AeroGarden Bounty vs Bounty Elite

The world of gardening has evolved from spending hours in the scorching sun tending to your plants, to blooming your own garden on your countertop with little to no effort on your part. AeroGardens have become the latest fad in gardening and the Bounty and Bounty Elite are no exception. Both counter gardens are designed for beginners and small growers and yet there are key differences between them. To know about these differences and therefore make the right choice, keep reading as we consider AeroGarden Bounty vs Bounty Elite.

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Comparison of AeroGarden Bounty and Bounty Elite indoor gardens

Design, appearance and construction

The two countertop gardens are expertly designed to look attractive and completely natural when sitting on your countertop. Both gardens consist of growth pods enclosed in a somewhat rectangular container and an LED lamp positioned above the container.

The Bounty is constructed primarily from plastic, leading many consumers to question its durability. The Bounty Elite, on the other hand, is made from a much better material: stainless steel.


Both AeroGardens are known to be quite heavy for countertop devices. However, the Bounty Elite is even heavier than the AeroGarden Bounty.


These AeroGardens are quite large and spacious. Their pruning allows your plants to grow freely and saves you from having to constantly prune branches and leaves. They are both of equal size.

Growth pods

Both gardens are equipped with 9 growth pods, each pod can only accommodate one plant. A decent number of users complain that the number of pods is too large for a single garden and looks a bit crowded in the container. They claim you can never use virtually all of the pods at once, and if you try it turns out to be a disaster. The general consensus was that only 7 pods could be used at a time.

LED lighting system

The lamp in both gardens consists of LED lights which have been calibrated to provide maximum levels of photosynthesis essential for plant growth. This lighting system has been intelligently mapped for better output and the lights are evenly distributed for higher output and much faster. It also ensures that each plant receives enough light. The lamp is rated at 45 watts and can be adjusted to a height of 24 inches to accommodate growing plants. The lamp has the added benefit of serving as a night lamp when needed, as the lights are very bright and yet consume little power.

The Bounty uses a perfect combination of red and blue lights which are especially helpful in increasing growth and yield. This makes the AeroGarden Bounty capable of delivering the highest yield. The Bounty Elite has improved, more powerful and economical LED lights

Even when plants need constant light for a 24 hour period, a large number of users have claimed that the device has not overheated and the lights are still working flawlessly.

LCD screen function

Both AeroGardens come with an interactive LCD display that teaches users how to grow and harvest their plants for maximum yield. The screen can be touch-sensitive, has a dynamic design, and offers tons of nifty features to the user. It displays key garden basics such as sowing date and estimated harvest time. It also gives reminders and notifications to users when it’s time to water the plants or add certain nutrients to the pod. A major advantage of this feature is also the gardening tips it offers, especially for novice gardeners.

With this easy-to-use LCD display, the AeroGardens act like a smart device, thinking on your behalf and then letting you know exactly what needs to be done and how to do it. No wonder, most customers like this feature the most. The reminders are both visual and audible so they won’t go unnoticed, the tips are helpful, the software is bug-free, and the few buttons that come with it are designed to withstand many uses without messing up or dysfunction.

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Rate of return, volume and quality

A distinctive feature of these AeroGardens is the rapid rate at which plants grow and produce fruit. The cultivated plants have been tested and found to be fresh, juicy, healthy and of high quality. Herbs and salads grow very fast and the yield volume is surprisingly high. However, some users have complained of issues while trying to grow cilantro.

The highest rate of return and volume is usually seen when vegetables and tomatoes are grown. The Bounty is AeroGarden’s most prolific counter garden, and the Bounty Elite comes in second.

Cleaning and maintenance

Like all household appliances, the AeroGarden must be cleaned in time to extend its life and maintain the quality of the output. However, the cleaning process is quite complicated and requires a bit of effort. The weight of the gardens themselves makes the task even more inconvenient and tedious.

Seed and Supplementary Nutrient Kit

Upon purchase, the Gardens come with a seven pod seed kit containing different seeds and 3 ounces of patented nutrients to promote growth. A large number of users praised these included accessories as they could last an entire year even with continued use.

Wi-Fi versions

The Wi-Fi versions of both models are able to connect to your smartphone via Wi-Fi and the mobile app. With this feature, you hardly need to take care of the garden manually as the app allows you to select growth options and even add nutrients and water just by pressing the necessary buttons on your telephone. Although stable, several customers complain that the app does not work when it is a considerable distance from the garden.

Advantages and disadvantages of the AeroGarden Bounty


  • Highest rate of return and volume
  • Cultivated plants are fresh, natural and of high quality
  • Interactive and useful LCD display

The inconvenients

  • Plastic housing
  • Pods are too numerous for a single counter garden

Advantages and disadvantages of the AeroGarden Bounty Elite


  • Durable stainless steel case
  • High rate of return and volume
  • Cultivated plants are fresh, natural and of high quality
  • Interactive and useful LCD display

The inconvenients

  • Heavy
  • Pods are too numerous for a single counter garden


In conclusion, both give surprisingly high return volumes, although the Bounty leads the Bounty Elite by a very small margin in this department. In contrast, the Bounty Elite is virtually more durable with a higher quality finish.

If you want a product that performs high, lasts longer, and looks infinitely better, then the AeroGarden Bounty Elite is the answer. But if you think the plastic case works well enough, and you plan to grow vegetables and tomatoes with the least possible harvesting time and with maximum yield, then all roads lead to the AeroGarden Bounty.

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