AeroGarden Bounty vs Ultra

With countertop gardens, users can grow fresh herbs and vegetables right in their kitchen. If you’re looking to explore this indoor gardening option further and can’t decide between the AeroGarden Bounty and the Ultra, this product comparison article is for you.

In the following sections, the similarities and differences between these gardens would be carefully described, along with the advantages of one over the other. This useful information will certainly help you make a decision between these two indoor gardens from the AeroGarden range from Miracle-Gro.

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AeroGarden Bounty vs Ultra Indoor Garden Comparison

Design, appearance and construction

AeroGarden Bounty vs. Ultra

AeroGarden Bounty Indoor Garden

Like all AeroGarden models available on the market, the Bounty and Ultra feature the typical design style of Miracle-Gro counter gardens. A rectangular container is designed to hold multiple growth pods, and attached to the container is an LED lamp, the height of which can be adjusted according to the user’s needs and preferences. The two AeroGarden models look very similar with no technical differences in design and construction. They are both made from plastic and are given a matte black finish. Plastic construction can cast doubt on the durability of the system, but fear not, gardens have a reputation for being solidly built to last a very long time.

Height and weight

Both gardens have been rightly described as two of the largest AeroGarden models produced. Their large sizes ensure an increased growing surface for plants. Due to their larger sizes, they are also very heavy.

Growth pods

The AeroGarden Ultra is designed to hold 7 growth pods while the Bounty is designed to hold 9. A growth pod can only be used for one plant at a time. Therefore, Ultra users can grow a maximum of 7 different plants at a time. Bounty users should be able to grow an even greater number of plants due to the additional growth pods, but reports from a large majority of customers prove that this is generally not the case.

Upon careful examination of both gardens, the Bounty’s growing pods appear to be crowded into the container unlike the Ultra’s sufficiently spaced arrangement of pods. As a result, if all 9 growth pods are used at the same time, there would be virtually no breathing space between the plants. They would overload each other, make gardening difficult for the user, and reduce the yield. A large majority of Bounty users claim that only 7 of the growth pods can be used at a time to ensure maximum yield.

So basically, despite the Bounty’s larger number of growing pods, this one and the Ultra still offer the same planting potential to clients.

LED lamp

The LED lamps of these AeroGarden models are a perfect substitute for sunlight and thus contribute to the photosynthetic process of crops. The downward surface of the lamp is littered with LED lights designed and artfully arranged to provide the light spectrum required for maximum growth and yield. The Ultra’s LED light is rated at 30 watts while the Bounty’s is rated at 45 watts.

The heights of these lights can be increased to a maximum height of 24 inches to provide sufficient and efficient lighting for growing plants.

While both of these counter gardens are very prolific, the design and layout of the Bounty’s LED lights ensure that among all the AeroGarden models, this is the one that is capable of giving the highest output at a much faster rate.

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LCD touchscreen control panel

AeroGarden Ultra indoor garden

Both gardens are equipped with a functional LCD touch screen control panel. The panels are very easy to use. A practical advantage of these control panels is the fact that they are automated. For example, lights can be automatically turned on or off, and reminders given when it’s time to water the plants or add nutrients to the pod. They also provide necessary information such as planting date, estimated harvest time, and offer a variety of helpful gardening tips to ensure maximum yield.

There is an obvious difference in the design of the LCD panels for the two AeroGardens. The Ultra’s control panel has multiple buttons and is roughly hexagonal in shape. Its screen interface is designed with a bland blue color which is not really appealing. On the flip side, the Bounty’s panel has a sleek rectangular look and looks like an expensive shelf. It is fully tactile: no buttons. Its screen interface has more flair and sophistication compared to the staid design of the Ultra.

Seed and Supplementary Nutrient Kit

Both AeroGarden models come with a seed and nutrient kit capable of lasting an entire year even with continued use. Ultra’s kit consists of 6 pods of seeds and patented Miracle-Gro nutrients, while Bounty’s contains 7.


Both gardens are very heavy which makes their routine maintenance and cleaning a huge and difficult chore.


Miracle-Gro offers a one-year warranty period on AeroGardens and accompanying LED lights.

Advantages and disadvantages of the AeroGarden Bounty


  • Highest rate of return and volume
  • Interactive and useful LCD touch screen
  • The LCD screen has an elegant design and outlook
  • Impressive range of height adjustment
  • Includes 1 year of seeds and nutrients

The inconvenients

  • Difficult cleaning process
  • Heavy
  • Pods are too numerous for a single counter garden

Pros and Cons of AeroGarden Harvest


  • High efficiency volume
  • Interactive and useful LCD touch screen
  • Impressive range of height adjustment

The inconvenients

  • Boring design and outlook of LCD control panel
  • Cleaning is tedious and stressful
  • Heavy


The AeroGarden Ultra and the Bounty have pretty much the same specs. However, the Bounty has a slight advantage over the Ultra in terms of output volume and throughput. Either way, the Ultra is a great choice for vegetables, herbs, and flowers. At regular price, the Bounty costs more, although a sale can eliminate the price difference between the two gardens. On that note, the AeroGarden Ultra is the recommended choice if you’re not too concerned with the control panel design and want a pretty prolific garden. But for those looking for the best of AeroGarden Miracle-Gro, the Bounty is for you.

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