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Growing herbs and plants is not only a good way to spend your free time, but it also ensures a year-round supply of fresh herbs and produce. With the help of indoor gardens, you don’t have to worry about taking care of your plants and working hard in the sun. We present to you a comparison of two popular indoor gardens, AeroGarden vs Click and grow, so that you can make a smart choice when it comes to a smart garden.

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Comparison of the Aerogarden vs Click and Grow indoor garden system

Appearance at a glance

AeroGarden vs Click and Grow

AeorGarden Bounty Indoor Garden System

AeroGarden offers several models for indoor gardens, with varying sizes and number of pods, ranging from 3 pods for AeroGarden Sprout to 9 pods for AeroGarden Bounty. These are all stylish with several color options available. These are small enough to be kept on the kitchen counter, window sill, or any other place you feel is appropriate. The Click and Grow Smart Herb garden is white in color, with three different color cover options: white, kiwi green, and orange. The Smart Herb Garden is analogous to the smaller variant of AeroGarden.

Number of pods

The AeroGarden indoor garden models have the capacity to grow between 3 and 9 pods at the same time, depending on the different garden model. Click and Grow’s Smart Herb Garden is limited to growing only 3 pods at a time. A new product from Click and Grow, the Smart Garden 9 can accommodate 9 pods at a time (however, you’ll need to check availability first). The larger AeroGarden models also allow the cultivation of plants such as tomatoes and lettuce. Due to size constraints, the smaller models of AeroGarden and Click and Grow Indoor Garden are limited to growing herbs, mini tomatoes, etc.


Both AeroGarden and Click and Grow gardens have built-in and efficient lighting systems that allow your herbs to grow indoors, even in places where natural sunlight does not reach. AeroGarden uses high output LED bulbs ranging from 10 watts to 45 watts to ensure that your herbs are getting enough light. Their LED lights arranged like a “light roof” provide light and heat and are matched to the specific spectrum, ensuring that the photosynthesis of plants is maximized so that they grow faster and yield higher yields. The light panel is also adjustable, depending on the height of your plants, up to 24 inches. Customers report that it may be necessary to replace these lights every 6 months. The lights can be set to turn on and off automatically with a preset timer and are set to run for 17 hours a day.

In comparison, the Click and Grow also has a similar LED light roof, which only requires 6 watts. However, the LED lamp arm is not adjustable in the Click and Grow Smart Herb Garden (the new model Smart Garden 3 has a height adjustable lamp).


AeroGarden and Click and Grow have both completely removed soil for growing plants. It uses advanced hydroponic technology developed by NASA, with the help of which plants grow with the help of water and air and no soil is needed. It is very convenient because there is no dirt or mess to clean. The garden reservoir provides plant roots with the perfect balance of nutrients and water that they need.

Click here for more details on the Aerogarden

Click here for more details on the Aerogarden


The AeroGarden and the Click and Grow are easy to set up and you can start growing your plants within minutes of getting into the garden. Many customers have rated the ease of installation of these gardens positively.

Control Panel

Click and Grow garden system

The advanced AeroGarden models feature an LCD control panel on the tanks, which reminds you when it’s time to put water or add plant food to the tank. However, the panel is still on and there is no way to turn it off. Additionally, the manufacturer claims that the control panel also displays tips on growing your plants, which customers say are not really helpful and are just obvious facts.

On the other hand, the Click and Grow has a built-in sensor that indicates when the water level is low. No control panel is visible on the garden tank. It just flickers the LED light to signal when your plant needs water or nutrients which could be annoying as it doesn’t turn off automatically and many customers mention that the light can be very bright. Also, the light cannot be turned off unless you remove the plug.

Additional features

The AeroGarden’s LED lights help save electricity by consuming less power.

The pump that maintains the water supply is not completely silent. It makes a humming noise, which can be considered loud in a very quiet room.


The AeroGarden kit includes the main garden tank and a free set of seed pods – the number of which depends on the model you purchase. AeroGarden pods are “guaranteed to grow” the way they claim. If their pods do not germinate and grow, you can request a free replacement. It takes the stress out of growing plants for someone who isn’t a self-proclaimed gardener.

Along with this, a supply of liquid plant food is included, which includes all the nutrients your plants need and an instruction booklet that shows you how to get started using the indoor garden.

Likewise, the Smart Herb Garden comes with the instruction manual, plant nutrients and 3 seed cartridges (with nutrient-rich “smart” soil): basil, thyme and lemon balm. However, they are not backed by any sort of warranty like their competitor, AeroGarden.


Aerogarden, although a more expensive option, at list price, than Click and Grow is a more sophisticated indoor garden system and it is our choice. Aerogarden’s “Guaranteed to Grow” pods are a savior for anyone with no gardening experience who wants to get started. In addition, the function of the control panel is a useful indicator for knowing when to add water or nutrients.

Aerogarden is definitely more expensive than the more economical Click and Grow Smart Herb Garden (you should note that a sale could change that). Plus, seed refills for these two gardens can be quite expensive. However, the warranty on Aerogarden pods is worth it.

Globally, the Aérojardin is our recommendation compared to the Click and Grow garden, which is more economical but less advanced.

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Click here to see reviews, ratings and more for the Aerogarden

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