American Standard Cambridge vs Princeton

Taking a long, relaxing bath can be the most relaxing experience for some in the busy lives we lead today. No wonder then that the bathtub is a crucial piece in your bathroom, and buying one can be a nightmare if you don’t know what to look for. Therefore, we will provide you with in-depth details of the similarities and differences of two leading bathtubs in the market today, the American Cambridge Standard and the American Princeton Standard. Read on to find out more.

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Comparison of the American Standard Cambridge vs Princeton bathtub

Appearance at a glance

American Standard Cambridge v Princeton

American Standard Cambridge

Cambridge and Princeton are lines of tubs manufactured by American Standard, a leading plumbing fixture manufacturer. The Cambridge collection includes two bathtubs, one with a whirlpool. The Princeton collection includes more bathtubs, in various combinations of a deluxe rim, drain and rough above ground installation. For comparison, we will consider the two standard models in the two collections. These two tubs are both made from Americast, which is a registered trademark of American Standard and an alternative to regular cast iron. This makes the tub more durable, while making it lighter and easier to install. Both of these tubs are rectangular in shape and available in four different colors, with higher prices for a few colors. Colors include white, arctic, linen, and bone. The tubs feature an identical glossy porcelain finish.


American Standard Princeton and Cambridge baths take user comfort seriously and feature an integral apron and full lumbar support with a beveled headrest. In addition, the Princeton range includes luxury rim tub models. Essentially, it’s a wider rim on the tub that makes it easy to store toiletries for easy access.

Both Princeton and Cambridge tubs belong to American Standard’s DeepSoak line, which allows for a higher water level in the tub than other conventional tubs, resulting in deeper soaking, which is quite significant. The manufacturer claims that this feature increases the water level by more than 2 inches. Both tubs are ADA (American with Disabilities Act) compliant with a seat installed at the head.


Equal in length at 60 inches, American Standard Princeton and Cambridge bathtubs differ in overall width and depth. The standard Princeton bathtub is approximately 30 inches wide and 14 inches deep. In comparison, the Cambridge tub is larger, with a width of 32 inches and a depth of just under 17.5 inches. This makes the overall tub more spacious and adds to the deep soaking experience.


Both tubs have the American Standard brand surface which is the StanSure textured surface which is a fully slip resistant surface. This StanSure is a mixture of porcelain and very hard quartz. This makes the surface of the tub very safe to get in and out of, and also eliminates the need for rugs, which can sometimes be unsanitary. In addition, this surface also makes it easier to clean the tub and stays cleaner for longer. This adds to the convenience of the customers.

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Both tubs, the American Standard Princeton and the American Standard Cambridge have the option of placing the drain outlet on the left or right depending on your preference and bathroom design. Faucets are not included with any of the tubs. Both tubs also feature a tile flange along the three wall sides of the tub.

Additional features

As mentioned above, American Standard Princeton and Cambridge tubs are both made from Americast and thus retain heat better than other cast iron and enameled steel tubs. This will keep the bath water hot longer. Customers love this added feature of these Americast tubs. In addition, these bathtubs are also much quieter than the others.


American Standard Princeton

American Standard Princeton

American Standard Princeton and Cambridge bathtubs are easy to clean and maintain. The manufacturer’s website specifies clear cleaning instructions to ensure the longevity of the tub. However, a few users have complained about the maintenance of Princeton tubs, saying they are not as easy to clean as described.

American Standard also offers an easy-to-use repair kit for those times when there is a chip or breakage. The kit consists of a color-matched filler that dries to a shine that matches the glossy finish of your tub. However, this must be purchased separately.


The Americast material of these two baths makes them lighter and therefore easy to install. In addition, the apron built into these two tubs makes it even faster to install, as the side of the tub facing the bathroom is prefinished. Most customers appreciate the ease of installation of these tubs.


American Standard Princeton and Cambridge tubs are both backed by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. However, this warranty does not apply to commercial applications.


Although the American Standard Princeton and Cambridge tubs are very similar in features and design, the Cambridge Standard is the preferred choice if you are looking for a more luxurious and spacious tub. However, this comes at an additional cost. Plus, if you’re interested in options like the rough installation above the ground or the deluxe ledge, the Princeton model is a better bet. Overall, both tubs are reliable and to be fair there aren’t any bad choices here.

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