. So you can have time to prepare and decorate your cups.

Wrong into the product:

The major drawback is it cannot keep the drink warm for more time.


  • Produces sludge free coffee.
  • Removable filter basket that swings out.
  • Stainless steel base.
  • Has a paper filter.
  • Fits in stove burner.
  • Faster than a percolator.
  • Works without electricity.


  • Bit slower than electric coffeemaker.
  • Cannot keep the coffee warm.

4 : Rubbermaid Ice Chest / Cooler

Camping cooler works as a mini refrigerator. It not only keeps your drinks and beverages cold but also preserves food taken with you. So, it is a must have item of Camping Cookware. While you are going for a one day trip you can buy any regular cooler from market. But trip for a couple of days needs an effective cooler with better insulation system. Recent technologies are being included for better insulation property. Before buying, remember the number of your family members and how long you will be out there. For your ease of work we’ve picked the Rubbermaid Ice Chest for a family camping cookware.


● This cooler is available from 5 to 60 quarts in size. The 60 quarts cooler is ideal for a family of 4/5 people and comes with wheels and tall handle.

● The lid tightly fixes and has some beverage can-holder on its surface. If you left the cooler in rain, rain would not leak in from the top.

● Its high quality thermal retention keeps food and beverages cold.

● The 60 quarts wheeled cooler has the dimensions of 16.2 x 29 x 18.2 inches.

● The measurements from the outside at the bottom of the cooler are 7 ½ X 11 ½ inches.

● Stain and odor resistant and easy-to-clean liner.

● Made of strong and durable material.

● Enough room for substantial food.

Unique Feature:

This thing has a sturdy construction and the super strong lid provides perfect insulation.

Wrong into the product:

Sometimes the lid gets heavily stuck that it becomes difficult to open. After 2 months the lid may not stay shut. The inside space is not tall enough to have wine bottles.


  • Available in different size.
  • Weighs 1 pound.
  • Rain doesn’t leak inside.
  • Easy portability.
  • Ideal for casual use.
  • Stain and odor resistant.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Durable.
  • Ideal replacement of refrigerator at campsite.


  • Inner space is not tall enough.
  • Sometimes lid gets heavily stuck.

Essential Precautions:

Check the following steps before setting a campfire.

Suitable place: It’s always better to take information about the place before deciding for camping. For example if you’re camping in mountain areas, fire cannot be set on rocks there. Similarly if you go to a green forest, the damp wood won’t provide you hot fire. Campfire needs dry, seasoned woods on bare grounds. Damp or windy weather can also cause hazard to control the flame. Follow the weather forecast before starting if the day is ideal for campfire.

Type: Your cooking equipments will lead you to what type of campfire you would set. Generally campfire cooking can be done using three types of heat.

1. Direct heat is the most common outcome of a usual campfire. Mentioning about campfire always reminds us the scenario of sitting around a tepee fire. It is the most general fire design. But as the flame is not controllable, this is not a good cooking fire. If you have to make some coffee or get some quick boiling, tepee fire gives a useful hand. Also you can roast some sausages, bacon or marshmallows.

2. Most of the campfire recipes are recommended for hot coals heat. This type of fire blame is steady and does not burn pan and food. You can increase or decrease the heat level by controlling the amount of coal. Especially useful for foil cooking and dutch oven recipes.

3. Sometimes you can use the reflected heat of hot coal and that will help you like an oven.

Safety: The most crucial precaution is safety. Campfire cooking is not like cooking in your kitchen. And if you have child with your trip you need to be extra careful. Shortly follow these simple steps to be safe and sound from any fire hazard.

  • Don’t start fire under a low hanging tree or near bushes
  • Make sure the fire has a good distance from your tents and other camping equipments
  • Make the fire small and create a border of stone around it
  • Use heat resistant gloves and tools
  • After using extinguish the fire properly
  • Keep water or fire extinguisher nearby
  • Never leave the fire unattended
  • Always keep children and pets away from fire
  • Don’t throw any flammable things on fire like can and container

Fuel: if you bring portable grills or burners with you, must remember to carry the fuel of them like charcoal or portable tank of gas.

How to Install a Campfire for Cooking:

Setting up a campfire is difficult, if you don’t know how to do it. Our instruction will help you to be well prepared in doing so. There’s sure a lot of way of setting a campfire with various ways. Moreover all types of campfire are not suitable for cooking.

1. Select your campfire position: Place your campfire at least 4 meters away from your tent and other flammable object and overhanging trees. If the campsite has a pre-designed fire pit, then it’s recommended to use for new fire. But most of the time campers have to create their own fire pit. The selected place must not have grass and damp soil and the ground would be flat. If you cannot find such place, you can wipe away grass for your use.

2. Creating fire ringMake a circle or U-shape on the ground with small rocks. This will separate the cooking spot from the others. According to your cooking style you can create as your own. If you have to boil some water in direct heat or roast some marshmallows or just to warm your surroundings, you can create a teepee. Gather some twigs against each other inside the ring. If you don’t wanna use stoves or burners and try to cook in direct flame, you have to create a larger fire pit. But it’s safe to cook in camping stoves or grills.

3. Create the blaze: keep fire starter in your backpack. Going to enjoy life under open sky doesn’t mean you will also have to create fire like primitive man! Use some tender to start the fire and make sure to keep it away from children.

Final words

Cooking is one of the most enjoyable parts of camping. Nothing is better than enjoying freshly instant cooked food in fresh weather near to nature. Suitable cooking equipment based on your camping type is the way to have this experience in a comfortable way. We tried to help to choose the effective best camping cookware that worth your money with their service.

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