Antennas Direct ClearStream 4V vs Antennas Direct ClearStream 4MAX – Product Comparison

Antennas Direct is one of the leading manufacturers of TV antennas in the United States. They offer two models, ClearStream 4V and ClearStream 4MAX. The difference between these two models comes down to range and size. The ClearStream 4MAX has a range up to 60 miles, while the Clearstream 4V’s range tops out at 50 miles.

The Max also has a larger design which could make it easier for you to find an ideal spot on your roof or outside where there is less obstruction from trees or buildings that might block signal reception. There are many factors that go into deciding what antenna will work best for you and these two models have their differences but both can provide great performance with any TV service provider

Antennas Direct ClearStream 4V vs Antennas Direct ClearStream 4MAX

Best Choice Best Price
Preview Antennas Direct ClearStream 4V 4V vs Antennas Direct ClearStream 4MAX antenna
PRODUCT NAME Antennas Direct ClearStream 4V TV Antenna Antennas Direct Clearstream 4Max TV Antenna
MODEL ClearStream 4V ClearStream 4MAX
  • Best rated in the 70-mile range category
  • Receive free TV from networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CW, PBS, Univision, me TV and more in 1080 where available
  • Dedicated UHF and VHF multi-directional elements provide range and reception in less-than-ideal locations
  • Includes transparent 4V antenna, 20-inch mount, all-weather mounting hardware and instructions
  • Best performance among all antennas rated in the 70-mile range category
  • Receive free TV from networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CW, PBS, Univision, MeTV and more in Full HD 1080 where available
  •  Beam angle: 470 to 698 MHz: 45 degrees horizontal Flat reception pattern
  • Includes Clear Stream 4Max antenna, 20-inch mount, all-weather mounting hardware and instructions
  • Lifetime warranty on parts.
rating 4.2/5 4.3/5

Antennas Direct ClearStream 4V TV Antenna Features

With its distinctive black mesh reflectors and looped dipoles, the ClearStream 4V focuses the receptive power of the antenna to increase range and minimize interference from multiple signal paths.

This unit actually consists of two combined ClearStream 2V antennas that are stacked together for wider reception.

Antenna Range

The antenna picks up television signals from up to 70 miles away. Note, however, that the range you will get may differ from this figure, depending on the signal strength at your location.

Examples of some local variables that affect signal reception include:

  • Trees, topographical landscape features, etc., that are in the line-of-sight path to the towers.
  • Local electromagnetic interference (e.g., nearby streetlights, electrical interference from appliances in homes with old electrical wiring, etc.)
  • A metal roof or a radiant barrier (the latter especially if installed in the attic)

Gain and amplification

As is typical of long-range antennas of this type, this antenna is not amplified, so it does not come with a built-in preamplifier.

You will need to purchase 75 ohm coaxial cable to connect the antenna to your TV. I recommend RG6 type cable, making sure it is of the triple or quad shielded variety to protect it from electromagnetic interference.

A good cable that I recommend is Mediabridge coaxial cable.

The antenna gain of the ClearStream 4 is 12.25 dBi, or decibels relative to the isotropic radiator, which as a consumer can be considered old decibels.

The beam angle is 43 degrees for the UHF frequency spectrum (470 – 700 MHz).

It also comes with a 75-ohm transformer (Balun) to reduce the impedance along with the antenna to the coaxial cable.

Channel Types and Frequencies

This antenna is designed to pick up high VHF (RF channels 7-13) as well as UHF (RF channels 14-51).

“RF channels” are not the TV channels we normally think of, but the transmission channels (i.e. spectrum allocations) that stations use.


Mounting the ClearStream 4V

The ClearStream 4V does not come pre-assembled, so you will need some tools to assemble it.

You will assemble the frame, reflectors, and loop elements together either by hand or with a Phillips screwdriver and adjustable wrench.

If you’ve prepared for the installation and work steadily without interruption, I’d say the assembly will take about 20 minutes.

Setup and installation
Next, you’ll mount it in the appropriate location in your home, and at only 6.85 pounds, this is considered a lightweight, easy-to-move antenna.

It also comes with two U-brackets and a 20-inch J-mount mast.

When installing, you should make sure that the antenna mast is perfectly vertical to maximize reception.

You can use a carpenter’s level tool or the level function of software such as the iPhone Measure app to accomplish this.

Many users report that they also use it successfully indoors, either in a room or in the attic.

Remember that due to interference (metal ceilings, thick walls, home insulation, radiant barriers, etc.) you can lose up to 40-50% of your signal.

Also, don’t forget to properly ground the antenna, using a coaxial grounding block or a lightning rod (if you live in an area prone to lightning).

Antennas Direct ClearStream 4MAX Features

Direct ClearStream 4MAX antennas have an advertised signal strength of over 70 miles. According to our tests, the signal strength is quite reliable up to at least 55-60 miles.

We compared it to our existing outdoor antenna which has an effective reception range of 50 miles, and we get signals from stations that are located approximately 60 miles from our office that we previously did not receive with our existing antenna.

When we changed our outdoor antenna with the 4MAX also installed outdoors, our channel lineup went from only 29 channels to 44 clear channels, all are clear and we can get 1080i resolutions with no problem.

It is also worth noting that the 4MAX also offers one of the best signal capture profiles compared to other antennas we have tested before.

Frequency Range

The ClearStream 4MAX supports both UHF and VHF reception with a frequency range of 470-698 MHz and a maximum gain of 11 dBi. By supporting both UHF and VHF, the ClearStream 4Max offers a versatile antenna that can receive signals in virtually any conditions.

In addition, it is a 4K-ready antenna, making it a very versatile and future-proof option.

If you are looking for an outdoor antenna, Antennas Direct’s ClearStream 4MAX is a very good choice. It offers a pretty good feature set and provides exceptional performance with a reception range of up to 70 miles.

A really interesting highlight of the ClearStream 4MAX is its wider 45-degree beam angle for more reliable reception. Weighing only 2 pounds, it’s also one of the lightest outdoor units we’ve tested.

As expected from Antennas Direct ClearStream 4MAX Antenna, this model also comes with all-weather monitoring hardware and an installation kit (which includes a 20″ mast). You must purchase the coaxial cable separately, but other than that, you get almost everything you need.

Final Verdict

Antennas Direct ClearStream 4MAX is a high-performing, cost-effective TV Antenna that provides the best in TV signal reception. If you are looking for an antenna to give your home or apartment a reliable and dependable TV viewing experience, then this may be the one for you. The antenna has been designed with features like a higher gain performance and an improved VHF/UHF ratio which will help it to work better than many other antennas on the market today.

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